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  1. Mitch, sure would appreciate it if posted any results. Gordon J.
  2. My only intent was to offer some food for thought, not to down anyones quenches or the old"mines better than youre's" line of B-S. I've tried and tested this stuff along with many other quenches. Some I liked, others I did not. Has anyone tried "Goddard's Goop" works for him. I just tried thinking outside the box for a change. What you do with this information is up to you. If you decide to try it regardless of the results you get, I would like to know the outcome. I have had nothing but good luck using brake-fluid. I have only cracked one blade in it, and I believe that was because the edge w
  3. My apologies if my last post might have been a bit defensive. After thinking about it for a minute it does sound a bit hostile. It has been a bad morning and I can be a bit temper-mental (definition for temper-mental: I have a bad temper and at times mentally unstable!!!!) Again my appology. Sincerly Gordon J.
  4. I was wondering if this post had died!!?? First I never tried to make a comparison between brake fluid and Parks or any other quenchant! As far as it being a hydraulic fluid, what do you think trans. fluid is? Some folks even use straight hyd. fluid, or a mixture of. As far as the fumes go I don't suggest you snort, sniff, or ingest in anyway the fumes coming off any quenchant. Quenching should be done in a well ventilated area, or done outside, preferably the latter. As far as the price 1gal. cost $12 at my local wal-mart. I did a quick search on the ingredients of fast quenches, and some a
  5. A friend etches in muratic, blues the blade, then hits it with I think 1000G paper to shine the weld. I used it straight on cable. It makes cable look good.
  6. I have just been quenching in one gallon heated to 120f. I use an old deep fryer with a candy thermometer. All I have done so far is smaller knives 7in. and shorter blades. And not thicker than approximatly 3/16. Have notes on every knife done in it so far. Thanks for the replies. Gordon J
  7. No way to compare, I've never used Parks #50. Mostly ATF for the past 5 yrs.Sorry don't know anyone around here that does. Knife #5 for me in brake fluid cracked, but it waited 5min. before it did. I can't swear to what caused it. I did have the edge way thin so that could of been the problem. Did another one of 1084 today with a clay back. Everything went just fine. Got a small flame on the clay only, this makes only twice,and their small just on the clay and go right out when knife is submerged.And sorry no way to post pics. Hopefully will soon. Thanks for reply. Gordon J.
  8. How can something so obvious be overlooked for so long?? This could be the answer for those who are looking for a fast quench with out the shock of water, or the problems that go along with aquiring the expensive quench mediums such as parks#50 or Texaco AAA. BRAKE FLUID thats right Wal-Mart brand DOT 3 brake fluid. It is made with some of the same ingredients contained in some high speed quench's. Poly Glycol, Glycol Ethers, etc. I have not used any name brand quench's, have had a little experience with water ( mostly bad ) , used motor oil cut with 10% diesel (flash fires are not fun), fo
  9. Good Luck on the surgery Willie. Just had T12, L1, and L2 caged and rods. Had to go in through my left side took a piece of a rib fused it between T12 and L1. This was on march 21. Getting along very well. Just do what the doc's say and don't get in a hurry. I have to go in for another on my lower lumbar in 3 months. Good Luck again and our prayers will go out. Gordon J
  10. It was a piece of leaf spring off a lowboy trailer. Made a knife out of the same piece of spring a couple years back. I quench in heated transmission fluid. As quenched it's as hard a glass. Tempered it twice at 400 an hour and half each time. Did edge flex on brass rod and chopped a deer leg bone with no damage to edge. Hand sanded down to 400 grit. At 320 grit started to see a definite hamon. And like I said before it does not rust easily. I appreciate any input and all replies. Seems to be a lot of smart, helpful smiths in here. Thanks again Gordon
  11. Well now it seems I am back to where I started. Unknowing!!!!! What ever this stuff is, some of the properties are like 6150. When it starts to cool the hammer does nothing. But it seems to be pretty rust resistant. Long soaks in water barely starts to rust. Even dirty finger prints on a rough ground blade doesn't seem to stain. When grinding with a new 36 grit belt it cuts slower than 10xx steels. And seems to not get as hot as fast either. This has been a dilima but I quess thats what you get for working with unknown steels !!Thanks for all the replies folks and anymore would be appreciated.
  12. Extremely Beautiful work. True craftsman. Love to see more of you're work.
  13. There are several makers on this site I have admired for years, you are definitely one Mr. Martin. Breath taking work.
  14. Wish my first try at damascus came out that clean. Great job. Love those wrap around tang handles. Made a couple myself.
  15. A little feedback on myself. Born in Beaumont Texas May 1970. Lived in the area most my life. Graduated high school. Spent a year in college decided it wasn't for me.(what a mistake.) Became an arborist (tree surgeon) Have three beautiful kids, another on the way. Now i'm retiring from tree work. Having surgery on my spine tomorrow. Had a couple bad falls over the years!! Going to set my sights on bladesmithing (been doing for awhile). Figure it's time to try and make a little money at it. After a speedy recovery. I hope. I now live in north Louisiana. Got run out of town last year by Rita (t
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