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    I'm getting into blade smithing but my other interests are : I love reading books and learning about swords and knifes and skateboarding.
  1. I got a a really nice grinder and a propane torch for my knife smithing.
  2. Hmmm I'm no mastersmith so I wouldn't know but maybe if you posted some pictures of the crack people would know.BTW sorry I feel bad that a knife looking that cool cracked.
  3. I read that a good healthy Japanese blade has a unsharpened edge near near the tang.Do all of you bladesmiths do this when you make a Japanese style blade.It really doesn't make any sense to me. LINK
  4. Cool that what my first steel is going to be.I'm ordering some real soon
  5. Thanks when I start selling knife in the future I'll be more careful of scams like this.
  6. Andrew


    I'm going to make my first knife soon and I want to get something straight.My 50$ knife shop shows a good tang from bad.It shows if the place were the tang start is a angle it causes stress.Could someone show me how a good one should look.
  7. I know this is stupid but I like coins and would never melt them just because I think they look cool but are they really going to send people to jail for melting pennies. I think this law targets people selling huge amounts of penny copper making tons of money.
  8. Hey I have heard many methods like putting part of it in a bucket of concrete , making a wood stand and stumps.I have no stumps so can anyone explain the concrete or wood method.
  9. Andrew


    The class I'm doing is a foil only.But I might join a club which would give me more choices with swords.The sabre is cool but I like the epee because you can hit the whole body.
  10. Andrew


    Hey I'm going to be taking a fencing class.I was wondering how many other people take fencing?I'm going to be using the foil.
  11. Yeah that sounds like a loose handle wrap.I would too scared to try to wrap it my self.
  12. If this is any help here how wikipedia says it made.
  13. Yeah I know there is lot of stuff you have to do to swing it right.I have a nice book on but I can never understand most of it LOL.I think you swing with one hand and pull with the other one. Here it is. BTW I think your sword is cool what is it?
  14. Hey I'm thinking of learning a new language just for fun.I heard for English speakers that German is a good choice because they share more in common then other European languages.I saw that Daniel Gentile's site had German as a option so if you read this can you tell if it is any easier than other languages like French or Spanish?
  15. Cool I like how the katana blurs in the pic.
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