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  1. Nice one, Sam. I agree with the others, this is the best yet! Keep them coming.
  2. Now that's my idea of recycling. Great job!
  3. Very nice work. I also enjoy forging this style knife. I love simplicity. I especially like your handle design. Great job!
  4. I know this is a somewhat silly question to most of you out there. But, I really don't know. What is the purpose of handle spacers? Are they functional or just decorative? Thank You to anyone who takes the time to reply......Donnie
  5. I went to the local Dollar Store, bought a hair dryer for $10. I opened it up and disconnected the heating element and put it back together. I picked up a dimmer switch at the hardware store for a couple bucks. I might have $18 in my blower assembly. It has been running for about 4yrs(8-12 hrs/wk). I have two hand blowers in mint condition, but I am very pleased with my CHEAP electric blower........just my .02
  6. Donnie


    I would appreciate any opinions on w1 for a blade steel, pros, cons, helpful hints.
  7. I grew up splitting firewood(not by choice) the old fashion way. I bow my head and give thanks for a total electric home!
  8. Donnie

    Scavanger KITH

    I must withdraw my name from the KITH. I do not feel the finish work of my entry piece is what it should be. It would not be fair to it's recipient.
  9. Could anyone tell me what metal sawzall blades are made of. The ones I have will cut nails with no visible damage to the blades.
  10. Donnie

    Scavanger KITH

    Are Hawks acceptable?
  11. Could someone explain any advantage or disadvantage of a chisel ground blade?
  12. Very cool. Thanks for the photo.
  13. Donnie

    Need Help

    I thinned the edge with a file. After another session on the whetstone I have a slick spot on my forearm! Thanks guys.
  14. Donnie

    Need Help

    I am a welder by trade, blacksmith as a hobby. I make an occassional knife. I have enjoyed success with 5160. I have just forged a small knife from W1. I really liked the way it forged. My problem is I can't seem to sharpen it to a razor edge. I hardened it by submerging the blade except for the edge in water and heating with torch(a method I read here somewhere). My first sharpening produced edge chipping. I tempered again at higher temp. I tried to sharpen again, it still seemed to hard. I tempered again, this time at 500 degrees. I can still not get it to shave my arm. I once thought I could sharpen a piece of rebar and shave with it. I no longer think that way. . Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  15. Good work Sam. I like your work because it was made by YOUR hands and not spit out by a machine! If a piece of work turns out the way you like it, no other approval is needed.
  16. That was a great tutorial, and perfect timing. I have an axe to forge by request and have been trying to decide how I would go about it. You just showed me the method I will use. Maybe the forging gods are watching over us all.
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