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  1. What is good steel for beginning? http://www.znksteel.com/index.php?action1=linkovi&action2=en&action=non-alloy-quality-steels Only problem is that I don't know if they sell steel by kg or by ton.
  2. One bad hydraulic cylinder, few I beams and old tire tube. I think that this hammer can be made at home.
  3. Hmm. Is this cover of game for NDS called Moon?
  4. Thank you people. Man that carving path is very good forum. Yeah. 7$ + shipping (I live on the other part of world) = 70$
  5. Beautiful. I don't know what to say. Jiri with what did you cut holes in tomahawks?
  6. Hey people did you speak english? Yes?! Than why you don't answer to blake fenton-williams question? I am also interested in this and I am not going to pay 50$ or more for hand engraver that I am going to use few days as toy. I want to sharp drill bit.
  7. Tesla was crazy as all Serb are. Salvati what is that new avatar?
  8. The best source of charcoal are pine cones. Cheap and very easy to find. In the end you will have very small charcoal peaces.
  9. And why would they used pomegranate skins?
  10. And where I can get red copper wire? Electric copper is more gold yellow. Where to buy silver wire?
  11. silver and copper wires must be equably soft or not? Can I use soft steel and copper wires for practice?
  12. I have made my grooving chisels out of drilling bits. I left 1 turn of it and sharped it at angle of 40 degree. This are my first steps. First I make v groove and after that I enhance it by tilting chisel 45 degree on one side and after on other side. So I end with w groove but with low middle. No need for groove carving. This is fantastic. How to squish all wires equal?
  13. This is good. You must insult people in order to get more information. Nice...
  14. Hhhhhmmmm... tradition. What ugly word for casual discovery. Monkey do what monkey see. Because I am monkey in chinese horoscope I will follow this... tradition.
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