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    Help with pin holes

    Wouldn't hurt to try. Hard to say with an unknown steel. Simply normalizing it might help. Are you using a drill press or a hand drill? Sharp bits, slow speed, pressure, lubrication... you need all four. Sometimes you might come across a tough alloy that requires a carbide bit.
  2. Don Abbott

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Shop build update... (I just realized I had not posted here since early summer) Well, here's a back-side progress shot. I didn't want to show the front until I get my doors finished (they're still OSB & tarps). Most of the 120V power is in, still need to run 240. You can see I got a wood stove. Need to insulate, etc. I had a lot of the sawmill white pine left, so I designed an 11' and a 6' roller track door. I was using my son's DeWalt planer to take the boards down to 1/2" and evidently worked it too hard and burned the motor up. DeWalt's "limited 3 year warranty" isn't worth the energy it takes to read it, so I've spent the last couple weeks rebuilding a planer... $200 in parts to fix a $600 machine. But it is fixed and completely refurbished. If anyone wants to know anything about DW735 planers, just let me know... I know them intimately. I hoped to get my forge equipment moved in this month, but I need to do some iron work for my doors, so I'll have to wait until I have them up. Man, time flies when you're obsessed with a project.
  3. Don Abbott

    Shopping for new belt grinder...

    When fine-tuning and especially sharpening in the final / finer grits, you can ruin a blade quickly at full speed. I'm still using a Griz and would love to get a variable speed grinder.
  4. You can find it here: https://www.mscdirect.com/browse/tn/Raw-Materials/Metals/Steel/Drill-Rod/Air-Oil-Water-Hardening-Drill-Rods?navid=12102229
  5. Don Abbott

    First time wrought iron ?s

    Forging, especially at welding heat, will refine wrought as you go. I'm talking about the real gnarly stuff like wagon rim. I would think you would reveal more natural pattern if you didn't forge it at all, but a little shaping isn't going to hurt it. But do heed the advice to work it hot and lay off when it cools.
  6. Don Abbott

    Historical left-handed warriors

    I've heard it speculated that a left handed man with his sword bound to his right thigh would have a lot better odds of slipping through a pat-down search than your average right-handed assassin. Appears he had to leave without it!
  7. Don Abbott

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Maybe I'll be ready to host an E. Tennesse hammer in... in about 2025 at this pace,
  8. Don Abbott

    Rooster Spur bodyguard knife

    Another satisfied customer! Good work James.
  9. Don Abbott

    Damascus Hunter WIP

    Good work. So, did you drill holes for the pattern? How thick was the billet, what size bit, and how deep? Look forward to seeing it finished.
  10. Don Abbott

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Shop build update: Ordered 1700 linear feet of ¾ x 10 white pine siding lumber from a local sawmill and brought it home in my son-in-laws death trap flatbed: The trees were cut on the back side of the first mountain you can see in the background behind the truck. Got it dry stacked and it came out to over 2000' feet. The guy that cut it for me said he just wanted me to be happy. Well, I am... I'll let 'er breath til summer and by then I should have my doors and windows finished. I have power now, so that makes things a whole lot nicer. I've got the overhead lights in and one 120 receptical circuit. Little at a time...
  11. Don Abbott

    Bog Oak and Copper Gralloching Knife

    Excellent. I love that one. Do you water quench your clayed blades?
  12. Don Abbott

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Shop Build update: Been a long, wet winter, but I have conduit and 2-2-2-4 wire buried from house to shop. Got the 100A panel hung in the shop and even have a couple circuits wired. Last night I hole-sawed through my deck headers, the brick wall, and my joist header (Spyder hole saws are awesome). Pipe is in place. Taking off early today to feed the wire through the LB and into my house panel. Hope to be energized and have some lights on tomorrow.
  13. I have heard people say they have pulled chips of glass from a glass table top by jerking on a stick with dried hide glue. I've used a lot of the stuff and am not surprised that it wouldn't budge. But I am very impressed with your solution. Thanks for sharing that.
  14. Don Abbott

