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  1. I have heard people say they have pulled chips of glass from a glass table top by jerking on a stick with dried hide glue. I've used a lot of the stuff and am not surprised that it wouldn't budge. But I am very impressed with your solution. Thanks for sharing that.
  2. Defend your Firepot

    I traded for a used Centaur cast iron firepot/tuyere/ash dump years ago and have used it a lot with no complaints. This with a Canedy/Otto hand-crank blower. Clinker is a given, so once you learn to deal with that, a deep bottom-blast is hard to beat in my opinion. Good fire management skills are a must. I've used a side blast a lot with charcoal, but never with coal, so I can't speak to that.
  3. Coal Forge for sale

    20+ years ago Dollywood was really cool. That's where I first watched Richard Williams work. They even had a "Craft Preservation School" where you could take classes in smithing and other crafts. The last time I was there (several years) they had really stripped their craft side in favor of more rides and junk. They still had a forge, but I don't know if they still do. In those days, I saw Waylon Jennings, Bill Monroe, and Allison Krauss there as well. But I grew up here, so before Dollywood, it was Silver Dollar City and before that it was Gold Rush Junction. I've got a picture of me and my cousins at Gold Rush Junction armed with cap pistols when I was five. They would stage a train robbery and you could return fire against the bandits. Silver Dollar City had archery, tomahawk throwing, and muzzle loading rifle shooting. Imagine that in our present culture. In high school, I won my future bride a Silver Dollar City shot glass with a bull's eye from the muzzle loader. Things change in 20+ years, but not always for the better. Life was much more fun when everything was dangerous.
  4. New Forge Concept

  5. Staffordshire Hoard inspired earrings

    I love doing jewelry, especially earrings , but you've set the bar quite a bit higher with those. Very nice.
  6. "Sovereign" Dagger.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “exquisite”, but now is a good time to start!
  7. Wild boar bones and deer antlers

    Outstanding work.
  8. 3/4” mild steel

    https://www.bing.com/maps?&ty=17&q=steel suppliers in virginia&ppois=38.7463798522949_-77.1845016479492_Potomac Steel Inc_YN873x7464232753658027403~38.7658615112305_-77.1815414428711_Potomac Steel %26 Supply Inc_YN873x120478607~37.3250923156738_-77.4094848632813_Richmond Steel_YN903x141194330~36.8651237487793_-76.24462890625_Steel Services Inc_YN900x15559874~37.7032203674316_-77.442512512207_Steel Services Inc_YN895x15451924~&v=2&sV=1&qpvt=steel+suppliers+in+virginia&FORM=SNAPST
  9. Making a "Wrought Iron" Garden Gate

    Thanks for sharing this. I always learn something by watching someone else work. That is a very nice gate.
  10. What did you do in your shop today?

    These were a North Georgia Christmas present. Should be in use by morning.
  11. What did you do in your shop today?

    Made these for a referral customer: Picture is horrible, but you get the idea. Tenon through the base and tenon through the front... good joinery practice. This was the first serious iron work I've done in my gasser. It demands a completely different rhythm compared to a coal forge. Not as peaceful, but more productive.
  12. 2018 What are your forging plans.....

    I've got the new shop in the dry, now I need: Electric power Doors & Windows Siding interior walls Benches, tables, bases & racks If I can just get power, I can start moving some of my operation in there. I bought a used wood heater and some new double-walled pipe, so I oughta have heat in a week or two. I knocked out a pair of andirons this week that almost paid for my heater (almost). But that's my goal... to start generating a little income to finance the habit. In the early days I stuck to that pretty well; make a little/spend a little, but lately that's gone out the window. I'll never be profitable, but I would like to be semi-self sustaining.
  13. The Hounds are baying...something is amiss!

    I generally give the snakes about a 100' buffer around the house. They cross that and they usually don't leave in one piece.
  14. Goose Knife

    Is that a bull dog retriever? Only in Australia. Great work on the knife and the goose.
  15. Got my new anvil today

    Good advice here. When I got my EuroAnvil new, I kept a fine file at hand. Occasionally, between heats, I would stroke a wee bit of radius on the edges... more on the front; less on the back. Just a couple strokes. After about a year it fit me perfectly and I haven't touched it since.