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  1. Very cool! My 87 year old mother has some arthritis and loves her Dexter Russell duo glide chef knife with the handle more over the blade. Not the same shape but somewhat similar function. https://www.dexter1818.com/shop/duoglide/40033.html
  2. I'm pretty sure the blonde traded something else entirely for a microphone in Hustle and Flow.
  3. It's 18,000 BTU, supposed to be good for up to 800 sq ft but it doesn't get my 720 sq ft shop below 78 in the afternoon sun. Still beats the heck out of 100 degrees and I have the air flow directed at my assembly bench where I spend the most time. Actually pretty nice with it blowing right on me, but bigger would be nicer. They make a couple bigger sizes. Mr. Cool brand, lots of videos online.
  4. Installed a DIY ductless mini split air conditioner in the shop. The lines come pre charged so no special tools or equipment are needed. Well, I did have to buy a 3.5" hole saw but otherwise just basic tools. HVAC installers wanted around $6000 for an installed mini split system but this one was $1300 from Costco. It's a 24x30 metal building with an 11' ceiling and the roll insulation. It's not frigid in the shop but I'd call it comfortable, which is a revelation compared to what it was in Texas summers.
  5. Not mine. Just thought I'd pass along the ad. https://austin.craigslist.org/tls/d/leander-hawkeye-power-hammer/6914144312.html
  6. Getting rid of the bump just takes a lot of cash! https://www.moenworks.com/product/rotary-cooled-carbide-platen/
  7. I only use genuine Harley Davidson gear oil in mine (because I had half a bottle left over from my bike).
  8. I got a used big ceramic kiln off craigslist for a couple hundred bucks. I'm sure it uses more electricity than a knife sized oven, but it works ok. Something to consider if budget is tight. I plan on getting a real knife oven "someday" but the kiln had been doing the job for several years now.
  9. Austin craigslist ad. Guess you could stack a few for a really solid anvil stand. https://austin.craigslist.org/mat/d/austin-steel-for-your-projects/6776570034.html
  10. I read his "Wonder of Knifemaking" book several times when I was getting started, tons of great info. Also have his Wire Damascus Hunting Knife video on VHS, very easy to follow and produce good solid cable damascus. He was definitely a great influence!
  11. I put casters on my press but didn't do a great job and the outriggers flex enough to put the casters at an angle so they don't roll straight very easily. I remember an old thread that showed the wheel setup that Riverside does if you order your press with casters, but can't find it. Would like to see some pics if anybody has one. Thanks.
  12. Impressive sir! You live right in the heart of bladesmithing territory, only an hour away from Lin Rhea, one of the nicest, most generous people on this planet. You should get in touch. http://rheaknives.com/
  13. Ok, thanks for the info. Found them searching on Alibaba but looks like min order is 10 anvils. This craigslist guy is about 5 miles away so will go check them out.
  14. Seems fairly reasonable compared to some others these days. Anybody recognize these? https://austin.craigslist.org/tls/d/cast-steel-blacksmith-anvilslb/6622601593.html
  15. Mine is a Leeson 2 hp 1750 rpm. My old Bader BM2 is 3450 rpm.
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