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  1. Outstanding. Looking forward to more.
  2. Try putting three or four wraps of good electric tape around the tracking wheel dead-center. Wrap in in the rotation direction so the end won't come up.
  3. Just to be clear, do you mean wood that has been stabilized with liquid epoxy in a vacuum chamber? or just well seasoned?
  4. We only have antenna tv, and Create is on it. Craftsman's Legacy is a good show. There's a Youtube channel wit a few full episodes on it: https://www.youtube.com/c/ACraftsmansLegacy/videos The Kevin Cashen episode is there, as well as one with Lorelei Sims.
  5. Very, very nice. Thanks for sharing it.
  6. Very nice. You did a good job on those.
  7. Very nice blacksmith work.
  8. Are you trying to heat them laying flat on that other piece of metal? If so, you might try keeping the joint from touching anything else while you heat it.
  9. Me and a buddy bought a box of those files from a hardware closeout in the '90's. There were flat, half round, and double-cut ones. I've hogged a lot of wood with the double-cuts. Those are some of the most used tools I own.
  10. That is the most organic looking knife I have ever seen. Excellent.
  11. Gentlemen, I am going to go ahead and respectfully bow out of this one. I refuse to rush anything I would present to this group, and I've let my "to do" list get the better of me. List amended: 1. Alex Middleton 2. Jaron Martindale 3. Geoff Keyes 4. Aiden Carley-Clopton 5. Brian Dougherty 6. Eric Morgan 7. Doug Webster 8. Alan Longmire 9. Ted Stocksdale 10. Chiyo Razi 11. Joshua States 12. Bruno 13. Robert D
  12. Ha! I meant the schools, but both now that I think of it. That green government paint wasn't much to look at, but it sure held up well.
  13. Blount Co., TN here... Townsend Elementary 1970-76 Coal furnace for heat and no AC. A 10x10' cinder block square outside the end of the building to burn the trash. I probably ingested enough lead paint to deflect radiation. I still prefer it to the modern equivalent.
  14. That's really nice. A lot of fine details. What do you call the pattern in the steel?
  15. "I need to get busy on some knives". But how can you pass up a job for one of your grand-kids? They always move to the top of the list. My daughter bought an old county school desk off of Craigslist for $5.00 She asked if I thought I could fix it up a little. I couldn't back down from such a challenge. I had a 5' section of oak I had cut out of an old church pew to shorten it up, so I got all my new wood from it. Got to try my hand at some steam bending for the seat and back slats: After some trial and error it actually worked. Here's what I came up with: Another satisfied customer.
  16. Now there's an idea worth stealing! Looks great.
  17. Still appears to be gasping for air.
  18. Referencing the other thread, just a shallow layer of coal might be the problem. If your coal is any good, a deep fire should remain for a long time. It might go out over a long lunch break, but I've never had a coal fire go out on its own while working. Really bad coal is a possibility, so deepen it up and see if that helps any.
  19. A deeper forge Seriously, coal and charcoal both need to be deep to work efficiently... like 4" under and 4" over. And a light, even air blast. Maybe you could build some walls with fire brick to get the depth you need.
  20. Some of the traditional arrow makers make a sealer from 1 part clear epoxy and 5 parts acetone. Mix the two part epoxy then gradually add the acetone. They usually wipe it on, but you could probably use a small dip tube and immerse the whole handle and let it soak in for a time. Denatured alcohol might work instead of acetone.
  21. Hard to beat old Craftsman stuff. That bench-top unit will be handy. Where did you get the tires?
  22. Never tried it, but if it was absolutely dry, I might try putting it in a vacuum jar and stabilize it. Interested to see these finished... keep us posted. I did an epoxy filled wing bone once, but I've never seen a foot used.
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