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  1. If yah like that find a nice pin vise.
  2. If you bought a grinder named toobinator from a guy named diktater you get what you deserve.
  3. Should start a YouTube channel just like Alex Steel and take in all those youtube dollars$
  4. I cannot wait to see more. Finally something good!
  5. Looks powerful! Adjust for 25-50mm space between the dies at rest and it will really whip!
  6. yeah you haven’t. Certainly not your work, just as good as ever
  7. Must be hard to give up so easily.
  8. It impressed really. It’s just another London pattern? I guess if you enjoy the fandom and shelling out $$ for said fandom, I don’t see the appeal. I’m sure it’s a quality tool.
  9. I’ve had this old cylinder awhile for a big air hammer dream sadly math out to 150cfm for a 150 bpm
  10. Your real problem is the other have of that wheel hub
  11. I scored one of those northern tool ironworkers brand new for free
  12. Yeah an all around machine. Big that can do small but also BIG. Thanks! Glad someone noticed haha
  13. Just scored this guy. Gear drive, auto downfeed, back gear.
  14. I have the dust sheriff, no big deal...
  15. Not the main sword, but a lot of weapons got done by Josef Dawes. A wonderful quiet maker in England.
  16. Resembles a multi head denglestock, in I imagine looks and functionality.
  17. The 1 degree bevel discs are great for longer than tiny knife sizes. Allows you to pass across the front. Beaumont used to make them.
  18. Jim, 425 is a bit low of a temper for 1095 i'd say. Tips always suffer the most through out the whole process, decarb, overheating no matter how careful we are, and just plain fragile.
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