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  1. Maybe not what you wanted; butttt..... DDDAAAMMMNN that's cool.
  2. Ah donuts. You just had to go and show me that. Now that's one more thing I have to get that I can't afford.
  3. Gorgeous work. Now that this thread is a bit older so I am not changing the subject much here it goes. How does one just happen to have a chunk of meteorite just laying around??
  4. Does anyone know a source for bronze fittings? I am looking for an endcap for a restoration I am working on. Thanks
  5. Man, if you did that sorta on a whim I would love to see what happens if you plan it!
  6. These are really cool. Looks like something else to add to my tobuy list! For some reason in the first picture the one at the top in the raw does it for me. Do you have a website for when I decide I absolutely have to have one?
  7. Like the work and for some reason really like the chainmaile backdrop.
  8. I have also read about quenching in a human body. But where I read it was in a fantasy novel, the exact one escapes me at the moment but I do remember it was fairly common theme. You would be suprosed how much fantasy/comic lore shows up as fact. Two big ones come to mind. Quenching in a body. Swords are very heavy so only well muscled barbarians can lift them.
  9. mross


    Looks good. How does it handle?
  10. Niko and Jan, you guys are starting to sound a little Zen in your posts! The work is phenomenal! As to the talk about luck here are two quotes on that: "The harder I work the luckier I get" Samuel Goldwyn "Diligence is the mother of good luck" Benjamin Franklin
  11. A thought I had on this. If you are going to have it "mounted on a piece of 'rugged looking wood' " you could put a removable brass plate to engrave the winners on. Then they keep the removable plate and a new one is engraved for the next winners.
  12. Hi all. These are phots of an etched Moro blade from another forum. The etch shows differning patterns from side to side. ANy suggestions on the construction? THe best we can comeup with would be a sandwich construction with a different core and the laminated skin folded over.
  13. mross

    Gabon Ebony

    Thanks guys. Right now I have 0 skill doing wood work. I can build a deck or a porch but have never done any fine woodwork. I was planing on taking it slow with just hand tools and maybe a belt sander. I know sanding is frowned upon with Nihonto, but I do not currently have the skill to do it the traditional way. Since it's my knife and I'll be doing the polish on the blade, shame on me if the sandpaper messes up th polish. I had the ebony idea because I had a vision in my head of how it would look, OK maybe more of a fantasy given my skill level. All the suggestions are noted. When I finally do start it I'll be sure and document it and post.
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