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  1. I got a a really nice grinder and a propane torch for my knife smithing.
  2. Hmmm I'm no mastersmith so I wouldn't know but maybe if you posted some pictures of the crack people would know.BTW sorry I feel bad that a knife looking that cool cracked.
  3. I read that a good healthy Japanese blade has a unsharpened edge near near the tang.Do all of you bladesmiths do this when you make a Japanese style blade.It really doesn't make any sense to me. LINK
  4. Cool that what my first steel is going to be.I'm ordering some real soon
  5. Thanks when I start selling knife in the future I'll be more careful of scams like this.
  6. Andrew


    I'm going to make my first knife soon and I want to get something straight.My 50$ knife shop shows a good tang from bad.It shows if the place were the tang start is a angle it causes stress.Could someone show me how a good one should look.
  7. I know this is stupid but I like coins and would never melt them just because I think they look cool but are they really going to send people to jail for melting pennies. I think this law targets people selling huge amounts of penny copper making tons of money.
  8. Hey I have heard many methods like putting part of it in a bucket of concrete , making a wood stand and stumps.I have no stumps so can anyone explain the concrete or wood method.
  9. Andrew


    The class I'm doing is a foil only.But I might join a club which would give me more choices with swords.The sabre is cool but I like the epee because you can hit the whole body.
  10. Andrew


    Hey I'm going to be taking a fencing class.I was wondering how many other people take fencing?I'm going to be using the foil.
  11. Yeah that sounds like a loose handle wrap.I would too scared to try to wrap it my self.
  12. If this is any help here how wikipedia says it made.
  13. Yeah I know there is lot of stuff you have to do to swing it right.I have a nice book on but I can never understand most of it LOL.I think you swing with one hand and pull with the other one. Here it is. BTW I think your sword is cool what is it?
  14. Hey I'm thinking of learning a new language just for fun.I heard for English speakers that German is a good choice because they share more in common then other European languages.I saw that Daniel Gentile's site had German as a option so if you read this can you tell if it is any easier than other languages like French or Spanish?
  15. Cool I like how the katana blurs in the pic.
  16. Could someone tell me what utsuri is.I have seen it on blades and it looks cool.I know it something like heating the blades edge 800 C ,middle 750 C and back 700 C during the quench.
  17. Wow I didn't even know you moved.Well I hope you like California .
  18. I think bluing a tsuba would be cool look.Has anyone tried this???
  19. Andrew


    So your meteor is missing?How big was it?
  20. http://www.jantzsupply.com/cartease/search...tring2=Barstock Looks like a good place but has anyone got any here?
  21. I agree with Svet all Nihonto with a yokote should have a bevel.Ones that don't are worn out ,Badly polished or fake.I can be slight but if it's real nihonto it should be there.
  22. I have read this in my books.A lot of old swords have been polished so much they have become tired and all the geometry is gone and it just polishing marks.But all new sword have sharp clearly defined geometry.
  23. Sōshū School Yamato School Bizen School Yamashiro School Mino School Wakimono School I like Mino a lot lately And I also like Bizen which most new swords are now. Post a image of your favorite sword or tanto if you want. http://www.nihonto.ca/yasuaki/sugata-l.jpg
  24. Can some post brands that are good high carbon steel and not case hardened???
  25. Nice design it will be a great tanto. How long is it going to be???
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