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  1. very impressive, great job.
  2. Looks great Chris can't wait to see the finished polish. I really like that saya.
  3. Thanx for the comments Mark. All of the japanese style blades i make have a lot of sori, It is just my thing, Personal preference I guess. I was not aware of the real tanto look of a straight blade. Thank you for pointing that out.
  4. Thanx alot Wade and stormcrow, I am hoping to have a cable katana project on the go soon as I finish working on Pee wee, which is a big beefy katana I have been picking at for about 2 years on & off.
  5. Here is a cable tanto i just finished for a customer. It has a 10 inch blade made from xtra improved plow steel cable, fittings are micarta and the handle is ash with a poplar saya. Over all length is 16 inches. The last pic is with a cable blade i finished not long ago.
  6. Very cool Wade. I too am a cable lover, especially when it is etching time. Some of my sharpest blades where made of cable.
  7. very cool Jim. I really like the overall shape of the sword, especially the handle. Always wanted to try one like that. Thank you for posting.
  8. Thanks alot guys. I am trying to get more blades done lately, it helps keep my mind off of the economy and other crap going on in the world.
  9. Here is a tanto I forged a couple of years back that i finally got done. I am still working on the saya ran out of laquer. The blade is made from extra improved plow steel cable. I started with 3 billets & folded them a couple of times. The fittings are brass and steel with an epoxy coating. The width of the blade is 1 3/4inches, Blade Length is 12inches and over all is 17 inches. The handle is ash with a full ray skin wrap. Hope you like..
  10. Thanks alot Guys for the compliments. should have pics of a cable tanto i am finishing up for a customer.
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