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  1. Doug Lester

    Something ive wanted to try.

    Uh-huh Doug
  2. Doug Lester

    For the fishermen

    Great looking job, Garry Doug
  3. Doug Lester

    Composite Sax-inspired

    Great job on that one, Dave. It keeps me wanting to come back to it to have another look. Doug
  4. Doug Lester

    Farther Son Pair - Completed

    Did you apply clay to create the hamons or are they what is referred to as auto hamons? As far as the handles look, I think that they're great. It looks like you tried to get a palm swell into both of them. Other than that, I think that I would have to pick them up to really evaluate the handles. Anyway, great job this early on. Doug
  5. Doug Lester

    Drop Point

    Very well done. Hamons can mess with you but it came out well on that blade. Doug
  6. Doug Lester

    First 2 attempts

    You're to be commended. Starting out with a double edged blade is a little bold. A lot to keep straight. The knife looks good but as you said you still have some more grinding to do on it. Just remember when grinding out the previous grinding marks, close enough is not close enough. Get out all of the previous marks before going on to the next higher grit. Doug
  7. Doug Lester

    My last job, simple EDC.

    Nice looking job. I wish that we could get 9260 on this side of the pond without having to order it by the ton. Doug
  8. Doug Lester

    New pro pics of three pieces, one new and two old...

    Those are wild looking. Thanks for posting. Doug
  9. Doug Lester

    Rhomboid Hunting Puukko with Sculpted Handle

    Job well done! It sort of grows on you. Doug
  10. Doug Lester

    Cracked Blade

    Woody, that tool you're describing sounds like it's a large set hammer. It's used to make sharp 90° bends in metal. Doug
  11. Doug Lester

    1st Florida Blades

    The one in the 9th and 10th pictures from the top is outstanding! Makes me wish that my pockets were a little deeper. Doug
  12. Doug Lester

    My latest hunter, an experiment with copper.

    One question, why? Doug
  13. Doug Lester

    Wootz book by John Verhoeven

    I just came across the documentary on wootz on Mike Loades channel on Youtube that Tim mentioned and I found it very interesting. However I came away wondering that to produce true wootz you had to come across the right iron ore supply. Doug
  14. Doug Lester

    forge building questions

    You can only work 4"-6" of steel at a time so building a multi burner forge just for forging is pretty much a waste of effort and materials. You might build a multi burner forge for heat treating but you'll be surprised what you can heat treat in a one burner forge. Doug
  15. Doug Lester

    Lucky 13th - "Sami Influenced" blade

    Moscow Hide and Fur has one caribou taxidermy set for one nickel shy of $400. I don't know if that solves any problems for you or not. Doug