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  1. I've made many from old files. I have also ordered W-1 drill rod for some. One thing I have found helpful is to do a 3-cycle normalize just like we do with blades. The only two I've ever had to crack were ones I rushed from forging straight to quench. Always clean the striking edge to bright before you harden. A thinner edge generally sparks better than a thick one. I always water quench and only harden the part that strikes. I don't know if it does any good or not, but after hardening I've started boiling the finished strikers
  2. Nicely done. The grain in the wood and the iron are complementary.
  3. Just recently turned on to Tod's channel. Very interesting gentleman. I always enjoyed shooting stuff at different things to see what it does.
  4. Having used a lot of old files in the past, I would add to the above... If you are doing stock removal, go ahead and normalize the file 3x before you do anything (search this forum; plenty of info). Even so, when drilling 1095/W-1/etc., you need a good drill bit, slow speed, correct pressure, and lubricant (cutting fluid is good; WD-40 will work). If you go at it full speed with a hand drill your bit will be squealing in no time.
  5. Amen. I was regular on IFI from the KeenJunk days and finally had my fill. I'd like to know how many folks I have referred to this site over the years. KInda like a family here... Addams family, maybe, but still family. bladesmithsforum.com... the one Facebook couldn't kill.
  6. Garry, I've heard it here before, and I concur, you are a knife making machine.
  7. Very nice. My first forge was the top of a bladder tank. The base served me as a burn barrel for many years.
  8. This gives me a new respect for the guys that do production work by hand. I like the free-style creativity of a "one off" piece, but I'm very ocd about making duplicates match exactly. I can easily drive myself batty. I'm just getting in to the whole Dykem, granite slab, and scribe routine. I love precision, but my Grizzly grinder is the most advanced tool I currently own. I start getting visions of surface grinders, end mills and such, then I have to snap myself back to reality.
  9. I have run an AC blower on an old Variac with good success. It simply lowers the voltage. I wouldn't try it with an expensive motor, but it worked well with a salvaged blower.
  10. Last year I did a set of three skinners for a customer and he immediately ordered three more. Apologies for the pathetic photography, but here's what I came up with: I used 1084, bone slabs with G-10 liners, and brass pins. 600 grit finish. Sheaths were hand sewn, stained with iron acetate, sealed with bee's wax. This is not my preferred style of knife, but this is probably the best fit & finish I have pulled off to date. The whole duplication thing is not really so
  11. The metal. Stainless stains-less and copper tends to discolor/patina pretty quick depending on what it's exposed to.
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