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  1. I'll check that out there's quite a few construction sites around here
  2. I live in Montreal Canada thanks for the responses everyone, there are train tracks actually a decent distance away, I wonder how I'd get it to my house though for the forge, I'm not exactly sure yet, I'm thinking along the lines of a galvanized steel barrel lined with refractory cement, fueled by a propane burner (kinda the classic Coffee can forge) but I'll work with what I have I guess, and figure something out
  3. ok, so this is where I stand I have a 2lb Hand sledge a 4lb hand sledge Workers pants (heat resistant) workers shirt (heat resistant?) leather gloves a propane Burner forging steel in the form of a crowbar and random blocks of bricks and rocks All I think I need is that refractory wool and the ever so elusive Anvil... I have no idea what I could use in it's stead (except for using my 4lb hammer as an anvil with my 2lb as well... a hammer) and I'm sorta low on cash.
  4. Thanks for the info guys, helped a lot. I was planning on sending one of my blades to New Zealand for a special friend who had her friend make a really awesome necklace out of a rare wood (estimated over 4000 years old!) for my birthday. Since I know she's into to Japanese culture and I want to make a tanto , I want to make one for her birthday in june
  5. alright will do, But I was guessing Canadian terms would be pretty close to American,and there are a few Americans on this forum that sell their blades, So there must be some shipping involved somewhere
  6. I was thinking, If I do make some blades, theres some special people I have in mind that I would like to offer blades as gifts who live abit far to give in person. Is there something you need to take care about when sending blades through mail? does the post office care?
  7. wow, I was expecting atleast 2-3 lbs but 1 lb that is light!
  8. this is a really tech looking Knife, and the damascus patterns really blend with the black and grey handle I'm a fan for clean looking blades, and this looks really simple,elegant and functional. really awesome work!
  9. gotta say this thing looks beefy! nice work! I like
  10. found an old rusted File with 5008 JAPAN engraved, could it possibly be the grade of the steel?
  11. I don't know enough about the mechanics of Knives, but this Looks like a mean puppy. Would not want to be on the receiving end of that blade in battle.
  12. all this information should really push me forward, I keep thinking I know enough to not screw up when smithing, but I guess I don't know that much. but this is really great, The less I have to find out by trial and error, means the less time I'll spend picking up pieces of shatterd blades. I can't put a value on this sort of information, Thanks to everyone for the awesome info! I can't wait to get hammering
  13. Great!, sounds good, I'm not keen on what a spring shop is but im guessing its the metal used on the under side of the car holding the Axel in place? would my 2lb hand sledge be enough for that? or would I need a two hand sledge?
  14. This is just what I needed ! thanks for the help on my design, this was really sketchy, and I wasn't 100% with this design either, So I hope I'll have a better design up soon, I might have the drawing down pretty well, but when it comes to Swords I need a lot of work but considering most People I've seen draw katanas, they make them flat *chokuto style* even though most started to be curved when they were using that tempering tech. and they make the Hamon, the Line of the sharpen edge. Oh well I guess I'm somewhere Midway
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