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  1. Thanx for the comments Mark. All of the japanese style blades i make have a lot of sori, It is just my thing, Personal preference I guess. I was not aware of the real tanto look of a straight blade. Thank you for pointing that out.

  2. Thanx alot Wade and stormcrow, I am hoping to have a cable katana project on the go soon as I finish working on Pee wee, which is a big beefy katana I have been picking at for about 2 years on & off.

  3. Here is a cable tanto i just finished for a customer. It has a 10 inch blade made from xtra improved plow steel cable, fittings are micarta and the handle is ash with a poplar saya. Over all length is 16 inches. The last pic is with a cable blade i finished not long ago.





  4. Here is a tanto I forged a couple of years back that i finally got done. I am still working on the saya ran out of laquer. The blade is made from extra improved plow steel cable. I started with 3 billets & folded them a couple of times. The fittings are brass and steel with an epoxy coating. The width of the blade is 1 3/4inches, Blade Length is 12inches and over all is 17 inches. The handle is ash with a full ray skin wrap. Hope you like..




  5. Here is one I just finished up for a customer. This is my first blade of this type of style, I normally do bowies and katanas. Steel I believe is around c1070, The overall length is 56 inches, Handle is 18 inches, Blade is 27 inches. Handle is epoxy over ash core with a cord wrap. The sheath is poplar. The guard is c1045. The blade is clay coated and quenched in water. Put a couple of picks with katana i finished recently to compare the size. Sorry about the picks very tricky to get both hamons at same time. The pink blanket doesn't help.Not much of a photogragher, anyways hope you like..






  6. I started out with four billets with around 8-10 files in it. Squished them all down then squished them together. I think I had folded the whole mess a couple of times also. I made this blade over a year ago before i moved, I should have a couple others done soon.

  7. Here is a blade I have decided to finish. I made it last year from a bunch of old files I had forge welded together. The handle is 13 inches long and the blade is 31 inches long with an 1.5 of Sori. layer brass habaki, fittings are made from mild steel. handle is made from ash with a spray epoxy coating I wanted to try out. The handle also has a battle wrap with half a 308 shell for menuki. The saya is made from poplar with the same coating as the handle. Well hope you like my recycle blade katana.






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