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  1. Another momentary detour into woodwork between knives... I have been blessed with four grandsons and finally a baby granddaughter week before last. The boys are five and a half, four, three, and two. The five year old and the four year old are getting to the age where they have began to accumulate treasure. I've taught them how to find arrow heads in the garden. They find cool rocks, and they like bones and horns and unique things from the woods. I stand accused of encouraging such behavior. Anyway, my wife decide it would be good to start making each of the
  2. This might be useful if you don't already have 'em: https://cdn0.grizzly.com/partslists/g1015_pl.pdf https://cdn0.grizzly.com/manuals/g1015_m.pdf https://cdn0.grizzly.com/specsheets/g1015_ds.pdf Brushes? No. Capacitor? Yes.
  3. I use a Griz too, so I'm not doubting your trouble-shooting skills or anything, and I'm sure you already have, but don't overlook trying another receptacle and checking the cord and prongs, etc.
  4. Welcome to my world! Again, thanks for the encouragement. I put some 120 grit paper on my marble slab and it seems like a save. I appreciate it.
  5. Sounds good. I'll give that a try. I might just take it down with a sheet of abrasive on a flat surface. My current grinder is a Grizzly and without speed control those surgical maneuvers are quite nerve-racking. Appreciate the help. I'll keep you posted.
  6. I am making three identical knives for a commission. On one side of one of the blades, I have allowed the plunge grind to cross the spine of the blade... very, very slightly... you can barley catch it with your fingernail, but it's there and it won't do. Any hints or work-arounds to fix this? All the others come up slightly short of the spine, and they look good. I know the key to prevention is practice, but I'd really like to save this one.
  7. Are you just driving the concrete nails in for a friction fit?
  8. I am impressed with Alec's talent and entrepreneurship. At 55, I wish I'd learned his skills at his age. If I needed an anvil, I'd buy one of his. I did buy a t-shirt from him:
  9. I've got some key stock. I'll look around and see what I can find. How would one cut a 6" carbide strip in half?
  10. Thank you a lot for the offer, but that is really more trouble than it would be worth. I was wanting to make a file guide out of something I could harden and was too cheap to pay for a good carbide model. I've got one that will work if I put a safe side on a file. I do appreciate it.
  11. Thanks gentlemen, but I really need .5" square... maybe 5/8" square, but no bigger.
  12. I need a short length of ½” x ½” O-1... 8" or so. I have some nice .125" x 2" old copper bar to trade. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. Took a week off and spent most of it remodeling part of our basement... mostly wiring and hanging drywall. I did manage to knock out a couple fire steels for a good customer of mine: Made me want to get out of "This Old House" mode and get some time in the shop.
  14. Do you remember at the first hint of this thing that they were telling folks to stop getting masks; that they didn't work? I remember hearing that from several sources for several days then the narrative changed and those articles were buried. And with all this fervor, I can't believe the media has never addressed self-service gas pumps. There's not a nastier creature on earth than a piece of worn rubber with hundreds of germy hands gripping them 24/7. I've been self-isolating from those things for years. Point is, there's a lot of contradiction. Since media became soci
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