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  1. I love simplicity. Nicely done.
  2. Donnie


    very nice work.
  3. The maker that has influenced me the most is, Alan Longmire. My favorite edged objects are hawks. I have not met the gentleman in person or even had a piece of his work in my hands. But, his work does strike a cord in me. I study every one of his postings. I strive to duplicate them(usually poorly). Alan"s hawks are the benchmark I compare my work to and strive too reach. This is a knife site, and everyone who post here are great craftsmen and artist. I'm just a Hawk man myself.
  4. That's a fine looking piece,Robert. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy the photos you guys post. The level of quality and detail I see on this site always amazes me.
  5. That is a very fine piece of work. Thanks for sharing.
  6. That is one sweet little folder.
  7. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL......put me on your christmas list..
  8. Axes and hawks are my favorite sharp objects. I especially like the second one.
  9. Donnie

    cable knife

    I finished this one today didn't do the honey due list so I'll get s--- for that but did do this..........You gotta love a guy who has his priorities in order!
  10. Axes and hawks are my favorites. That is a nice one. Like Alan said, I like the handle, too !
  11. That is going to be a beaut. Can't wait for the finished picture.
  12. Very nice work. I love small concealable sharp objects.
  13. Donnie

    First Posting

    That is a very nice piece of work. I am yet to produce anything of that quality. I will agree, it is addictive. I do enjoy making sharp, pointy playtoys.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, folks.
  15. The knife was forged from 01. These are simple blades but are my favorites because I am not very good or patient at finish work. The hawk was forged from the humble railroad spike. It was hafted with Hickory. Donnie All comments positive or negative are very welcome.
  16. Great job as always. I really enjoy viewing your work.
  17. Glad to hear you are up and running again.
  18. It was so cold in the north Ga. hills this morning, I set a pot of coffee out on the porch to cool. It froze so quick the ice was still warm!
  19. Very nice. Looks like it bites!
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