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  1. the hamon will show whenever all or most of your scratches are running the same way. generally i check my hamon on a 36x belt straight out of the quench.


    cool sword, neil.

    Thank-you Jake your Rune Seax is a very nice piece.

  2. Well here is what i have been up to lately, This is a big sword i am making for myself, kind of a challenge. The overall sword is 48.25 inches long with a 36 inch blade. The cutting edge goes from 1.25inches tapers up to 1.75 inches then tapers back down to the point. Right now I just started polishing at 80 grit. Probably will be awhile on this project. I am thinking of maybe a 15 inch handle on this one. The hamon and steel should be exact to the kitchen knife I did awhile back. Almost forgot it has about 1.50 inch of sori. Will post more pics when done. I have a couple of other projects on the go also with cable & w2 that I am working on.








  3. beautiful blade i love how you used the dark gray with black colours in your theme. I am currently working on a similar project myself, not very fun trying to quench a blade that size and heattreating it. Hard on the nerves, I only hope mine turns out half as good as yours. Thank-you for posting the abomination, catchy name.

  4. Here is a new one I whipped up in spare time. I have been very busy with work hoping to have a sword done in the next few weeks. It is the largest blade i have done yet, sort of a naginata type tactical sword. Anyways this blade is made from c1060 the recurve blade is 7.5 inches long. The handle is micarta and is 4.75 inches long with black para cord lanyard. The sheath is kydex, it is a sharp little bugger hope you enjoy.






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