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  1. A friend gave me two coil springs out of an old 60's impala. I looked up the metal as best I could and I think it's 4063. Is this stuff any good? It hardens about as good as 5160 as far as I can tell. Any comments would be welcomed. Regards Loyd Shindelbower
  2. Nice stuff Sam. It's also amusing to see hands like mine that are all beat up and burned from working around hot stuff. I was making a bunch of stuff out of railroad spikes and the lot and realized that metal is so cheap, why not make it out of really good stuff. That's when I switched over to W1 and 1095. W1 drill rod is so cheap they practically give it away. Keep up the good work. Regards Loyd Shindelbower
  3. amazing attention to detail. I hope to get that good. nice job Regards Loyd Shindelbower
  4. Thanks, I'm going to give that a try. Regards
  5. Nice knife with a fantastic looking hammon. I would love to hear about how you make that hammon with such a high polished appearance, if your willing to share. I've done a few hammons and used lemon juice to draw them out, but none looked like that. Regards Loyd Shindelbower Loveland Colorado
  6. Nice work, are you engraving the lettering by hand? I would love to hear how you do it. I've been trying to learn how to engrave but those are some really big letters cut in there. Nice work. Carving the handle was a real nice touch. Not very many folk doing that sort of stuff. Regards Loyd Shindelbower
  7. I have one of those cheap craftsman belt grinders. I didn't know I could do hollow grinding with it. Thanks for the idea. Nice knife, I particularly like the handle design. Regards Loyd shindelbower
  8. Well, I guess that settles it. I'm going to have to learn how to pattern weld. That knife is amazing. Very nice work. Regards Loyd shindelbower
  9. Loyd, I've been using flat stock from admiral steel. The blacksmiths knives are made from 5160 cut offs a friend of mine has left over after cutting out rapier blanks with a band saw also from admiral. Besides getting coil springs from a junk yard I would suggest looking in the phone book for spring manufacturers. You can often get them before they are coiled. I was shying away from truck springs becuase I heard they were loaded with cracks if you happen to get lucky enough to get an old one. I never thought about looking under spring manufactures. I'll give that a whirl. thank
  10. Nice blade. I like the looks of the file marks. It looks like it will come in real handy skinning beaver. I can't wait to see how your going to finish it. Regards Loyd shindelbower
  11. Nice, that ones so nice, I would be afraid to use it. It's definitly a wall hanger in my opinion. Regards Loyd shindelbower
  12. Nice.... I particularly like the curly maple one. Where are you finding 5160? I've looked but it's tough to find especially in round bar form. Regards Loyd shindelbower
  13. Thanks, I'm going to try to get my hands on some of that refactory cement. your help has been tremendous, thank you. regards Loyd shindelbower
  14. I would love to hear about dry forge welding if you can find some time to talk about it. Regards Loyd Shindelbower Loveland colorado
  15. Coke man

    Makers mark

    I hope this is the right place to post this question... How does everyone mark their blades? I'm looking for some suggestions in an easy, cheap way to put my mark on a blade and any help would be appreciated including examples if possible. Thank you in advance. Regards Loyd Shindelbower Loveland Colorado
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