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  1. Just got back from a trip to Norway... where I went to the shore of Trondheim's Fjord at Korsvika where Leif beached his longboats, and I scattered 20 copper Leifur coins and two silver ones. Ha! I wonder what people will think that find them! Tom
  2. Here are some pics of the first coin of the batch to come out the end of the finishing process. The idea is to "blue" or darken the metal, then tumble it so as to brighten the highlights and give it the appearance of age, then wax it for protection against rust. Note the two buttons added below the cowl on obverse, denoting die-2, and extensive reworking of the inscription ring around the reverse side.
  3. Sorry... here you go. These are images of coins from the 4th pressing. The first through 5th pressings all used the same original die set. Those pressings total 3,600 strikes. I have now created hubs from the master dies and hobbed a new pair of dies for the 6th pressing. I don't have pics of those yet as they are still bright and shiny off the press. I need to do the blueing and tumbling to "circulate" them. The obverse (face side) will be almost identical, with just the addition of a secret mark to clearly denote die#2 to those who know what to look for. The reverse side of the new
  4. I licensed back in 2003 with George R.R. Martin to make the coins for his fictional world. He calls his seven-novel series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE and it begins with the book A GAME OF THRONES. Since HBO jumped on board and made a hit TV series out of it, the fantasy coins I have been making have suddenly become much more in-demand. I've been refining technique and set-ups. This one particular coin, the Iron Coin of the Faceless Man, is important in the story. So I'm making a bunch of them. Here's a couple videos of the process. Hope you like classic rock. Have fun! Tom
  5. I'm accumulating quite a supply of scrap pure-iron. It's basically strips that are full of holes from where I punched my coin blanks. It's not much use except as tiny little pieces, or perhaps as a cupola feed stock so you can have total control of the resulting alloy by starting with pure stuff. I also shear strips off the edge sometimes to use as welding filler. (when I'm out of copper coated rod)
  6. I finally got 75kg of the 1.5mm stock in hand from Angele. Wow... I had no idea the customs would be such a big freaking deal! I had to hire a customs broker (they charge $160 for this) just to pay the duty ($30) and get the thing released from the bonded warehouse. What a hassle! But at least I've got it now. Nice looking material, bright and clean. So it can be done if you want it bad enough! Next time I will see about getting them to break the order down into 25kg packages and send them via Fedex.... might be way cheaper than going air-freight on a 200 pound package. Tom
  7. I don't have that alloy but I do have some niobium/tantalum superconducting alloy. It's 92.5% Nb, 7.5% Ta. It works pretty much like regular niobium but the anodizing range is four or five volts higher for each target color.
  8. Hi Sam: Thanks for replying! In desperation I could and would do that. The blanks are a full 1" diameter through about 0.056", so it would have to be cross-rolled some to get enough width to punch cleanly. I can get better yield from a 2" wide bar because I can stagger the punchings side to side. The ideal would be .060" by sightly more than 2" wide. I am in communication with a place in Germany, http://www.angele-shop.com/catalog/index.php?cName=pure-iron-pure-iron-sheets that has got 1.5mm stock in hand. If the shipping is not too terribly outrageous I'll be able to get stuff very clos
  9. Reviving this thread. I am seeking supply of 1.5mm pure iron. I need a fair bit... maybe 100kg or more. I found a place in Europe that's got it: http://www.angele-shop.com/catalog/index.php?cName=pure-iron-pure-iron-sheets But was hoping to find a domestic source and save a bit on shipping. The project? Have you heard of Game of Thrones? I am the licensee with George R.R. Martin to make fantasy coins for his realm. We forged an agreement back in 2003 when George's books were still rather obscure and this project has long been a very small-time thing. But... now that George has hit Best
  10. Hi Ric: That's pretty cool! I'll be interested in talking with you further about this. Tom Maringer
  11. Here's how this new batch of knives for the BLADE show finished out. Blades are D-2 steel, lengths from 6 1/2" to 9". All handle furniture is titanium, some parts have been TIG welded. The wire wrappings on the top four are titanium also... the bottom two are synthetic rubber wrapped. The black rubber is nitrile, the brown is fluorocarbon. Knife weights range from seven to nine ounces. It's only six knives... but the titanium furniture results in an incredible improvement of weight and balance. These things just seem to float in the hand by comparison to the ones I used to make with stainless
  12. Very Nice!! Great job Ric, and all the participants! Tom Maringer
  13. Thanks Adlai! Tell Joe "hi" for me... still in the same place as ever. Give him my email addy!
  14. Hi Herb: Actually... I was shearing little strips off the edge of the sheet to use as filler. That way I can be sure of an exact color match. Speaking of scraps though... I did another experiment: I made a little graphite crucible that I clamped down in the bowl and grounded it... filled it with little Ti scraps and clippings... purged it... then hit it with the arc. The pieces all fused together into a cute little button! The button can be hot forged above 1600 degrees like warm butter. With a bigger crucible... or even just a graphite plate... larger masses could be assembled before manipu
  15. The grip itself is a laminated bamboo core wrapped with twisted titanium wire. But I assume you're referring to the furniture, not the grip. Those pieces were notched using a 20-line checkering file. I think I got it from Brownell's.
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