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  1. I was wondering why sheath makers tend to put the hod down strap on the blade side of the sheath wear it tends to come in contact with the blade and cut up the strap (especially with bigger knifes) rather then putting it on the spine side of the sheath, AMOK! Randy
  2. Thank you everyone for your comments and letting Nok and I post her work here it means allot to us to have a place to show her hard work and as you can imagine there aren't many wooden knife forums out there at least none we have found yet . So again thanks for the kind words and support. Randy and Nok
  3. Well last night I spent about two hours going over this forum and doing a google search of bowie pictures and picking out the bits and pieces that I liked best and today had Nok put them into one dream bowie for me. In the end I'm surprised at how traditional it came out. That's Nok best rendition of Mike Turners guard hope you don't mind Mike. Hope you like what she did I'm calling it Diamond Back Randy and Nok
  4. here's a better picture of the file work
  5. liked the hump on the flesheater so did a bowie with the same hump in the handle. thanks for looking Nok
  6. First hope know one minds that I post Nok's wooden blades here if so please let me know. I am very proud of these as she was asked to do copies of this blades from the man that designed it and this was the first time the designer of a custom live blade has asked her to do a copy of their work.
  7. I thought I would try a little file work on this one. I couldn't do anything fancy but had to try. Any tips on file work.
  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words encouragement. Randy and Nok
  9. Here's a pic of our first four blades. thanks for looking.Nok and Randy
  10. Hi Jared T What are some of the problems I could run into heat treating this myself being new and stupid I was just going to throw it in a charcoal fire blow a hair dryer underit and wait till a magnet stopped sticking to it and throw it in some oil.. I do have access to someone that could have it done proffessionally at a heat treating company but would rather be able to say that I've done it myself. Thanks for any help you can give what you wrote about DC53 was great and was very informative to me Wildgophers glad you like the blade shape Heres a pic with the roughed out handle set on.
  11. Sorry can't answere many tec questions as I don't really know what I'm doing yet. My friend just said it was good steel so I went with that. So any tec comments are very welcome to me. I've done allot of reading here the past few days and man theres allot to learn. I take my hat off to you guys. Here's the blade starting to take shape. I did learned not to file from the point to the hilt. I stabbed the point about an inch into the meat of my palm. At least I know the point works lol
  12. Always wanted a matched set of blades here is the last of our practice blades with cheapo steel. Randy and Nok.Thanks for the look and comments 12" over all 1"wide
  13. My friend brought me over a length of good steel DC53 so here's a first look at the start of our first "real" blade call "Phungma." Thanks for looking. Hope you like it. Wish us luck. Hope we don't screw this one up. steel DC53 16"over all 1" wide 1/4" thick Double edged
  14. this is blade number 2 I call it Napassorn (changing Sky) Nok's real name. again made out of just store bought steel but we are just practicing now. thanks for looking and your comments Nok and Randy
  15. Thanks for the heads up on the first phto McAhron hope this fixed it. And thanks for the kind words. Randy and Nok Here are pics of a few of the wooden blades we have made
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