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  1. See what I mean by semi-parallelogram... Borax has really done a number on this forge. I really need to reline it or make a new one. Maybe a vertical for welding... In my copious spare time... along with that TIG cooler I really need to build. -Doug
  2. Got some shop time this weekend. Surface sanded the steel, tack welded and forge welded the billets. I got lucky and found a single no-name 36 grit belt. One of my buddies cleaned out my 40, 50 and 60 grit belts and I am still waiting for him to replace. Oops, waited too long. I did not weld up the billet I have planned for the sides. I am saving that material in case of failure of one of the three as I can give up the pin-striped sides if necessary. Once I have the twists done, I will weld up the billet for the sides. In theory, I have 50% waste budgeted for scale and grinding losses. Since the layer count is low, this is probably overkill. Billets are at about 1.25" semi-parallelogram(need to shim my dies, I think). Next, I need to square up and draw down to 1". Then comes the twisting. I have some ideas on interrupted twist that might be cool. 4 weekends left before F&B and one is committed to BBQ. Until next weekend... -Doug
  3. Very nice Sam. Since it is straight, the Saya will be easy. -Doug
  4. Matt, I did. No, but since he was one of the instigators, I figured I had a better shot with him.... Plus he is always hungry. I am juggling the schedule a bit to accommodate BBQ and Forge time, but I'll manage. I really don't want to find out what happens if I drive up to F&B without food. Seems like a long drive for you. BTW, didn't you guys get some snow earlier in the week? Doug, I appreciate the offer, but it seems a long way to drag an anvil. It would be awesome to to be able to stamp the side "Waterfall Quenched". I wonder if Kerry has a fire hydrant close by... -Doug
  5. Matt, I appreciate any assistance you can provide. I have been focusing on the top plate and have not thought much about heat treating. I have never worked anything this large before. BTW, some calculations are indicating that a 5 bar twist will have layers around 0.050. I was hoping for something larger and more visible at a distance. I am now thinking 3 bars with interrupted twists to make it interesting. Brian, I had to limit my trips there to avoid tool steel overload. Last trip i scored 20 pounds of 416 plate. If I only had time to forge it down... Sam, you should come up some weekend to give me a hand. You could have your OWN PERSONAL brisket. -Doug
  6. Well, you asked for pics. Proof of progress, albeit meager. Before you all give me a hard time, keep in mind that the 1045 started out as a 12 " x 18" plate. Took a lot of dicing to get it down to 6" x 1.5". Ignore the piece of 4140, That was the "Before Ashokan" plan. The 4820 post is below. And here are the beginnings of the 1045 / 15N20 billets. 11 layer (1045@0.25" and 15N20@0.21"). I was hoping to get the tack welding done today, but laundry won. Not sure if I will finish in time for F&B, but I am giving it a try. Deker's idea is to do a 5 bar Turkish Twist. That keeps with my philosophy -- "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing." -Doug
  7. Sam, I think you are referring to the Roll-In Saw. I have been keeping my eye out for one since Butch told me about his. -Doug
  8. Looks like it's up to me to keep this moving. After riding up to Ashokan back in September with Deker and Sam, we kicked this around some more and I now have the steel. The post is a three foot length of 3" x 7" of 4820 (225 lbs)I picked up at Moses Glick's which really wanted to become an anvil; but just doesn't have the carbon. We discussed forge welding a face on it. Seems that if we were going to go to the trouble, we should make it pattern welded. I have 15 lbs of 1.5" 1045 and a similar amount of 1.5" 15N20 in various thicknesses. I am hoping to get the face plate done in time to bring it to Fire and Brimstone in March and weld the face at Kerry's place. I have been waiting for some pattern suggestions from Sam and Deker. I hope posting here will light a fire under them. I would welcome suggestions from the rest of you as well. I want the pattern bold enough to see in the light of the shop from 4-6 feet away. I would like to keep it simple enough to minimize risk and stay within my skills/shop limits. I figure I can weld up 4 pound billets on my Imagination XPress if they are not complicated and take them down to Deker's to composite them. This should be fun. -Doug
  9. SpeedyMetals.com has 0.25 1045 plate. I picked up a 12" x 18" hot rolled plate for $31 not including shipping. -Doug
  10. Thanks to everyone for such a great time, especially to Matt and Kerry for organizing the best hammer-in ever! -Doug
  11. Loading up the truck now. Hope to be on the road by 11AM - ETA 2-3PM. Sam, be careful smoking while drinking Everclear... -Doug
  12. Aldo, I have been cooking all week, just for you! The Carrot Cake just came out of the oven.
  13. 0.125 would be great". 0.140" or 0.25" would be also appreciated. 1.5 - 3" wide. Thanks Aldo. You're the best. See you tomorrow. -Doug
  14. Soaking since last year, sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Perhaps we should keep it a surprise for Dan, if he did not see it in earlier threads. -Doug
  15. Dan, I see some great handles in those blocks. I will be talking to you about some. A few more pics... First Pork Butt off the grill at noon. Last two Briskets off at 4:30PM for 19 hours. Sadly, one of them is too big for the pan. We can take care of that. Phase One completed. Phase Two (Eight Pound Bacon Beans) starts Wednesday. -Doug
  16. I am hoping to get some opinions on attaching and finishing cable damascus bolsters. I forged out a cable blade a couple years ago and have finally gotten motivated to finish it. The motivation came from finding the long lost stub from the original welded cable billet. Not enough for another blade, but plenty for bolsters. Since the pattern pattern matches the blade, I am thinking blind pins and solder for attachment. I figure I will etch after soldering. This is my first attempt at pinned bolsters, so I am trying not to mess it up. I am still trying to decide on scale material, with spalted maple as my current favorite. Thanks in advance. -Doug edited--Pic added. Sadly, I am going to lose a little over a half inch of the tip due to weld inclusions.
  17. Thanks guys. The last of the pork butts just came off and the smallest brisket is getting close. I'll snap some more pics when the briskets come off. The quality assurance testing has been tough, but you guys are worth it; so I don't mind putting in some extra testing . -Doug
  18. Perhaps some of you might enjoy some pics of my preparations, sort of a BBQ WIP. 52 Pounds of Brisket After trimming 13 pounds of fat Briskets all rubbed and ready to go 40 pounds of pork butt rubbed and ready to go On the grill at 9:30PM -- Butts should be done between 10AM to noon tomorrow. Briskets between 2-4PM.
  19. Sam's working at Peter's Valley now. It is forever inscribed there: Beer = Better Forging. -Doug
  20. I'll leave roasting ore to you guys... I'll take care of the BBQ Brisket, Pork Butt, 8# Bacon Beans and Slaw. The raisins have been marinating in Buffalo Trace Bourbon for couple weeks already. Now if I could just find the time to finish up a blade or two... Kerry and Matt-- Thanks again for hosting the best hammer-in anywhere. I am so looking forward to it. -Doug
  21. Creator unchained his inspiration abounds the forge is heating.
  22. Here is a quick phone pic while I was cooking this afternoon. The temp dropped overnight so I had to cook an extra 2 hours. The Pork cooked for 17-18 hours and the Briskets for 21. Here is my Box-O-PIDs for keeping an eye on the temps.
  23. That is great news Kerry. It will surely provide relief from the blistering sun that is sure to coincide with the event. In other news, 70 pounds of brisket and pork butt are now sweltering in pecan and cherry smoke at a PID controlled 235F for the next 15-19 hours. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow. -Doug
  24. Deker, I think a picture of you in Boots, Shorts and a T-Shirt wrangling a large 2300 degree billet are called for here. -Doug
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