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  1. Jo, Let me tell you, the path you are interested in walking will leave you frustrated, gleeful, and teach you more than you can imagine. How do I know? I'm walking the same path and have been for about 2 years. Namikawa Heibei is an incredibly reputable source of stones. I'll add another resource for you, but keep in mind that the site isn't in English: www2.odn.ne.jp/mandaraya/index.html. I've purchased nagura toishi from them and plan to buy more stuff when my finances are in order. Someone I know who might be able to answer questions about the stones, in English, is Jim Rion of the Ea
  2. I'll chime in on this one. Kevin is an excellent chap, and all I can say is that I wish he were down here in VA instead of CT. I love making blades and collecting things, but my favorite pastime is surrounding myself with fantastic people. Then again, that's why I'm on this forum in the first place. I'll spread it out a little bit. Sam Salvati, Deker, Chris Price, Matt Bower, the Brothers Stagmer, Larry Nowicki, Aldo Bruno... every single person from this forum that I've met has given me reason to feel proud that I know them. Good people.
  3. The traditional edge is flat ground from "spine" to edge. Keep grinding and don't overhead the edges (dip them in water when they get warm). That'll be harder to do as they get thinner. Switch to sandpaper if you're worried about overheating when you get close to sharp. -J
  4. I'm afraid I'm going to miss this year's event. I will be asking Chris Price to "take notes" for me. Hopefully life will be back in order next year.
  5. http://wp.me/pzCbi-70
  6. Sigh. You have no idea. Truly.
  7. Nah, I figured that I'd let you do that. Besides, that photo was one of the earlier polishes.
  8. I am sorry for your loss, Tomas. That knife is a beautiful way to honor your friend and your feelings.
  9. @Stephen: Yes, there's a bloodstone cabochon set in the butt cap. It's a simple bezel setting, but I did have to chase the bezel down with a hammer and a punch because my alloy was a bit stiffer than I planned. @Jeff: You are absolutely welcome. I admire your work. Edit: Stephen, I quoted $300. After all the work, it should be closer to $600. I've got a serious under-charging problem that I need to do something about.
  10. The first commissioned piece of 2011. http://wp.me/pzCbi-6Q Lesson learned: never give an exact price quote before you've done the work. This should cost twice what I quoted, but I won't go back on my word.
  11. JimC


    I'm converting my other blog (Excesscreativity.wordpress.com) into something else. I want to start a blog about creativity and crafting as it relates to our experience in the modern world, specifically the death of crafts. Not too long ago, I had an idea and coined a term "craftparent" referring to helping young people try making things with their own hands. Just this weekend, I realized that I know quite a few Craftparents. That's when I decided that the now-empty blog needed to become something about Craftparenting. What I would like, from my dear friends who are crafters, are articl
  12. JimC


    @Alan: That setting in hammer-finished silver would be really attractive. Now I'm all inspired!
  13. JimC


    Hloh, that's brilliant work!
  14. The closest thing I ever saw to Super Damascus was when a late friend of mine forged up catch cable from an aircraft carrier. I know I don't remember what the precise combination of steels were, but I think there was a high carbon, 5160, and something else. It would take a selective hardening line, and even if the little cable segments cracked, the welded matrix wouldn't. Pretty impressive stuff! Anyone got access to a Naval Shipyard?
  15. Jared, What do you need to cast? I can tell you about the Delft Clay method as well as cuttlefish bone casting.
  16. http://3ravensmetalcraft.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/2011-knife-sale/ I need to make room for new work. 1/28/2011: I am now accepting Visa and Mastercard through Square. That may make life a little simpler.
  17. lately... a combo platter of Lum-style Chinese leaf blade and something from BurchTree that I saw once. Being haunted by a design is a great reason to practice my grinding skills. http://wp.me/pzCbi-6h
  18. @Wm: Yep. I drop by that site periodically. The main issue at the moment is that my wife and I are both unemployed, so there isn't $$$ for rocks. I'm debating selling off parts of my collection at this point, simply because I'm not using them.
  19. I have to echo what Wade said: what goes around, comes around. You give a lot to this community, and you deserve appreciation. Plus, that was a fine way to appreciate a fellow forum member for his service. Yep. Positive karma.
  20. http://3ravensmetalcraft.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/dont-its-just-nasty/
  21. JimC

    New skinner

    Hey Chuck, Once I've got a new job, I'll be buying more roo for braiding. I used to do serious turks heads and stuff, but it ended up giving me carpal tunnel syndrome and I had to stop. -Jim
  22. JimC

    New skinner

    9.5" oal, 4" blade, Aldo's 1084FG. Forged to shape copper collar, silver soldered, hammer textured. Walnut handle with kangaroo leather turks head knot. I'm pretty happy with it over all, but am trying to decide if it needs a thong hole or not.
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