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  1. I'd like to let everyone know that I just received the khukuri which I sent Daniel to be used as a model for a damascus khukuri he finished for me. Daniel is also satisfying other obligations he made to me at this time. He had some personal stuff going on for some time, but has recently gotten out of his rut, and is working again as a bladesmith and is holding classes at his shop. Obviously it's great to be reimbursed, but I'm also very happy that Daniel is doing well, and has made good on his word. Definitely turned out that he's one of the good guys... Thanks for listening!
  2. Yes. Being that knives are offered for sale on Bladesmith’s Forum, it is only fitting that some sort of feedback mechanism is permitted. Posters would preferably keep the tone more urbane than other knife related fora…
  3. All my contacts with Mr. Gentile, whether by mail, e-mail, telephone or PM have been civil if not friendly. Daniel Gentile has responded to my posts on these fora, and has admitted to problems with his work, etc. When he "reappeared" on the fora last April, he did say that he was wrong in not keeping me abreast of the situation. He told me to expect the items in a couple of months... Now almost a year later, I've been ignored again, and I assure you that the several e-mails or PM's I've sent to Mr. Gentile have all been well mannered. I'd certainly appreciate being privy to any "different story" you have; do feel free to post any e-mails, letter, etc., to support your stance. Don Fogg is well aware of my attempts to contact Mr. Gentile, and has endeavored to assist me several times. He's also surprised that I'm still waiting for the merchandise and/or a response.
  4. Mr. Gentile was contracted for work over two years ago, and as he had no waiting list, I was to have my items within 45 days. At one point Daniel even told me one knife was progressing well, but the hot bluing did not meet his expectations, so he was going to have it done again. After many months of waiting, and after many futile attempts to contact Daniel, I brought the issue up on this forum. Daniel did explain his situation and apologized on the forum. He acknowledged on the forum he should have maintained contact, etc., etc., and all seemed on track again... He finished up the damascus khukuri in April 2008, and promised to have the remaining items done and sent to me in two months. This is the last I heard from him, as he once again went into a deliberate mode of ignoring any attempt I made to contact him. Members of this forum have attempted to assist me to no avail. How am I being a difficult customer? Members can read about my business dealings with Daniel Gentile on these fora. I certainly don't want to write off $2000 U.S., and as a customer who has been been promised my knives again in April 2008, and completely ignored since then, I feel that an explanation (and the knives!) is in order...
  5. Daniel Gentile's profile shows that he visited Bladesmith's Forum on the 20th of February... Since April, 2008, he's still not contacted me, and I definitely have his current and correct contact information. He's still in my debt for about $2,000, which represents a khukuri of mine he's holding and money paid in advance over two years ago for two commissioned knives. His website has been upgraded once again, and he's listed commercial offerings, so in some way, he's still in business... I was blasted by some members here when I first exposed Mr. Gentile's failure to keep his word 1 1/2 years ago. I've been most patient, but still there's no end in sight. Caveat Emptor to anyone contemplating doing business with this knifemaker.
  6. No news or reply since April; I was hoping to at least receive my loaner khukuri before XMAS...
  7. I did receive a few messages, advising me to keep Daniel Gentile accountable for his obligations. They felt it wise not to just forget everything and "hope for the best". Perhaps periodically (every few months) a bump on this thread would be in order. Obviously once Daniel makes good on his word, I would let everyone know.
  8. Thanks for your post, Howard. "It may not help to hear this, but please be patient. I am sure you will get your goods at some point, and your trust, whilst severely tested, will not have been in vain. Hard as it may be to do, keeping the faith may be the best course for the moment". Your advice probably points to the best acion to take, so I'll demonstrae even more patience...
  9. I appreciate the input... It's certainly not my intention to cause problems here. Before posting again regarding Mr. Gentile, I most definitely endeavored to communicate with him many times, utilizing all possible means (I have all his contact information numbers and e-mails), and PM's were also sent to individuals in the Bladesmith's Forum for assistance, including to Mr. Fogg. At the time when Daniel Gentile showcased the finished damascus khukuri on the forum, he did say that he would soon be completing the other projects, and getting them to me. Since then 5 months have rolled by, and Mr. Gentile has again disappeared. I've been waiting for one year and seven months for items that I was told would be done in 45 days. I am patient as my posts will show, but don't feel I should be completely ignored, and wait for another Xmas or summer vacation to pass. Many forums have an area where both buyers and sellers are rated so that forumites can decide whether or not to do business with them. Bladesmith's Forum did not have this feature, and I nevertheless assumed that I could entrust my money and valuable "model khukuri" to Mr. Gentile being that he was a moderator here, and was well respected by the members.
  10. As many of you know, I commissioned Daniel Gentile to make me a fighter and small neck knive in February 2007. I also enlisted him to complete a damascus khukuri, and furnished him with the unfinished khukuri plus a finished one to be used as a model. The damascus khukuri was completed by Daniel in April 2008, and was featured on severl posts here on Bladesmith's Forum. Mr. Gentile has not made good on the fighter and neck knife, which were paid for in full in advance in February 2007. He still possesses the model khukuri sent him. Since May, 2008, Daniel Gentile has once again not responded to my e-mails, and as months are rolling by again, I am concerned and frustrated, being that he has about $2,000 U.S. of mine in money and goods. I must add that when my order was placed, Daniel told me they would be completed in about 45 days, being that he had no waiting list. I understand that Daniel might be having problems, but he is not demonstrating any fairness or willingness to make good on his word. The addage Caveat Emptor certainly applies. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed. He did offer a few knives after we last communicated months ago, so he might still be in business... Thanks! Dan
  11. Check out the kukri offered by TORA in England, Guy. Their knives are accurate reproductions of historical khuris, and are of very good quality. I have their tin chirra model, and the weight and balance is excellent.
  12. Thanks, Alan; I don't think you are making an overstatement here... I supplied Daniel with an excellently made contemporary khukri (TORA) to give him a good understanding of the balance, distal taper, spine thickness, geometry, and stuff I can't even begin to explain. I have no doubt that the khukuri excells on all of these paramenters. The level of craftsmanship and precise fit and finish, together with the he O1/L6 damascus blade, AAA burl Arizona Desert Ironwood, cast bronze bolster, etc., definitely places it on the list of one of the fiinest contemporary khukuris out there Nepalese or not...
  13. Guy, Mr. Powell never did publish the book as the printing costs would have be astronomical for a "coffee table, heavily illustrated book". Obviously the book would have been spectacular, but unfortunately not too many people are khukuri enthisiasts. For reasons unknown to me, John Powell sold off his collection, and some lucky collectors were able to pick up some truly exceptional, one of a kind knives. Oriental Arms sold quite a few of them, and an English collector named Jonathan purchased some of the very finiest examples. Daniel really surprised me with his technical and artistical capabilities -- I knew he'd do a great job, but this is bordering on the spectacular as far as I'm concerned!
  14. Here's the khukuri which inspired the project. Any conneisseur of khukuris will drool upon seeing this. Also shown is the original kaura design, and your "official commendation" as a maker of fine khukuris...!
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