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  1. such an echo- thank you all for your posts too! @beau, these large forward bent ridges on top and below the head were my inspiration, they really look very powerful and agressive. @petr, of course these guards grow in my garden...and is a very laborous job to water them several times each day...;-))) best regards gerhard
  2. thank you all for taking time to post and your kind words! it is great to feel so much excitemen and it´s a strong encouragement to observe always for new inspirations and to try their realization in my knives... we´ll get lots of hints from scandinavian nature: three weeks tripping and canoeing- yep! but I know- after one week I`ll have knifemaking-withdrawal symtoms... @john, these are two pieces of wood, the subhilt-element is forged too. best regards gerhard
  3. hello together, a last knife before my holidays begin: the subhilt ´TORUK` during the forging and carving of this guard (a felt eternity )I tried to remember, wherefrom I had this form in my brain and didn´t cheque it... finally my cerebral searching machine (a very old system...) nailed it: in ´AVATAR` I saw that huge banjee with those bone-excesses over and under the teeths... this was my inspiration, but I don´t hope, that anyone will see this knife as his last shadow... some specs: W1 forged, clayhardened wrought iron stab. walnut total 40cm blade only 26,5cm
  4. @ jds, chris & blaine, thank you all for your kind words too! gerhard
  5. thanks dave for the picture- you´re absolutely right! same organic flow, same lines, even the surface is the same. my next similar knife should be named `the king salmon´! gerhard
  6. thank you all for your kind posts! I´m glad you like it. @dave, your post is really interesting- you see ´aquatic´ themes in there, some forumites in another forum found a bird, another one ´lord of the rings´- look... ...now I`m brooding over MY intentions during the carving...??? I wanted to continue the flowing lines of the blade over the integral-part into the grip. this developed an organic look allowing many interpretations, ´cause it is found everywhere in the nature. gerhard
  7. hi all, I´d like to show you this indian-inspired integral. the blade has a double bending similar to the ´chilanum´ or ´bichwa´ daggers from india, the rest shows some wieland-genes... some specs: W1 forged, clayquenched bronze ebony total: 33cm sharp: 18,5cm thickness: 5,5-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard www.wieland-der-schmied.de
  8. thank you all for taking time to post! best regards gerhard
  9. todd, tönu &ryan, thanks to you too! @todd, interesting comparison with music- really matching! @tönu, see you saturday! gerhard
  10. hello together, here is a knife for my show in solingen next weekend: it´s a sort of modern ´bavarian jagdnicker´, built as an integral with fossil seacow-rib W1 forged diff. hardened 60HRC seacow-rib tang internally screwed buttplate with logo total 23cm sharp 10cm thickness 3,0-1,5mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  11. thanks you all too! @ JJ Simon, ´´It just doesn't get any better than that. ´´ ...but nevertheless I`ll try...;-) gerhard
  12. DcBucklen & john, thank you both for posting! gerhard
  13. hi all, now it´s on me to say: wow, such a lot of statements! thank you all for taking time to post, I appreciate it so much! this forum here is for me the best of all: most of us are bladesmiths, everyone shares experience and knowledge, works in his own different style and offers inspirations to the others. a big thanks to don fogg, he makes it possible! kip, you are right, a RR would have been more matching, but I needed a title, typical for both- the car and the knife... alan, seems that I got some useful genes together with my name...;-))) dave, yep, this
  14. hi all, the older guys among us may remember this beauty of the late 1980ies: Mercedes 380SL https://www.google.de/search?q=380sl&hl=de&client=firefox-a&hs=mtP&rls=org.mozilla:de:official&prmd=imvnsfd&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=tx6HT_H4CIPGtAbw1ujxBg&ved=0CEMQsAQ&biw=1152&bih=678 a status-symbol for the upperclass gentleman and the dream of the suburb-wannabees... this knife might have been the same some hundred years ago: W1 forged clayhardened bronze-subhilt and -butt striped gidgee total: 38 cm s
  15. @doug and eric, thank you for your posts! gerhard
  16. todd, jason & jeff, thank you too for taking time to post! best regards gerhard
  17. thank you all for your posts! I`m glad, you like the wicked beauty of this weapon. @kevin, I found this ´blind edge´ here: http://meiboku.info/guide/form/zukuri/index.htm and made my blade ´between´ the ´kanmuri otoshi zukuri´ and the ´u no kubi zukuri´, but without the sharp egde on the spine. @dave, the structure of the habaki is done with a jewelery-roller. I rolled the sheet of bronze together with a rough sanding sponge like this: http://www.smdv.de/products/4274/Schleifvlies-1000-Koernung.html?WT.mc_id=googlebase&utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign
  18. hi all, here is a knife, a bit different of my usual work: the blade and the guard have some japanese genes, the grip- ok- it´s a wieland. some specs: W1, forged and clayhardened habaki and guard: bronze/wrought grenadill-wood total 37cm blade only 23cm thickness 8,0-2,0mm balance at the front-point of the habaki thanks for looking! gerhard ps: some more pics with details in the second post.
  19. thank you too for your posts- I appreciate them so much! @ tonn, tönu, we both will be the two ´stealth- makers´ in solingen... ;-) I hope to find you and your table! :-))) best regards gerhard
  20. thank you all for taking time to post! @bill, ugly knives??? for sure- but I didn´t show them here... and: I see lots of people passing my table at shows: a short look- and they are gone. in their eyes my knives are uninteresting or ugly ones. gerhard
  21. thanks you all for posting! and a special thanks to you, dave- it´s really desert ironwood....sorry, the swedish whitebeam is on an other grip! I edited my post. the ´swedish whitebeam´ is a scandinavian wood, and belongs to the family: ´moraceae´/ mulberry you can buy it stabilised here: http://www.woodstab.com/ShopClosed.asp the page is down in the moment. best regards gerhard
  22. hi all, this knife with its powerful blade and edgy design was an order: W1 forged diff. hardenend HRC60 bronze desert ironwood total 23cm sharp: 10cm thickness: 4,8-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  23. davesharps, I bought it here: http://www.nordisches-handwerk.de/shop/micarta_leinen_micarta_gruen_block,pid,4152,rid,69,produktdetail.html gerhard
  24. greg, parsha & deker, thanks for your posts! gerhard
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