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  1. Don't worry about it, it looks damn fine to me. Keep us posted with more pics please.
  2. that is about the same procedure i use to clean cable.It works quite well.
  3. very nice, did you carve the handle yourself, alot of different skills needed for this piece.
  4. that thing just screams billy badass, Thanks for sharing.
  5. That is very very cool. Do you have more pics.
  6. Really nice knife Karl, I like how the handle curves down, I have done some handles similiar myself. I bet it feels good in the hand too with all that popcorn. By the way the guard looks great to me.Keep them coming
  7. Interesting wrap, I really like it.
  8. That's a biggins eh, gotta love those big blades, nice knife thanks for sharing.
  9. I like the curves of the blade the handle has nice curves too.
  10. Thank-you for the compliment, not sure what you mean by traditional handle. I like to stay away from the whole traditional thing usually starts arguments. And I never claim to do so with my blades.
  11. nice piece stephan thanx for sharing.
  12. here are some close ups of steel.
  13. I also used oil in quenching that blade,Thanx for pointing that out sorry about the pics,I'll see what i can do about some more pics,my camera is missing in action from party last night.
  14. here is a cable katana I made last year and finally had time to finish.The blade is 29 inches long and is marquenched with water brine. The handle is 12 inches long and is made of ash with a full ray skin wrap with brass fittings and my own wrap i've been working on.Tsuba is made of steel my own design. The saya is made of poplar with steel fittings on both ends. It is a beefy blade and razor sharp hope you like.
  15. very nice job, i love those rustic jaw bone knives
  16. got two forge folded katanas i'm working on perhaps after that.
  17. nice lookin tomahawk you got there Sam. I've been wanting to try and make one myself, keep it up.
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