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  1. After a time apart from the steel. The most recent. Wish you like it! Thanks for looking.
  2. A rustic small one in K100 edge hardened. Sheath in wood and Kydex. Wish you like it. Thanks for looking Salut Arno
  3. Nice shape & handle! 'Salut' Arno
  4. Very nice wood! It matches perfectly with the cablemascus and deserves all that great finish you gave. ´Salut´ Arno
  5. What a 'p.o.s'!!! In less than one hour "Mr. Google Afraid" suppressed the pages from the book I referred above! No problem. I´ll prepare, if anyone wants, a free hand sketch of my own recipe... ( I've got that abject google mechanism and sure will use it in the future!)
  6. Lamontagne, I think the variantions on "W"s depend on the method of forge welding. Toby probably used his power hammer more than press. I used only press, so that the deformation on layers are more intense just on first weld (i guess). Also, I observed that if your starting steel sheet are thin, the less welding steps will be necessary. So, take a look what occured after the 3rd weld from starting. In my work condition (23 layers of alternate 2mm 1065/15N20), I´ll stop the next 'w' on 2nd weld before forming the cube for the "V" cut, otherwise the feather will be excessively thin. John,
  7. That´s a TRUE ART knife! Wonderful! 'Salut' Arno
  8. Ands so, I've started the adventure on "W"s... Is it the right way, Toby? Thanks again! 'Salut' Arno
  9. Toby Superb work on the blade & sheath! Thanks a lot for the tutorial. The pics and the surrounding area are so clean that it seems the billet was dry welded. Did you used any mechanical method to remove the oxids from the inner surface of that "V" formed by the cut? Thanks again! 'Salut' Arno
  10. Nice place! Wish you have great time in there. 'Salut' Arno
  11. Beautiful knives! Great finish, steel and design. 'Salut' Arno
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