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  1. thanks for looking! atte: http://www.walterberrios.com the nature is of all.
  2. thanks for looking! atte: http://www.walterberrios.com
  3. thanks your visit! atte : http://www.walterberrios.com
  4. the knife-microphone !(close ups ) atte : http://www.walterberrios.com
  5. Es un homenaje a los danzantes de tijeras del PERU It is a tribute to the dancers of scissors of PERU http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=guSz9vtXCRk atte : http://www.walterberrios.com thanks for looking!!
  6. . atte: http://www.walterberrios.com Marilyn Manson singing with its microphone of knife. The controversial Marilyn Manson appeared in Spain, with a total success, as it leaves from the promotion of his new disc “Eat me Drink me”. And although during that tour, their followers have been a little annoying by just a short time that during their presentations, do not stop corear their great successes. In addition he has drawn attention that its spectacle does not have any type of eccentricities. And perhaps it is by this, that accessory Manson this adding to his show. And here we left
  7. atte : http://www.walterberrios.com Copia__2__de_untitledcuhi.bmp
  8. This forged knife represents the head of the white heron, beautiful migratory bird. RESERVED ZONE MARSHES DE VILLA Is the only protected area of the Peru located in the Limean large city, is conformed by totorales and lagoons that belong to the Biological Runner of the Peruvian Coast, station for thousands of birds that annually migrate in search of refuge and food. The Marshes of Villa are habitat for 150 species of birds among them the zambullidor, the colored duck, the yanavico, the parihuana and the considered WHITE HERON as the queen of marshes by their beauty and rhythmic flight. In this
  9. got shark? not ,IT IS AFRICAN HEART ! atte: http://www.walterberrios.com http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=dV6CvAEgbGw VIDEO
  10. atte: http://www.walterberrios.com
  11. atte. http://www.walterberrios.com JAGUAR(otorongo)-EL DIOS CHAVIN(PERU) http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=KUAGfe9DfGI
  12. thanks for their visit and its words, in the execution of the art of knifemaker concur many other arts can be: the art of the drawing, the art of the sculpture, the art of the forge, the art of the engraving, the art of the carving, and the ART OF the own and other people's CRITICISM. attention(or attn): http://www.walterberrios.com gracias por su visita y sus palabras ,en la ejecucion del arte del knifemaker concurren muchas otras artes pueden ser :el arte del dibujo,el arte de la escultura,el arte de la forja,el arte del grabado,el arte del tallado ,y EL ARTE DE LA CRITICA propia y ajena.
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