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  1. Jeroen, Thank you for sharing. This is an interesting bit of wrought arcana. Dave, well written, thank you. Tom
  2. experience...is what you get when you don't get what you want.

  3. is learning and yearning to light the fire!

  4. Hey Greg, Once again, words fall flat in describing what you have done. Thank you for sharing, and yes, I too am inspired! Thomas
  5. Pure sweetness Jeff, and since I'm kind'a ignorant about Wootz would you mind describing how you arrived at such a beautiful pattern? Sweet!! Tom
  6. Uli, Holy Cow!!!! That is terrific stuff, can you relate the blade composition, or is that secret? Once again, masterful!! Thomas Driscoll
  7. Hey Barrett, Try www.thak.ca for a blacksmith/bladesmith school of sorts in Ontario, Canada. The website includes courses in tool making, as well as Japanese Sword making. Cheers Tom Driscoll
  8. Hey David, Check out www.jayfisher.com for details on buffing and mirror finishes. This site has a lot of great information, and if you need some specific information then you can email Jay and he will answer. I have found Jay to be a very good source for information, and as complete a professional as you will find on the web. Good luck. Tom Driscoll
  9. Hey Don, Everything about this knife speaks 'craftsman quality' and my impression of this knife can be labeled "dangerous beauty." I'm sure the new owner is pleased, that hamon rocks! Sweet!! Tom
  10. Very nice smithing, I'm sure that Strider will be stopping by soon. I know that the dwarves are jammin', what do you listen to when the anvils ringin'? Once again, very, very nice, thanks for sharing. Tom
  11. Hey Chris, I watched the intro to your work and I am impressed!! There are so many reasons to do something like this, and I for one appreciate your efforts. How else can I see some of the living legends of bladesmithing? I've only read about what you have actually shaken hands with, and in the forseeable future I'm not going to be in a position where I can meet, greet, and participate in such events. It's not just about me though, there are yet unborn generations of bladesmiths who will benefit from your efforts. I most admire the fellow who, when many people say that something sho
  12. Hey Archie, When I was about 14 years old, my mother, sister, and myself were living in a nice, older two story house with a full basement. We lived across the street from a park, and the park had a fire sub-station with one tanker and one pumper, and the fire station was right across the street from where we lived. My mother and sister were going out shopping and I had smelt smoke, I had told my mother what I smelt and she had looked around and we thought that maybe someone was burning leaves. My mom and sister went shopping, and I got back into a book I was reading. However, I
  13. They told you it was all about rabbits. Which, in part, is why this thread was started.
  14. Greetings Don, and everyone else who makes this a most genuine and informational forum. I was born in 1961, and I lived in many countries before I moved to the United States in 1970. My father is American and was employed in aviation, my mother is Bristish - now naturalized American. I have been a police officer, EMT, teacher, student, manager, and now I'm using my FAA A&P license to work on airplanes in Cairo, Egypt. After spending a good chunk of my life in Idaho, I find that I enjoy fly fishing and hunting (deer,elk, coyote, phesantand partridge) as well as precision shooting a
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