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  1. very cool.I like it. Thank-you for sharing.
  2. The bigger blade is just beautiful and beefy looking. Thank you for sharing.
  3. I really like the fittings on this piece Chris.Thank you for sharing.
  4. Do you have photos of the tip Chris. The blade looks beautiful. Thank you for posting
  5. Thank you very much guys. I really enjoy making these knives. Should have a sword coming soon.
  6. Here is a kitchen knife I just finished. The blade is c1060 quenched in brine and is 10 inches long. The handle is purple heart with bloodwood laminated between. The customer had the wood laminated already.The handle is around 5.5 inches long with brass fittings. The display box is not finished yet. There is a deep hammer mark on spine from when i forged the blade, I thought it would come out in the polish,but it was to deep and the blade would be to thin. I offered to make another blade but the customer did not mind. He got a discount, hope you like..
  7. very beautiful Niko, I really like the steel on the second knife. Thank you for sharing.
  8. very beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing
  9. nice hamon and very beautiful steel. Thank you for the pics.
  10. very nice and functional. Thank you for sharing
  11. very nice you get beautiful hamons with W2. Very aggressive looking. Thank-you for sharing.
  12. very nice Walter as always. Thank you for sharing.
  13. here are some japanese inspired pieces of mine. c1050 quenched in gunters super quench c1050 chef knife quenched qunters super quench c5160 quenched in water extra improved plow steel cable water quenched W2 tanto quenched in water cable katana quenched in water w2 forge welded quenched in water
  14. That's a nice learning stick you got there, I have one I keep in my garage.
  15. neil gagnon


    very nice. I really like that blade shape. Thank you for sharing.
  16. Thank you I might be doing a katana like this. with lots of sori. I have to do a chef knife first though for a customer.
  17. Well I got 2 more done, Here are the pics, One more to go.
  18. beautiful as always,thank you for sharing.
  19. Thank-you for the feed back guys.
  20. here is the first blade of four Iám working on. They are made from W2 and 1095 that i stacked in billets forge welded and folded. They are made from scraps I had around the shop. I can't remember how many times i folded them though. Overall length of the knife is 17 inches with the blade around 12 inches. The handle is made from black micarta with brass decorative menuki. The sheath is made from kydex, and designed to be worn on small of the back or on left side. The rest of the knives are basically the same with each hamon a little different. I will post pics of other knives as i get them done. hope you like.
  21. very nice knife. there have been alot of beautiful carved handles lately.Thank you for sharing.
  22. very beautiful work the engraving is awesome. thank you for sharing
  23. very beautiful knife thank you for sharing.
  24. very nice, I love that gator skin.Thank you for sharing
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