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  1. Bruce, I have used the s3000 many times, it's a great camera all around, but for less than $200 you can pick up the s700 now. you can't go wrong with the s700, my step mom just got one and loves it, picture quality is great and along with other great features you get macro capability. I picked up a canon S5 IS a few months ago, it's a killer camera, highly recommended, but quite a bit more money. Steve
  2. Guys I'm sorry but I have to drop out, I just haven't been able to find time to work on anything. Steve
  3. If Canucks are allowed, Count me in too please.
  4. Thanks for posting that, very cool!
  5. looks good! I'll have to pick up some all thread today and see if I can't get at least one folder finished properly. Thanks again everyone, Steve.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. That press looks really nice! I might have to try ordering one. I'm using a cheapie $100 press right now, the chuck does suck and the way the table is set up it's one nut holding it, problem is when I tighten up the nut after I get it close to square it moves every single time. I find it really hard to get it truely square and when I think I have it about right it moves on me, talk about pull your hair out... I have a small 4" vise on the table and trying to get it squared off with the vise is a nightmare. I have been using a reamer for my pivot holes which has helped clean it up and the pivot has 0 play. the jack idea sounds like a good one.
  7. Hey guys/gals, I have been farting around with my first few folders and have finally realized how poor my drill press really is. I am looking for a press that will drill an accurate hole more than once. I don't have the cash to spend on a mill or I would already have one, does anyone have one they can recommend for folder work? something under $500 would be great. Thanks, Steve in NS.
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