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  1. Resembles a multi head denglestock, in I imagine looks and functionality.
  2. The 1 degree bevel discs are great for longer than tiny knife sizes. Allows you to pass across the front. Beaumont used to make them.
  3. Jim, 425 is a bit low of a temper for 1095 i'd say. Tips always suffer the most through out the whole process, decarb, overheating no matter how careful we are, and just plain fragile.
  4. For sale, 36" ID paragon kiln for sale. Sentry 2.0 controller, pickup only in Baltimore. 1200$
  5. Stumps are romantic, but dumb. you save and make more space by using steel stands, or atleast better engineered wooden stands like the laminated 2x4 setups.
  6. Heck yeah Brother, keep it up.
  7. Barrel furnace treating you right it seems.
  8. If you knew me you know I hate fans of anything.
  9. If I had any of that I’d have googled it already and wouldn’t be asking. I don’t ask questions until I’ve actually tried to google it first.
  10. Looking for photos of the screw to ram area on different folk's presses, how the ram is attached to the screw itself and that area. If someone could or has photos of that area taken apart that would be incredibly helpful. I know the import ones have a clutch nut to adjust if the ram will free fall or not. Here's my maybe temporary solution, the screw threads end at 1.5" OD, step to 7/8" OD, then a foot that is 1.25" OD indexes into the ram. I made a split bronze bushing, with a pocket in the front one that locks it in with the setscrew. not so elegant and I feel I'm missing the more advanced concept. Any info on the hard to make out Logo too would be great, thanks. Not looking for how you would solve it if you dont even own a press. looking to see how press companies have already done it. Ram ID had the remnants of threads. I Will give UMHW a try for the Jib, see how it works. Got it for free, 50$ into it so far for bronze for the bearing.
  11. this is no 25 pound Little giant folks, not for regular hobbyists.
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