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  1. Looking fantasic your initials in Rune are a nice touch i love kogatana, Jan
  2. Phill was the man who started me in knifemaking I read an article on one of his kaiken with black cotton and epoxy handles, in a 1986 custom knife special of GUNG HO Now I still make cord wrapped and epoxy impreganted handles. I use A2 a lot, he was a real inspiration Jan
  3. It has been some time This series looks fantastic, I'm glad you're back Jan
  4. Nice one Richard, in some regions suitable for EDC, in others a must jan
  5. Jan Dox


    @ Cris, the two small daggers haven blades of just under 3", the first was made for a competition organised by a German knife magazine. the handle material is my own paper and epoxy-laminate and the stone in the first is a "Black Star " from India. The second I made on order for a friend who liked the one that competed (did not win) and had appeared in the magazine. the wrap on the third picture is made in the same waxed shoelace as the grey ray skin kaiken. this is the "original Chinese style wrap" as found on Chinese war swords (Dao); I had my own version developed just studying the wraps on swords, but it were Grace and Vince Evans who showed me the "right" and original technique. Jan
  6. Jan Dox


    The steel has 0.70 to 0.80% C and a little Cr the third one is differentially hardened through edge quench, it is barely visible onder the mustard finish. the activity of the mustard finish is greater on the softer back of the blade. this are pictures of two blades in O2 which gets more activity under the mustard finish without the Cr. It was Wayne Goddart who came up with a mustard finish years ago, and in a way to get a tiger-stripe i did stripes instead of dots. The finish is done in three days, after every day you scrape off the dried mass , clean and apply a new set of stripes, overlapping the previous ones The multiple hardening lines are the end result of a multiple edge quench in goop: no magic, just luck with a first blade and remembered what happened ("went wrong") with that quench. I don't know if it works as well on most carbon steels This is my album on photobucket: http://s38.photobucket.com/albums/e111/Paradox084/?start=20 Jan
  7. Jan Dox


    I haven been playing with old diamond saws the steel is 3.5mm (just over 1/8") 1.2003 (german werkstoffnr) or 75Cr1 I regulary use multiple edge quenching on this steel Cooling in the freezer for an hour after the quench and double tempers at 180°C This one is forged with multiple hardening lines. waxed cotton lace wrap over grey tanned ray skin stock removal, multiple hardening lines, nylon wrap over blue ray skin, I called this one "blue cloudy skies kaiken" handle is filled by using "three layer denim epoxy laminate" under the ray skin to get a full grip. blade with mustard finish, diamond shaped handle with black leather wrap over white ray skin enjoy Jan
  8. Without his books I wouldn't be the blademaker that I am now. Wishing Wayne a good recovery and comfort for his wife in these difficult days, jan
  9. Jan Dox

    Hair sculpture

    Niftyy little pocket/neck knife, Tai I like it jan
  10. a very nice user, Tai Jan
  11. Jan Dox

    Rasp knife

    Hi Tai, I like the structure. What's the wrap done with? iron/steel wire or leather? Looks good. Do the edges of the hollow handle disturb in use? Is it finished like it is now? Jan
  12. If the ear wax is hard, just use terpentine to make it soft? or is water better? BTW I love the knife too jan
  13. Nice one It looks well balanced and actually made for use. it's a pure knife, nothing too much carving needs training, keep at it, looks promising Jan
  14. Jan Dox

    Blacksmith knife

    looks like a nice dog, growling at us. Thanks for showing the vise-aid and tools too. Jan
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