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  1. That first one does look a lot like Grant Sarver's old units. I think "Off Center Tools" was name on his. Looks like this website is still selling them: http://www.inductionforge.net/
  2. Very nice! Looks like a handy little cutter. I've made a few little knives for others out of Cru Forge V and they are amazed how long it stays sharp, like years. Need to make one for myself.
  3. Cool! I've had a couple people bring me straightened pieces of wrought iron wagon tire that they thought was leaf spring. Wouldn't explain that cool layering tho.
  4. I've never used one, but I notice Ed Caffrey sells hammers like that on his website. https://www.caffreyknives.net/angle_peen-hammers.html
  5. I think Mothers mag wheel polish helps it pop a little after about 800 - 1000 grit sanding.
  6. You can also get a PID controller pretty cheap on Ebay and just set the toaster oven on its highest temp and plug it into the PID. The PID will cycle it on and off to maintain your set temp. Still a good idea to have a steel plate or sand or something for thermal mass.
  7. Pre order is live. https://alecsteeleshop.com/products/140-lb-steele-anvil
  8. I have an old one and I looked into getting it refurbished, but they won't touch units over a certain age. There's a serial number cutoff they don't go beyond listed on their website. Mine is definitely too old.
  9. When I lived in Yuma back in the 80s and early 90s, there was literally tons of ironwood lying around in the desert on BLM land. We used to use it for campfires and cooking on camping trips. I heard they have cut down on offroading in a lot of areas since I left. Not sure if that's an option to gather ironwood anymore? Stuff is hard to work with, but beautiful and durable.
  10. These guys sell lids with holes, solid tempered glass lids, and whole systems. Their stuff works great and reasonable prices. https://slickvacseal.com/slickvacseal_com_10012019_039.htm
  11. Very nice! But can't help thinking how great it would look with some nice mesquite scales. Great looking sheath too
  12. Just an update, I ordered a replacement VFD from Amazon and it works great now. At first it would only run about half the speed it used to, but then I actually read the info sheet that came with it and saw I needed to move a jumper on the circuit board from 1X to 2X position. Guess there is no problem with the motor. Wonder there's a company or somebody that would want the old VFD to try to fix it? There's a whole bunch of little integrated circuit chips on that thing so probably be a big task to run down the problem.
  13. Well I thought a commutator was a judge that reduced a prisoner's sentence, so y'all are way ahead of me on motor knowledge.
  14. Makes sense. Guess I'll contact Travis and see what a box costs. Thanks!
  15. Had a fast moving storm a couple days ago and lightning destroyed the transformer on the pole that feeds our house and shop. Killed our modem and ceiling fan in the house and now my Wuertz TW-90 in the shop doesn't work. When I hit the start switch it runs with jerky speeds for a few seconds, then stops and the status light turns red. Not sure if it's the motor or the VFD/control stuff that's fried. Any electrically smart folks got any ideas what to check?
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