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  1. Very nice John. How come there is no kurikata fitting on the saya was it the customers request. I also like the colours you went with, it all blends together nicely.
  2. Don't know what to say, Maybe awsome, your skill is on a whole different level. Thank you for sharing. Very inspirational.
  3. Very cool Chris, I really need to try one of these some day. Won't be as nice as yours though.
  4. very beautiful and beefy knife there Ulrich. I am not surprised it turned out so beautiful Thank you for posting.
  5. Outstanding work, I really like your style. post more in future.
  6. I wish I could carve. thank you for sharing.
  7. Thank-you Jake your Rune Seax is a very nice piece.
  8. yep, at least mine always do that is 80 grit.
  9. Nothing but bad intentions with that one. Very cool, i'm sure Mogwai would like it.
  10. I guess it does have a dha look to it, maybe i should skip the tsuba.
  11. thanks guys it should be a good cutter. I am sure i have a few tatami mats lying around looking for some punishment.
  12. Well here is what i have been up to lately, This is a big sword i am making for myself, kind of a challenge. The overall sword is 48.25 inches long with a 36 inch blade. The cutting edge goes from 1.25inches tapers up to 1.75 inches then tapers back down to the point. Right now I just started polishing at 80 grit. Probably will be awhile on this project. I am thinking of maybe a 15 inch handle on this one. The hamon and steel should be exact to the kitchen knife I did awhile back. Almost forgot it has about 1.50 inch of sori. Will post more pics when done. I have a couple of other projects on the go also with cable & w2 that I am working on.
  13. nicest bacon slayer I have seen yet.
  14. beautiful blade i love how you used the dark gray with black colours in your theme. I am currently working on a similar project myself, not very fun trying to quench a blade that size and heattreating it. Hard on the nerves, I only hope mine turns out half as good as yours. Thank-you for posting the abomination, catchy name.
  15. very nice spear, always wanted to try one.
  16. Looking good John, any idea on the type of fittings you will be using.
  17. very nice learning stick you got, I only wish I could do that.Thank-you for sharing.
  18. Looking good John keep us posted. How do you like the poplar, that is what I use for all my saya.
  19. I think he said he was waiting on stones.
  20. Sorry, a none traditional sword. with none traditional fittings. If you have a better word I can use please share. Thank-you.
  21. Here is a new one I whipped up in spare time. I have been very busy with work hoping to have a sword done in the next few weeks. It is the largest blade i have done yet, sort of a naginata type tactical sword. Anyways this blade is made from c1060 the recurve blade is 7.5 inches long. The handle is micarta and is 4.75 inches long with black para cord lanyard. The sheath is kydex, it is a sharp little bugger hope you enjoy.
  22. That blade is beautiful, wish it were mine.
  23. beautiful blade has a nice flow to it.
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