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  1. Howdy fine folks, Well it has been an eternity since I have last posted. I have made many knives since my last post and will post them in due time, however for now I would just like to post this sword and leather that I have been working on. The leather was partially made from a hundred year old saddle, and it smelt great.... This He-Man sword replica is 35" overall with a hollow grind and is made from 5160 leaf spring steel. It has a wire wrapped handle over wax thread wrapped oak slabs. This was my first sword and I hope you enjoy. "I have the powerrrrrr!!!!"
  2. Well its been another summer of working up in the Yukon, and I survived the season. I will be back in the shop soon, and hard at it. I am stoked to get back to the forge and put the hammer to the metal and test out some ideas I have been mowing around. I started this pattern weld post a while back and never updated with the finished product, well here it is. I am not overly happy with it, but I took what I learnt and did better on the second go of pattern welding. I will post a couple pics here and a link to my website that I am working on. If you guys have any suggestions on d
  3. I was just watching some paracorde wrapping videos, so many great ways to do it. Wrap looks good. did you pre wrap the steel with hollowed out paracorde before hand? just something I seen somewhere.
  4. Hi james, no I didn't put any borax in between the layers when I originally tacked it up. Im still not sure if this is the best way to do it, and the borax did seem to push the sections apart plus cause slippage. Maybe less borax is a good way to go next time.
  5. I notice when I did the first welding pass with the original 21 layers, that the two outter layers expanded and bowed causing delamination. Not really sure what to do there but Wire might help. The pictures are a bit deceiving, the slower ethched material is a little brighter.
  6. You put a lot of thought into that blade, it has some character.
  7. Well Its been a while, but I am back in Thunder Bay Ontario and back in the shop. I have finished a half dozen blades or so, and decided to work on something for myself. I also decided to take some pictures to remember the process. I bit the bullet and ordered some 1095 and 15n20 steel to do a Pattern welded blade. I have done low layer count blades in the past and also worked with steel cable, but this was to start with a 21 layer count, and hopefully end up some where around 200 including a 1095 core. If you have any questions or general tips for me, feel free to drop a comment.
  8. Nice looking axe, I have been thinking about trying my hand at a belt axe. what kind of steels did you use there if you don't mind me asking.
  9. definitely going to be doing some cable work ASAP! I have seen really good results with welding four bars of a cable billet together. Fun stuff!
  10. thats Stu-pendous! I love the profile of the blade and the wrought iron. quite awesome to think of the history of some of the materials we use.
  11. what a great idea! I like the fork clip. whats up with those dots? Are they inlays or carved? i think over all it adds a cool look, nice work.
  12. I change my mind on the handle material. It looks more like cosmic actvity, very stellar!
  13. That package super fresh! gotta love the little hint of lipstick in form of a spacer. I want to get into some pattern welded steel. I have done some loy layer stuff, but it is tough by hand. I was thinking of either making a tire hammer or a foot actuated roller press. Which do you think would be best to start off with as Funds will be limited and I can probably only have one. once again, nice work dude.
  14. I picked up a set of them as a gift from a girl who wanted a knife for her boyfriend. they are pretty, so many colours. I wish I had better pics of the pendant but I may make another this month.
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