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  1. Shannon... breathtaking. Really. Wow.
  2. Shear steel is fun. I really wish my polishing skills were more advanced, because I think there would be more to see. http://wp.me/szCbi-new
  3. Peter: get yourself a guest slot at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and I will make absolutely sure you never get a chance to sit down for the sheer number of people in your tent.
  4. I'm in the camp with the "I want one" people. NICE!
  5. JimC

    Other hobbies

    Sounds like I'm not as alone as I thought. I'm a periodic leathercrafter, cook, single malt snob, writer, computer gamer, artist when the mood strikes me, semi-professional cynic, and I'm developing a new interest in making dairy products. I've got butter in the fridge right now, but would like to do simple cheese before terribly long. There are other hobbies and interests I have which render me almost unshockable in impolite conversations. Don't ask, because I might tell you. Howard? Kilts? No kidding! -Jim
  6. Matt isn't kidding. It is a painful and frustrating addiction. Nice knife, by the way!
  7. Jake, Oh, she's a sweet one! Young Susan Sarandon looks and a lovely voice as well! My wife is a big fan of sea shanties and traditional Celtic material. We went to a local sing-a-long night at a pub in Edinburgh some years ago, and she dumbfounded the locals. One of them turned to me and asked, "You aren't from around here. So why does she know our songs?" It took some time to explain. We didn't pay for a single drink that night. -Jim
  8. GAHHHH! NEED BLADE TO POLISH! ARGH! MONOSTEEL! ARGH! Just a little frustrated.
  9. Jimmy Rion over at Japanshave has done something astounding. He's translated, with permission, Iwasaki-san's razor honing text into English. If you're a fan of toishi, blade polishing or razors of any kind, you might want to take a look at this. http://japanshave.blogspot.com/2011/04/at-long-last-honing-razors-and.html Plus, Jimmy's a really nice fellow. Drop him a word of support while you're there. -Jim
  10. Incredible work! Elegant and sleek!
  11. I'm really glad to see you working again. Don't stop.
  12. I think we all have stories about how we've injured ourselves or come close to significant or fatal injury. I lost an acquaintance in College, a Theater Major, who was electrocuted while doing lighting for his senior thesis show. I lost my Godson to a stupid, stupid mistake that he made while trying to escape arrest. I can't help but feel for that girl's family. There is something uniquely sad when a brilliant mind and a bright future is lost in such a way. Another good lesson for us to remember and to teach.
  13. Superb work! That's going to be a really happy friend!
  14. http://wp.me/pzCbi-7g
  15. Yeah, I want one. I'd like the new job to appear first, because I'm just twitchy that way.
  16. Matt: I missed moonshine?! I'm going to try to get my wife to come along next year. She's a semi-pro photographer, and I think she could probably help us take better photographs of our work... plus, she's been known to swing a hammer every so often. I told her about the Eight Pound Bacon Beans and she lamented that she wasn't there to try them. -J
  17. Alan: Yes, please come down and hammer with us. Frankly, I think that this event is worth the trip for anyone on the East Coast. The creativity and energy that shoots through the air at this gathering stuns me every time. -Jim
  18. That was a good event. I just wanted to say thanks to Kerry and Matt who make it possible, and to everyone else that I had the opportunity to talk to. -Jim
  19. I'm pretty excited, too, now that I know that I can make it! If anyone wants to talk about polishing and sharpening using Japanese stones, I'm game... not to mention eager to see John Smith and Jesus Hernandez work their magic. Oh, allow me to give props to a friend of mine that is attending the event for the first time. Brett of T-Star Leather is joining us and will be doing sheath demonstrations when he isn't learning to forge. Google his site, and you'll know why you ought to get to know him. Chris, I'm going to make sure that Brett and I are hanging around for your demo. Anyone
  20. Kevin, That's a lovely blade! Annoying about the drill bits, but it certainly explains some of the silliness that I've had with mine.
  21. That's a fun blade! I bet it has an interesting personality when you handle it. -J
  22. JimC

    Farrier's rasps

    Does anyone happen to know what steel these are made with? A friend of mine dropped 21 of them in my lap over the weekend. -Jim
  23. Applause! I love nice work that has a sense of humor!
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