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  1. Chris, Sean here was my padawan before he LEFT ME FOR THE DARK SIDE (the little twerp!).
  2. Next time I see you at the shop, I'm gonna give you SUCH A PINCH!
  3. How's Fairfax for you? There are a couple of us out here. I do my forge work at BGOP, and finishing in my basement. -Jim
  4. JimC


    I can't get any hand saw, band saw, or other to cut a straight line. This makes handles very difficult. Does anyone have the ancient saw-fu that would help me? -Jim
  5. I've got a great Chinese recipe for "Eight Flavor Crispy Zombie". -J
  6. Damn. I might have to drive back up there for a tutorial. I've got a dagger commission in progress, and ridge lines are hell. I'd probably wait until the skin on my knuckle finishes growing back, after meeting a 220 grit belt on one of those grinders at the hammer in.
  7. I forged this little fella from Aldo's 1075, clayed it up, and asked the admirable Matt Venier to HT it at the Fire & Brimstone Hammer-In on the 23rd of March. After some VERY HYBRID polishing, and photos from my dear wife... my first Hira Zukuri blade. I've yet to decide on shirasaya or aikuchi mounting. -Jim
  8. Kerry, Matt, Sam... all y'all! Thank you for another great event! I learned a lot, and got to share the terror and wonder of Japanese blade polishing with some great people. Next year, I think I'll camp out or flop at a nearby hotel... maybe ask Jeff for some help making a wootz puck, too. -Jim
  9. JimC

    Leaf me alone!!

    Name the blade "Lucille," as in "You picked a fine time to leaf me, Lucille." Apologies to Kenny Rogers. -J
  10. Mr. Price, you terrify and excite me at the same time. Good job! That takes work!
  11. I registered yesterday, and look forward to it. I've actually got a few things I'd like to accomplish/learn this year. As usual, I'll probably have some of my water stones with me if anyone wants to play. -J
  12. Trust me, Sam. If I lived closer to BK&S, I'd do the co-op thing in a flash. Just hand off to me for final sharpening and sales. Sigh. If wishes were horses... I'd still get kicked in the chest. -J
  13. I just clayed-up my first hira zukuri tanto blade. I left some niku, because I'm paranoid about the blade warping during quench. I have to agree with Alan, drawfile it. The best of all possible worlds is to hammer your flats in, establish your niku, and then only need minimal filing to correct the blade. Me? I'm no Jesus Hernandez, Walter Sorrels, or Yoshindo Yoshihara. I've been filing my brains out for a while now, but the niku is where I want it, and the flats are clean. Best wishes!
  14. When I explored a local wood shop, the (WAY TOO HELPFUL) proprietor threw in a chunk of something on top of my pile as a thank you gift. He didn't tell me what it was; he just told me that I'll like this, since I make knives. To my untrained eye, it looked like an old, oily, cut off of English walnut. Nothing to scoff at, considering the end grain I could see was gorgeous. A few minutes ago, I cut off a piece, just to have on my desk as inspiration. When I was cutting it, there was a distinct scent of sweet, musky, almost cinnamon, in the air. I've never cut walnut that smells that goo
  15. Richard, here's a link to a much better photo. http://3ravensmetalcraft.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/better-photos/
  16. Hi, everyone. I'm still around, just writing more than anything these days. However, I've been teaching myself chasing and repousee, and making the odd knife or two. The four panel piece is my interpretation of four of the Norns, inspired by a friend of mine who practices the old ways. The knife is Aldo's 1075 with copper panel scales. Hope everyone is well! -Jim
  17. I left the gouge in to give it that rakish feeling. Aldo's 1095. 8.625 inches OAL. Shoelace handle wrap and knot. I haven't been out to the forge recently, so I'm doing a bit more stock removal to improve my grind lines. -Jim
  18. Sid, I wish I could. I ran across a site in Spain when I was hunting the web for places to buy waterstones. They came in a set of three for about 44 euros. -J
  19. Sid, Dave's magnet on a stick is a tried-and-true method. You can also buy Tempil Heat Sticks, or the European equivalent. They are crayons that melt at specific temperatures. I've found them pretty useful in getting the 1450 degrees F I want. Hamons will haunt you your whole life, and I feel for you. By the way, speaking of blade polishing, there are some interesting water stones available in Spain! Best wishes, Jim
  20. Thanks Doug! You're telling me pretty much what I expected to hear. I managed to find a different option for the client. I called Wustof, and they're willing to replace his old one with a brand new, modern version, at 60% off retail price. All he has to do is send the old one back. He's going to do that, rather than have me rehandle and refurb the original. I'm relieved!
  21. I just got a refurb project. The client gave me his old Wustof chef's knife that he's been running through the dishwasher for the past 25 years. The wooden handle is in tatters, and the blade looks like solid rust. He wants a handle that will cope with being run through the dishwasher. Anyone have any thoughts on what sort of material will tolerate that abuse? -Jim
  22. Drop me a line, then. We ought to catch up. -Jim
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