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  1. Proper patina and that aged feel are hard to get right, but you certainly have it. Nice work.
  2. Not sure where you're located, but a lot of folks are raising their own beef now. Most take it to a processor/butcher, but they each designate what parts are to be saved... tails, tongues, organs, etc. See if you can find a small farmer that would help you. Not everybody is going to want the tail. In the old days you could stop by a processor and ask them to save stuff like that for you (and femur bones). Now some three-letter bureaucracy won't let them sell or give away unwanted parts. That's what I was told. The butcher shops have gone the way of scrap yards and junk yards.
  3. I have been curious about the brass hawks since I got my first Track of the Wolf/Golden Age/Dixie Gun Works catalogs years ago. Excellent work.
  4. Yes. If it has "blasting" in the title, always yes. Explain that rig. Never seen one like it.
  5. That's some real forging there. Just watching that video made me need to ice my elbow.
  6. Still, it's hard to beat that backdrop for that particular knife... a perfect fit to the snowy hills. And again I say- excellent work. 421 hours is completely believable.
  7. I've had more non-knife jobs come up this year that I was afraid I'd forgot how. A couple Christmas orders got me kicked in gear though. Did these stock removal from 1084: I am really proud of my distal tapers and fit on these. I've been using the granite block and Dykem to keep things accurate. This is more of that antique Compreg wood I salvaged. I have one more pair of slabs and it's gone for good. One is already sold, the other is a maybe. I swear, after spending so much time with these, it's kinda hard to let 'em go.
  8. I hate to hear of your loss, but it appears you can't keep a good man down.
  9. Outstanding. Looking forward to more.
  10. Try putting three or four wraps of good electric tape around the tracking wheel dead-center. Wrap in in the rotation direction so the end won't come up.
  11. Just to be clear, do you mean wood that has been stabilized with liquid epoxy in a vacuum chamber? or just well seasoned?
  12. We only have antenna tv, and Create is on it. Craftsman's Legacy is a good show. There's a Youtube channel wit a few full episodes on it: https://www.youtube.com/c/ACraftsmansLegacy/videos The Kevin Cashen episode is there, as well as one with Lorelei Sims.
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