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  1. Here is a fantasy blade that i finished for a guy i work with. It was inspired by the elvin blades used in the lord of the rings. It is made out of c1045 and is quenched using super quench. It features a 27 inch blade, a 20.5 inch recurve handle . The blade has 1.25 inch of sori and the sword weighs 3.5lbs, the overal length is 48 inches. The handle has a full tang with ash wood wrapped in a suede type leather with a simple cord wrap, the fittings are all made of brass. The case is made out of poplar wood done in the same wrap, and brass fittings. hope you like it is the last blade made from c1045 that i'm doing. I'm trying some cable blades next.












  2. Do you make every aspect of the sword ( from the blade, tsuba, fittings, tsuka, and saya)? This is very nice work. Where do you find the time, I would love to make something this nice.

    i do make every aspect of the sword. you seem to find time when it turns into an obsession.

  3. That is pretty slick. How long is it? I think I would manage to take one of my fingers off real easy!



    Thanx alot it' s around 18 inches overall. My buddy just wanted i little knife for in the kitchen, should work for him. :wacko:

  4. Here's some pics of a japanese inspired chef knife i just finished for a friend of mine. It's from a blade i had forged out before christmas that is made of c1045 steel, and quenched using gunter's super quench. I think the wood is maple it is hard wood anyways, i just liked the grain so i used it. The blade is 12 inches and is flat on one side, it has brass fittings and is held together with a brass pin. On the case for this blade is my friends name in katakana,he requested it. This blade was kind of fun to do after doing two katanas. I have one more blade to do from this steel,then it's on to some c1095 cable. hope you like.










  5. here are some pics of a sword i recently finished. it's a sister sword to one i had forged out around christmas. It is made from c1045 and quenched with gunters super quench. I went with the whole green theme on this sword from the cotton wrap to the saya with the ray skin. The fittings on the sword are a bamboo theme, with a 14inch full tang handle that is triple pinned with brass pins. The saya is made of poplar with ray skin sanded down and brass fittings. I chose a hunter green metalic automotive paint with a thick clear cloat. I am currently waiting on the sageo in the mail it is black. I have two more blades to

    finish that are from this steel i forged back before christmas, one is a fantasy blade and a knife after they are done i have about 200 feet of cable i plan to play with. The wrap on the handle of the sword is a dark green, even though it looks black in pics. hope you like. I only hope to get better with time and practice. this sword is only japanese inspired.












  6. A week or so ago i posted pics of a sword i made out of c1045 and quenched it in the gunters super quench. I had a cutting from the same piece of steel, i ground it down to the same thickness as the blade when i had quenched it. I then nomalized the blade, clayed it like the katana and quenched it. the only difference was the amount of clay i used. It was a little thinner on the cutting, than the katana blade. The place where i work has a rockwell tester and they tested it for me, the numbers are rc60 on the edge and the clay part on the spine was rc54. On the katana i did i suspect the number on the clay coating was lower because the clay was thicker. I forgot to mention after the quench i tempered the blades for half an hour at 350 f .

  7. This is a Great job for a beginner swordsmith. Looks like an O-Dachi.

    Katanas are scary when it comes to polishing and you did a pretty fair job.



    How did you blacken the brass fittings? Spray coating, chemicals, heat oxidizing?


    i sprayed it vinyl spray then automotive paint, the vinyl spray helps the paint stick and not chip of easily.

  8. I thought i would share some photos of a sword i just finished. It's made out of c1045 round stock. i quenched it using the gunters super quench. I then did a hybrid polish from 100 to 2000 grit then used ferric chloride to bring out hamon. All the fitting are made of brass. The handle is done in full wrap over ash, the handle is a full tang. I made the saya out of poplar wood, the fittings are also made of brass. It's my second sword and only hope to improve. hope you like!














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