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  1. I'm planning on being there, maybe next year I can do my JS.
  2. Yes. it has a nice flow. Great job.
  3. Hi Don, the steel was delivered today. Thanks, JD
  4. Hi Don, I'm just posting a heads up, I sent you an order for some W2 steel. JD
  5. Hi, you should go to the (beginners place), you will see it listed on the main board of this forum. Good luck on you knife adventures, JD
  6. I hope it's ok to ask this question here. I was looking at a web site offering a book for sale about knife laws for the fifty states and I was wonder if anyone else had seen or bought this book and what did they think of it? This is the book: Knife Laws of the Fifty States -- A Guide for the Law-Abiding Traveler http://www.knifelawsonline.com/knifehome/H...36/Default.aspx Any input on this before I drop anther $20.00 on a book is appreciated.
  7. Is it to late to join the challenge? I have an idea I would not mind throwing in the challege, something out of cable Damascus.
  8. Look NICE. Why did you HT it 3 times? and what steps did you do each time? PS. I really like the texture on the finger guard too.
  9. You will probably find yourself using the 3 middle speeds the most and I believe I've seen somewhere that the top speed you have there is too fast for some if not all belts, not positive but I think that is what I've seen. The bottom speed is close enough to the second I would not think it would make much difference but that is just me. I have a KMG and I am using speeds about in your middle range but I have a 1750 rpm motor and a 4 pulley setup and I can get a speed at about 2000rmp as well as the three middle speeds you are showing.
  10. The zinc can be counter acted by drinking a glass of whole milk before burning anything that has zinc on it. a practice tried and trued. also zinc pisioning leaves a metal taste in your mouth, so be aware of the early signs of it.
  11. That's a specialized spring suspenion to be sure, like they said sparc it and you will see a nice bush from it.
  12. I tried to call the number listed and it has been disconnected. Is there some way you can get me a good number for Monty? My # is 209-740-7125
  13. Ok, lets get together and talk about this hammer and see if I can get it home. John Davis 209-740-7125
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