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  1. I find that Walmart has a gun stock oil finish, It is called Trueoil .It drys fast and makes a realy nice finish. I hope this will help.
  2. How long is the blade? How thick of 1095 are you going to use? Convex or flat grind?. The over all drawing looks great.
  3. Have you ever tried water hardening the leather? It will make in very hard once you mold it to shape it will stay that shape. I find it works better then beeswax treatment. I hope this will help. Rich
  4. I have used a one inch belt sander from harbor freight to make some small knives and a 4x36 one too. I too have a small budget to work with. I hope this will help.
  5. These pictures do not do the sheoak in this knife credit.. I seen this knife at a local knife show. It is a realy nice one.
  6. Realy nice work. I look foward to seeing them at the Gator Show, if I can get away from my table there.
  7. I have worked with Purple Heart for over 10 years with great results. I make canes, sheaths and handels out of Purple Heart. I have never had a rash but I have had resprotory problems when I did not wear a mask. If you want a deep Purple let it set out for a few days before you seal it. True oil works realy good or toung oil works too I hope this will help.
  8. I need some advice on shipping out of the phillipines. My wife bought me some bolos from the town where she grew up in. She has her friend shipping them to me. DHL and Fed X says they can't ship it out because of the wood. They said that custome will sease the itums. I have spoken to these companis and they tell me to use a import company but thet are realy pricie.. HELP I asked DHL and FED X has to pack the things them selfs. Thank you Rich
  9. I recently bought a well made lock back knife that measures 4 inches closed. It has brass bolsters, liner and a micarta handel with a stainless steel blade? The only markings on the blade is OK . I have looked in every book I know about it . I can find nothing. Does any one know any thing about this knife or who made it. Thank you in advance.
  10. I have tried to post my pictures with no luck. Could some one give some advice on how to do this. Richardl.Johnson@sdhc.k12.fl.us I can be reached at this e-mail adders. Thanks Rich
  11. I have not had any luck blueing stainless steel. Gun blueing won't work on stainless steel. But I have used etching liquid to grey out the blade. I have done ats 43 and 440 c with good results. I would use a scrap pice of steel first (to expirment on) . I hope this helps you mate.
  12. I just spoke to this wood store and they said they have a few pices left.
  13. This web sight has Bog Oak for sale. It's located in Pa. [email=http://www.hearnehardwoods.com/Inventory/bogoak.html]http://www.hearnehardwoods.com/Inventory/bogoak.html[/email]
  14. Your BLACK PEARL realy turned out nice. How thich is the knife? A neck sheath would realy display this awsome knife.
  15. WOW! Words can not do it justis. keep hammer in. Rich
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