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  1. A 40 or 60 watt incandescent bulb (I used my mechanics drop light) inserted into the forge chamber, aluminum foil over the openings.... careful, it melted the rubber coating on my drop light! My satanite coating was about 1/4" thick. Dried overnight with minor cracking which was easily corrected. Fired it up several times increasing temp and time at temp till assured the satanite was dry, then bring it up to forging temp for 30 minutes to cure the satanite.
  2. I too forge in my driveway. I move my freon tank forge out of my garage under a 10'x10' pop up canopy. The material on the pop up is very thin and I have not had a problem with heat and my forge height is about 5' off the ground. I do have several issues: the pop up material is very thin, hard to get it dark, messes up the color of the steel. Additionally, the pop up is very light in weight, a good breeze will move it around if I forget to anchor it down. Not deal breakers, just something to deal with. I also live in a HOA (covenant restricted home owner association) where outbuildings an
  3. Have you considered posting your request in the British Blades forums? Probably a lot more Brits visit that website than visit here. www.britishblades.com
  4. I believe you are 'reasonably safe' with the adapter hose. I used a Bernz-O-Matic JTH-7 torch for my two bricker for four years connected to a 20# propane bottle via an 'appliance connector hose'.. the torch is designed to run on full tank pressure and, due to the very small orifice diameter for the gas, does not require a regulator.
  5. He was onboard the forums this morning. Don't know if he checked this forum. According to his profile, he spends most of his time in the Beginners forum.
  6. I was confused by that 5160 TTT chart till I found, I believe, the same chart but with the time hacks annotated. Between the 1 & 10, the hacks were noted as 2 and 5 seconds. Therefore between 10 & 20 it would be 12 & 15 seconds, etc.. So, if the chart I saw was correct, one has just under 5 seconds to get under the nose. Still not a lot of time to dally...
  7. I am posting this notice for Carl - Randy Blairsville is just south of the NC border and is convenient to SE TN, Western NC, NW SC and, of course, North Georgia. Trackrock Hammer-in Spring Event 2012 Date: Weekend of March 30 - April 1 Notice: Open to all & no admission fees Location: Trackrock Campground, Blairsville, GA Directions: WWW.TRACKROCK.COM Activities: Bladesmithing, Hawk forging, Leather Crafting, Forge Building, Anything Knife Related Who: Anyone interested in knives, knife making, hawks, leather work, collecting, trading, etc. Watch, meet
  8. Our winter meeting will be held the weekend of 2/11/12 at the shop of Twin Blades in Statesboro. Here is the link to the Guild website with more information: http://georgiaknifemakersguild.com/modules/news/
  9. Try either of these addresses: www.knives.mlogiudice.com or www.knives.mlogiudice.com/knifeshop/etcher/index.shtml
  10. www.hightemptools.com carries refractory products
  11. Well, sooner or later you will dropped a piece while above the melt point of the plastic. If your quench is water, no problem, a mop can get it up. However, if it is oil.. at best it is a mess to clean up. At worst, the fire department puts it out. Buy yourself a metal bucket at Ace or Home Depot.
  12. Well, it seems this thread has wandered pretty far off course. Owen's cry for a 'good thrashing' or 'I deserve to be whipped' caused me to recall the following very old joke: The masochist bladesmith said "I have been bad. Punish me!". The sadist other bladesmiths/ninjas/pirates replied "No!".
  13. It is really hard to get a sense of the size of the completed blade as there are no sizes/dimensions stated. Size and thickness of the bar stock used and the final dimensions would be nice. Great photos. Thanks..
  14. No need to adjust the camera. See this thread, post #2: http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=14625&pid=175437&st=0entry175437 Quick and easy download, works very fast and it is FREE. The only caveat, Windows XP. Beyond XP, MS Office Picture Manager provides the ability to resize your photos.. just a tad bit more cumbersome but it works!
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