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  1. Thank you. What model pyrometers have you used?
  2. I need a little help with the temperature control inside my forge. I was thinking about a Pyrometer used in a ceramic Kiln. Will this work? How do you mount the little sucker and is it a requirement that I drill a hole in my forge? I am using a Forgemaster Blacksmith model.
  3. 5160 is a good place to start. What will are planning to use as you quench? The Goddard goo has worked for me. Oh and I like giant BLT sandwiches. I have a piece if you need one. The stock measures .25 thick 1." wide and 12" long. Shoot me a PM.
  4. Finnigan, Thank you for your input. I plan to draw and taper the ends tomorrow. I purchased two screw-on file handles today. I hope to to finish the draw knife tomorrow. I was thinking about trying to build a fuller to get a little better edge geometry.
  5. Redwood is very soft. Ouellette's idea on stabilizing/hardener it might be a good solution.
  6. I took a shot a forging a draw knife from a piece of 5160. Has anyone ever made a draw knife and could you please give my a few pointers? I also could use some help in the heat treat department. Can I use Godard’s quench(bacon grease and ATF) on 5160? Thank you B
  7. Mark, Nice knife! I wish I was a little quicker. B
  8. I use a Forgemaster Blacksmith forge. If I had to buy my forge again I would buy one of Darren's without a doubt. I also like Chili Forges but they are a bit more expensive than Darren's. Just my .02
  9. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Beer is to the striker what propane is to the forge. I have learned that my forge doesn't run very clean. It looks like I am in the market for a new forge. Any suggestions?
  10. Need help please. I am looking to make a simple billet of damascus. I was thinking about using 15N20 and 1084. Can I make a nice piece of useable damascus with my forgemaster forge, anvil and my 3Lbs hammer?
  11. I like the idea of the trapezoid plywood base. My current anvil stand is stump set on my concrete floor. I am going to build the plywood stand this weekend.
  12. That steel sounds fantastic. Nice blade shape. I also like the handle shape.
  13. Jesse, Zing is a great name for a Praying Mantis. The Mantis brings GOOD LUCK.
  14. Murat, Great looking knife. The desert ironwood handles are fantastic.
  15. Sam, Thank you for the story.
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