    Defend your Firepot

    I traded for a used Centaur cast iron firepot/tuyere/ash dump years ago and have used it a lot with no complaints. This with a Canedy/Otto hand-crank blower. Clinker is a given, so once you learn to deal with that, a deep bottom-blast is hard to beat in my opinion. Good fire management skills are a must. I've used a side blast a lot with charcoal, but never with coal, so I can't speak to that.
  15. Don Abbott

    Coal Forge for sale

    20+ years ago Dollywood was really cool. That's where I first watched Richard Williams work. They even had a "Craft Preservation School" where you could take classes in smithing and other crafts. The last time I was there (several years) they had really stripped their craft side in favor of more rides and junk. They still had a forge, but I don't know if they still do. In those days, I saw Waylon Jennings, Bill Monroe, and Allison Krauss there as well. But I grew up here, so before Dollywood, it was Silver Dollar City and before that it was Gold Rush Junction. I've got a picture of me and my cousins at Gold Rush Junction armed with cap pistols when I was five. They would stage a train robbery and you could return fire against the bandits. Silver Dollar City had archery, tomahawk throwing, and muzzle loading rifle shooting. Imagine that in our present culture. In high school, I won my future bride a Silver Dollar City shot glass with a bull's eye from the muzzle loader. Things change in 20+ years, but not always for the better. Life was much more fun when everything was dangerous.
  16. Don Abbott

    New Forge Concept

  17. Don Abbott

    Staffordshire Hoard inspired earrings

    I love doing jewelry, especially earrings , but you've set the bar quite a bit higher with those. Very nice.
  18. Don Abbott

    "Sovereign" Dagger.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “exquisite”, but now is a good time to start!
  19. Don Abbott

    Wild boar bones and deer antlers

    Outstanding work.
  20. Don Abbott

    3/4” mild steel

    https://www.bing.com/maps?&ty=17&q=steel suppliers in virginia&ppois=38.7463798522949_-77.1845016479492_Potomac Steel Inc_YN873x7464232753658027403~38.7658615112305_-77.1815414428711_Potomac Steel %26 Supply Inc_YN873x120478607~37.3250923156738_-77.4094848632813_Richmond Steel_YN903x141194330~36.8651237487793_-76.24462890625_Steel Services Inc_YN900x15559874~37.7032203674316_-77.442512512207_Steel Services Inc_YN895x15451924~&v=2&sV=1&qpvt=steel+suppliers+in+virginia&FORM=SNAPST
  21. Don Abbott

    Making a "Wrought Iron" Garden Gate

    Thanks for sharing this. I always learn something by watching someone else work. That is a very nice gate.
  22. Don Abbott

    What did you do in your shop today?

    These were a North Georgia Christmas present. Should be in use by morning.
  23. Don Abbott

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Made these for a referral customer: Picture is horrible, but you get the idea. Tenon through the base and tenon through the front... good joinery practice. This was the first serious iron work I've done in my gasser. It demands a completely different rhythm compared to a coal forge. Not as peaceful, but more productive.
  24. Don Abbott

    2018 What are your forging plans.....

    I've got the new shop in the dry, now I need: Electric power Doors & Windows Siding interior walls Benches, tables, bases & racks If I can just get power, I can start moving some of my operation in there. I bought a used wood heater and some new double-walled pipe, so I oughta have heat in a week or two. I knocked out a pair of andirons this week that almost paid for my heater (almost). But that's my goal... to start generating a little income to finance the habit. In the early days I stuck to that pretty well; make a little/spend a little, but lately that's gone out the window. I'll never be profitable, but I would like to be semi-self sustaining.
  25. Don Abbott

    The Hounds are baying...something is amiss!

    I generally give the snakes about a 100' buffer around the house. They cross that and they usually don't leave in one piece.