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  1. Nice job. Beautifully hafted.
  2. That should make any elf proud. It is very pleasing to the eye.
  3. Nice hawk. The haft is quite handsome in itself. I do everything by hand. I find it rewarding.....but I am kinda odd.
  4. Donnie

    JS Blades

    Well done indeed. Congrats on the JS. Those are some fine looking blades.
  5. I have no knowledge of it being poisonous. If it is, there sure are a lot of poisonous Christmas trees, fence posts and other everyday objects around. Myself, I avoid it like the plague, due to allergic reactions to it.
  6. Jared, check messages.
  7. What dimensions, do you need?
  8. I've had two Dewalts. One died on the first blade, the other on the second. I have a Milwaukee that has served me well.
  9. Survival of the fittest......gotta love it.
  10. Donnie

    New Hawk

    One look at that, and the kindling may split on it's own, out of fear. I like it.
  11. That is some nice, clean work. Thanks for posting.
  12. good job. And, thanks for the pictures.
  13. I have been using a hair dryer for a forge blower for 6yrs., now, about 2 days a week. I opened it up and unplugged the heating element. I use a dimmer switch for speed control. Mine is a Dollar General model. I would feel real special, if I had one with that fancy name on it. I've got one of those small squirrel cage blowers that are made for a forge, somewhere. But, if it ain't broke , don't fix it.
  14. Donnie


    I like coffee with each meal. A couple of cups at bedtime, and sleep like a baby. I can't handle the "adult beverages", but I can sure drain the old coffee pot like a pro.....good stuff.
  15. I really like that one. The ebony and copper add a touch of class.
  16. WMHorus, You can be thankful for your advanced cranial capacity. Myself, having a much more primitive brain, reacted much differently to being on fire. Once upon a time I had the whole front of a ragged coat ablaze. When I finally realized I was on fire; I tried to run. This required no thought processes whatsoever. Primal Instinct. After I ran into a steel scaffolding forehead first, others around me patted me out as I lied there in a daze. Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing like being on fire....Big Fun.
  17. Well done, sir. I've been wondering, if you were still out there. Thanks for sharing.
  18. So, that's what trash to treasure means. Impressive.
  19. Most work is done on a very small area over the waist of the anvil. A vice situated close by will hold your hardy tooling just fine. And cheap is always a good thing.
  20. That is a beautiful piece of work.
  21. Those are beauties. Top notch.
  22. That's a nice piece of work. I especially like the handle.
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