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  1. I really like the color contrasts. Guard, bolster, pins and burl handle all work together like a piece of art. How did you plan that out?
  2. Well alcohol may not have been part of the design, but I really think you deserve to toast to a gorgeous piece of work.
  3. Cool, the Goldfish Bowie! I see that snack smiling back.
  4. I don't know if what I have is wootz. That's what I am trying to find out. What I know is it is a late 18th or early 19th century, most likely 19th century Afghani Khyber knife. I bought it from a known dealer who is pretty good at id-ing these things. However when I got it, I just don't see it. Maybe if I squint just so and the light is just right and the planets line up right and the butterfly flaps it's wings just so...., Still I'd like a little more solid visual.
  5. Thanks guys. The ferric may be easier to come by then the Nitric. As Jerrod pointed out, the work address seems to be the key. If I had that I could have bought the Nital. As to the picric, yeah I hear ya. Back in the day when I was in college we had a building evacuated because of it. Seems the art department had a large amount of it and it crystallized.
  6. Does anyone know where someone without a commercial license can get a small quantity of Nital 3%? Every dealer I have seen require some sort of hazmat docs or number before they will ship. Barring that does anyone know of an etchant for a potential wootz blade that works just as well and is available?
  7. Maybe not what you wanted; butttt..... DDDAAAMMMNN that's cool.
  8. Ah donuts. You just had to go and show me that. Now that's one more thing I have to get that I can't afford.
  9. Gorgeous work. Now that this thread is a bit older so I am not changing the subject much here it goes. How does one just happen to have a chunk of meteorite just laying around??
  10. Does anyone know a source for bronze fittings? I am looking for an endcap for a restoration I am working on. Thanks
  11. Man, if you did that sorta on a whim I would love to see what happens if you plan it!
  12. These are really cool. Looks like something else to add to my tobuy list! For some reason in the first picture the one at the top in the raw does it for me. Do you have a website for when I decide I absolutely have to have one?
  13. Like the work and for some reason really like the chainmaile backdrop.
  14. I have also read about quenching in a human body. But where I read it was in a fantasy novel, the exact one escapes me at the moment but I do remember it was fairly common theme. You would be suprosed how much fantasy/comic lore shows up as fact. Two big ones come to mind. Quenching in a body. Swords are very heavy so only well muscled barbarians can lift them.
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