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  1. Bowie knife

    Very good work on both the knife and the sheath. Love the tooling. Where did you find that stamp for the basket weave pattern? Doug
  2. Big Bladed Knife!

    You even make simple look fantastic. Doug
  3. Damascus Sgian Dubh with WIP

    Absolutely lovely. Doug
  4. Large Elven? Knife

    That's crazy elegant. The fact that the obverse and reverse sides of the blade do not quite match in pattern really come together in a positive way. Doug
  5. Bowie Sheath

    I would say that you did a real nice job there. The snake skin inlay makes it stand out. Doug
  6. Help with Seax bolster

    Seaxes are very basic knives and didn't have bolsters. They were also pretty much all stick tang knives. Doug
  7. Winter forging

    The carbon monoxide detector is a strong plus. The fact that it went off is a matter for concern even if it was mounted near the forge. A few years ago we had someone post on one of these knifemaking sites that he came close to killing himself in an under ventilated shop. I would install a fan to blow out the door of the garage from behind the forge while it's running. Doug
  8. 1075 Resin and Burl

    Simple and clean. Great looking working knife. Doug
  9. Longsword and Bowie

    Nice so far. It will be interesting to see them finished. Doug
  10. La Hija de la Luna (aka Cholula)

    It's amazing that you got that much watering with simple carbon steels. The whole package is beyond outstanding. I love the leather work on the handle and the scabbard. Doug
  11. heat treating issues

    If you can't go by decalesance because of the ambient lighting while using a forge for heat treating then you are pretty much restricted on using a magnet. Just remember that the steel will go non-magnetic about 100° below phase change. So you need to go just a little hotter than non-magnetic. Doug
  12. 3-finger EDC

    That's a real nice looking knife. I hope that you make it in '18. Doug
  13. Big game hunter butcher and boner set

    Very nice looking knives. The little one with the buffalo handle looks like it would make a great EDC knife. Doug
  14. Highland Dirk - Biodag for a Bodach

    Awesome! Doug
  15. Tempering question

    With mystery steel anything would be a wild guess. Sorry that I can't be of anymore help but that's the problem with an unknown steel. You can't get around it. Doug