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  1. Alan, Awesome finished piece !! It felt and looked great at Harley's, and finished it's just stunning... Now that it's finished I won't have an option to make off with it... <grin> Dan
  2. Thanks Jesus and Garrett ! Sorry, yes, I was looking at the hilt finishes, and while the pommel may be rusted, as there seems to be some color fluctuations that you'd expect, the guard really does look plated. I know of several other pieces of this era that were plated... but never thought of it. Now to setup to reproduce it..... Dan
  3. So just because it needs to keep going and all that... I had an experience the other night that beer, amazingly, wasn't the correct drink for. The night of the full lunar eclipse it was 7 degrees here in ohio.... and I started the evening out with something chewy, a nice Thirsty Dog; Siberian Night imperial stout ( which seems to be perfect for indoor text entry <grin>) and as the eclipse progressed, I decided to move things outdoors, as I got tired of craning my neck around the windowframe. As I grew up rather north of here (mid-michigan) 7 degrees is really not a big deal. I threw on a light jacket, and plodded out. About the bottom of the bottle, my half numb lower jaw decided that maybe something warmer was in order for below freezing nights. 10 minutes later I went back out with a Hot tea and spiced rum Dan
  4. Hey all, I've been contemplating this piece. It's an antique, and what's intrigued me is it's finish. It looks to me like it's rust-browned, but most of that type of finish I've seen has been darker. I also thought it might jsut be rusted, but the color is so even, that seems unlikely. If Anyone with more experience with this type of finish, I'd greatly appreciate the input ! Dan
  5. hey, found some helpful info for you. first, definately NOT R8. I've used a few bridgeports, and they never looked like that...anywho, dug up when bridgeport switched over, and you seem to be right, it "should" be a #2 morse. here is a excerpt from new world encyclopedia http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Milling_machine and the clip from the article is here. Two other tool holding systems for manual machines are worthy of noteā€”the R8 collet and the Morse Taper number 2 collet. Bridgeport Machines of Bridgeport Connecticut so dominated the milling machine market for such a long time that their machine "The Bridgeport" is virtually synonymous with "Manual milling machine." The bulk of the machines that Bridgeport made from about 1965 onward used an R8 collet system. Prior to that, the bulk of the machines used a Morse Taper number 2 collet system. hope that helps ya ! Dan
  6. Yeah, we definately had the "hammer concerto" going on Monday for sure ! Always nice to put faces to the names on here ! can't wait for next time. Dan
  7. I've gotten several shipments from Admiral when I was starting up my biz, and always had good service from them, and ok prices. I'm using mostly 5160 right now, and Pacific Machinery and Tool Steel out of Oregon has vastly better prices on it in the sizes I use. What I DID find out however, is that the 5160 I got from Admiral is a much more stress relieved steel than from Pacific. Not an issue now, but back then it was giving me fits..... Overall, I'd definately use Admiral again if their prices for whatever I was getting was competitive. Dan
  8. That is one sweet function=form kind of knife. basic, utilitarian, and big enough to do the job the first time. With this as the bigger half of a 2 knife carry set, all the heavy jobs would be taken care of for sure. While corrosions and storage will give the 440 a win for steel, that thing would be a beast in L6 <grin> Congrats again ! Dan
  9. First, Congrats on the contract ! that's amazing ! I'm currently using Dayton Waterjet here in Ohio for my cutting. Their prices are amazing ( about 2/3 rds of what the other 15 bidders were quoting) and he seems anxious to get business. Also, dealing with small fry like me doesn't seem to bother them at all. Ask for Barry if you do a quote request from them. http://www.daytonwaterjet.com/default.html Dan
  10. HUH, wait a minute,...... you can forge WITHOUT beer? <scritches head> Really? wonder why you'd want to.......... I'm just happy it's cooled off enough to move from the light stuff (heffeweisens and ales) to the dark stuff ! dan
  11. Todd, I'm personally unsure about this guard (but am interested !) do you have any pics/description of when it was used? Dan
  12. Would it be appropriate to send the second one to every @#$!%@#^@#$%^$#%^#$%^ !@#$%!@#$%!@#!@#$12 !@#$!@$!@$@!#$!@#$ 12 year old kid who asks "HOW MUCH FOR A CLOUD SWORD??????" LOL /sigh Dan
  13. ooohhh frost warnings <drool> the heat here in ohio (nothing like you guys are having, but kiling me anyway) is cutting my shop time down to mornings and evenings. with no ac I'm passing out under a fan in the afternoon, or going to the dollar theater to suck up their ac for a couple of hours <grin> come ON frost warnings ! Dan
  14. Heading out Sat Morning early, Unless I dedide to do Day Zero.... which might be fun enough. Get it on early as it were. As I'm biking out, I'm having a friend take all the big stuff on Sat Morning. I'll have to swing by where you guys are set up so we can Meet ! Dan AKA Krieger from the Micdrealm
  15. Hey, Adlai and I were rummaging around Half Priced books here in good old CoWlumbus Ohio, and ran across this little gem of inspiration for $20 ! He picked it up and thumbed through it, then went to put it down muttering something about "not this week" so I snatched it up and said "ONE of us is going out of here with this book!" and it ended up being me. Of course 10 minutes later we found the shelf with 10 of them on it for the same price. It's got some pics by Sharp by Coop, (which makes it a good book right? <grin>) But for a coffee table/bedside inspiration book, it has some ridiculously phenominal knives in it, like the exact replica of the dagger of King Tut's that is 10 ozs of solid cast 18k gold...... Scott Slobodians stuff, and just oodles more. Anywho, back to drooling... Dan
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