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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the hammer-in was great. I really enjoyed watching Don heat treat and finish a blade. Other demos included Dan Winkler, Burt Foster, Joe Keeslar, Rick Dunkerley, Bert Gaston, and Greg Neeley. I am sure I am leaving some out. If you missed this year, be sure to make plans for next year. I had a ball and looking foward to next year. Bill Wiggins
  2. I like the blade shape. Bowies are a favorite. Should make a beautiful knife!!
  3. I made every cut but one. Guess which one Chris put up....... Thanks for putting them up, I enjoyed them.
  4. I know I had a great time!! It is always good to see old friends and make new ones. Can't wait to see some pics. and video. Tracy Dotson said he was going to have a hammerin in Florida some time in March. Did anyone catch the date? Back to Ron's event, there was not an award for the most versatile cutter, but Chris done well in the cutting competition and the kitchen knife event. With the same knife!! I am just happy Stephan didn't have a bigger knife for either event. Of course, that may not have been as dangerous as Alan using a bearded ax in the kitchen event. I am looking foward to next year!!!
  5. prizzim, I think what Ron is saying is that his event is free. None of the demonstrators are paid a dime. Nobody is required to take part in the IITH. The only cost involved is getting there. The demonstrators feel that they are giving back to the knife making community by giving of their time. I know Ron has given a huge amount of time already, and the hammerin has not even started. The spirit of this event is of giving and sharing. I think the videos are a great idea. Ron just does not want to be involved with anymore legalities. Ron does not care for anyone videoing the event, he just doesn't want to see it turned into a commercial event. I hope nobody thinks I am putting words in Ron's mouth. I have spoken with him before posting.
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