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  1. Well done. Congratulations.
  2. Be on the lookout for a decent vise. You don't realize how much you'll use one until you get one. A 4" leg vise would be good. They are pricey on Craigslist and Ebay, but there are still deals to be found. A big bench vise will help, but they don't do well with repeated beatings. Until you have an anvil with a hardy hole, you can use a lot of 3rd hand tooling in your vise (hot-cut, benders, etc.). If you have any scrap yards, fab shops, machine shops, etc. near by, try to find an anvil-sized block of some sort... 4"x4" or more; the heavier the better. RR tra
  3. Garry, As I try to get more efficient and keep things moving at a more productive pace, I find your work very inspirational. I still enjoy the one-off "create as you go" pieces, but the multiple/identicals is a whole different discipline. Thanks for taking the time to share.
  4. My Grizzly has been good to me, but I have determined that doing plunge lines on a Grizzly is akin to performing retinal surgery while riding a wooden roller coaster... That said, I'm ready to move up. 1. I don't want to build my own. I would love it, but perhaps love it too much. I got too many other projects on the list. I could spend a year tinkering with a new toy. 2. My needs are still pretty simple. A decent work rest and a good flat platen will do me for now. (I can already see that a small-wheel rig would be nice though) 3. I need variab
  5. Years ago I learned the opening acoustic run for "Dead or Alive" (Bon Jovi... yeah, I know... it was the 80's). I ceased to practice and learn much after we had kids and I got interested in other pursuits. That's been more than 25 years ago. I can still make my wife roll her eyes, growl, and leave the room if I play that song.
  6. That sounds like an excellent class. I love the "story board" progression examples. I've been intending to do this for several items, but seems like I always have something else that needs doing.
  7. This was a fun diversion between knives: Made this for a guy at work. A little forging and a little welding. I only have a Lincoln stick welder, so I used some 1/16 rods. Man, I need a MIG.
  8. A question for you Garry... What are you using for the finger hole on the bearded chef? Bit? diamond hole saw? What is the diameter?
  9. I have a commission for a couple odd shaped skinners with a curved full tang: I'm doing full stock removal and I want to grind a substantial distal taper for the tang. I've done this on straighter tangs, and I figure I'll just proceed the same and try to stay even. Just wondering if anyone had any helpful hints to help circumvent some of the colorful language that usually accompanies these "first time tryin' it" projects.
  10. I tried a machete years ago and had the same problem. I guess I had massive vegetation destruction on my mind and I left it way too thick. Heavy and cumbersome. I've got an old store-bought machete that I have had for 30 years or more and cleared tons of brush with. I'm sure it is less than 3mm thick.
  11. Excellent job keeping everything centered. If it was me, I'd bring the bevels on up the blade, but that's just me. Good work.
  12. Grab the old wrench and throw a clockwise twist in the handle. Easy way to really make it pop...
  13. How many skills can you demonstrate in a pair of scissors? A whole lot apparently. Impressive bladesmithing and blacksmithing.
  14. In comparison to many first knives I've seen, I'd say you did a fine job. Scale and proportion look good.
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