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    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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    bladesmithing, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, baking, sketching, guitar, working on my motor bike

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About Me

Hello, hello! Where to start when talking about oneself? Well I grew up in a small little town on the river, and spent most of my time building tree forts and having stick wars with my buddies. My dad was a carpenter and worked at the local paper mill, and my mom is a pig farmer withan affinity for carving wood and painting. So I guess i have had some creative influences in my life. I left home at the awesome age of 17 and was incredibly irresponsible but somehow managed to hang in there. I spent most of my time then drinking beers and trying to be cool, lol! I guess i got into knife making just like other people did, I wanted swords but couldnt really afford them. I found a cheapy full tang ninja sword at the pawn shop and had some fun helping my landlord with the unwanted shrubberies around the house. After that the handle fell apart and I had no choice but to fix it myself. That was my first exposure to searching for info about lacing japanese style handles and it lead me to some other info about knife making, that I brushed aside as way to complicated. Then one day while shopping at Canadian Tire, I seen flat steel bars that would make great swords, or so I thought. I remember reading about draw filing, so I picked up some steel, files and went to work. I still have some remnants of those early works, but the two swords ! made bent and were later made into smaller blades. I was kinda off and on with the knife making then and wasnt to enthralled with the idea. I did build a basic charcoal trench style forge that never got used, because i didnt have a blower and couldnt figure out where to get coal. I wasnt very dilligent in my tool working and I moved to a couple of new places over the years. Then I finally got into a situation where i built a little hut outside and fired up the charcoal forge I had stashed years earlier. What a thrill! I had no clue what I was doing, but I hammered some random piece of steel on a rock and was happy that i finally got to see some red hot metal. Thats when I picked up my work ethic, and started experimenting with info from this forum. I actually recieved some good info from Don Fogg via email and I think thats what really stoked the fire! I finally built a propane forge and played around with leaf springs and cable. I was doing pretty good at keeping focused, until I fell in love. However we ended up getting a place together and I had my first shop to call my own. I did get back into the shop, and started applying new things that I had learned about heat treating. I was finally figuring out the science behind the steel. That lasted for about a year and a half, and my girl and I decided to make some changes. We went our seperate ways for the summer and didnt survive the season. I had my tools in storage for about the next three years after that. Im not sure which was more painful! Haha! So this past year I decided that when I came back from my summer employement I was going to buckle down and figure out what I was going to do. Well I have a way better shop, and have refined some of my methods. However it seems the more I learn, I find out theres way more that I need to learn. In the summer I head up to the Yukon and work in a bakery and ride my mountain bike. My other serious passion is Downhill mountain biking and I can honestly say that between the two my hands hate me. Building trail, riding, baking and knife making are going to be the death of my hands, but I wouldnt want in any other way. I am super excited these days about what kind of progress will come from the craft and I know that through my work I have removed filters and view the world in a different way. The future is exciting and I am stoked about sharing with the fine folks on this great forum! Peace to all...

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