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  1. ben, tim & tönu, thank you too for posting! @tönu, the bowie will be shipped before solingen- but (I know, that´s no good alternative) you´ll see me in person.... ;-))) see you! gerhard
  2. thank you all for posting, I`m glad you like my bowie! @kevin and eric. I work with the wrought like this: forged, then ground with a belt, then I carve the form,the curves and the surface-structure with a dremel and rotating inserts like these: http://www.eldiva.de/de/werkzeug/har...ser/302001.jdx then a short ´polish´ with a rotating wire-brush (inserted in the dremel)- it cleans the worst unevenness, finally stained- thats it. I didn´t etch that one- the wrought comes from sweden and seems to be a top-quality. I tried to etch, but there appears nearly no structure- it´s to clea
  3. hi all, this bowie was built on order along the lines of an earlier bowie, but reduced to black: steel, iron and ebony some specs: W1 forged , differentially hardened wrought iron ebony total: 36cm blade only: 21,5cm tapered from 6,0mm to 2,0mm studtype-sheath thanks for looking! gerhard
  4. hi todd, beautiful knife with a lot of flow! good to see more integrals here! the fitting of curved parts is really a pain, even after some years of making integrals I don´t know any way to fasten that step... this is my method for fittings: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=12783 gerhard
  5. thank you too, todd and ben! gerhard
  6. thank you all for taking time to post! @alan, this is a facette of my style, years ago I made some bowies and campknives with that sort of guards and spacers. but the micarta is a ´first´ for me- my customer had to try it many times until I agreed to use this artificial material... but for a tool like this it´s a good choice. best regards gerhard
  7. hi all, the ol´boys among us may remember the beatles-song:´A HARD DAY´S NIGHT´... this knife is for ´a hard day´s work´: W1 (0,75%C) forged and diff. hardened tang peened wrought iron green canvas micarta stud-type sheath 26cm total 14cm blade 5,5-2,5mm thick thanks for looking gerhard
  8. thank you sam, and have fun forging your fork! ;-) gerhard
  9. thank you all for your posts! glad you like it- even if it doesn´t cut... it was more a fun-projekt and an exercise in flowing design. best regards gerhard
  10. hi together, one of my customers uses this one for his steaks: http://www.wieland-der-schmied.de/messer_klassiker/03_X_287.html now he ordered a matching fork: W1 forged and spring-tempered desert ironwood length 18,5cm bon appétit! gerhard
  11. ray, these knives and sheaths seem to be grown by nature and not manufactured by man... they have their own organic beauty. gerhard
  12. wieland


    thank you all for taking time to post! I`m glad you like my ´old style´knife. jim, good idea with the ´bottle-ing´- I`ll try, but I foresee my failure... timothy, I will not come to the states in the next years- and I make no demos (....cause I cannot work in front of spectators ) this was a little tutorial about tight fit my way: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=12783 dave, the surface is done with dremel and these here: http://www.eldiva.de/de/werkzeug/harmetall_andere/frasermitfeinkreuzverzahnung/302001.jdx best regards gerhard
  13. wieland

    Small axe

    hi tönu, you should change your name in ´mr. crisp lines´ ! knives, axes- whatever you make is extremly clear created and perfectly crafted! compliments gerhard
  14. wieland


    hi all, here is a new knife, -bowie or fighter... who knows? my intension was to build a knife with that special flavor of the good old times.. W1 forged S-guard wrought iron bronze sambar-horn total 36cm blade 23cm thickness 4,5-2,0mm those were the days... gerhard
  15. thanks to you all too for your posts! @ dfogg, don, I`m pretty sure that your knife, when finished, will knock us out of the park! @nils anderssen, yep, I still remember my feelings too, when I stood in front of this masterpiece of art and craft... gerhard
  16. thank you all for your kind posts! I appreciate it to feel your interest in this knife! @stephen stumbo, dont worry.... I didn´t come up with this idea- these lines are many hundreds years old! ;-) @WmHorus, yes, I carved the transition point....a lot of hours there in that point. @danocon, ´´ Frustrating and uplifting all at the same time.´´ I know that feeling, when I see some work of colleagues here... best regards gerhard
  17. hello together, I posted this knife today in another forum and thought to share it with you too... for sure most of you know the ´oseberg´-vikingship shown in the vikingship-hall in oslo/norway: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Exhibition_in_Viking_Ship_Museum,_Oslo_01.jpg?uselang=de http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Osebergschiff.jpg?uselang=de this very elegant and highly embellished ship was used as a boatgrave for two noble women. I tried to get the look and the flow of the ship´s beauty to my knife... W1 forged differentially hardened bronze ebony 2
  18. thank you too for your kind words- I appreciate it! gerhard
  19. @tonn, hej tönu, thanks for your post! best wishes! gerhard
  20. thank you all for your kind statements- I`m glad ,that you like my knive! @art lawrence, yes, I make the sheaths too (I believe in sole authorship) you carry this sort of sheath behind your belt- and the button prevents, that the sheath slides down. @kevin, I´m a quite unpatient character, but my age (60+) seems to make me a bit more patient...at least in reference to my work. unfortunatelly I must disappoint you, the bowie will stay in ol´europe: a good customer- I sent him some picts as a preview, ´cause he´ll visit the show- fixed his buying instantly. @dfogg, your po
  21. hi all, this here is my recent bowie for the next ´german knifemaker show´: W1 forged wrought iron-guard black mulga 31cm total 18cm blade 5,5-2,0mm thick thanks for looking! gerhard
  22. thank you too for your posts! todd: coming to a stand-still means going back... there is still so much to learn- gerhard
  23. thank you all for your kind posts, I appreciate it, that you like my knife! @tonn, I use an industrial coating/isolation from a supplier for quenching gear (oven, other hardware and quenching oils and heat-treatment tools). it´s name here is `LENIT`. normally used, where drilled holes in a part must stay soft for tapping a winding after the quench. it has a very fine grain for good forming. you should find a sort of it in estonia too. @kevin, activity begins long before polishing- you know of course ;-)... my polishing : sanding to 2000, then with ´chrome-polish´ from a carbody-
  24. hi all, here is a new knife for my next show in solingen: ART-NOUVEAU FIGHTER W1 forged and clayhardened bronze-guard seacow-rib leathersheath total 35cm blade only 21cm thickness 6.0-2,0mm thanks for looking! gerhard
  25. thank you too for writing! @jacques, why ´ghetto-rat´? ´cause it has such a ´bad´ and ´mean´ feeling...or perhaps a ´rotten beauty´ ;-) thanks for the wishesfor solingen! gerhard
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