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  1. I wondered how people were getting around the restrictive knife laws in the UK. I too would be interested in reading more about it. Great imaginative work there. I'd hate to have to decide which I liked the most
  2. I'll vote for the one with the G10 scales, though both are top notch. I'm also with Josh on the dovetailed bolsters. Doug
  3. There's only so many ways to make a functional knife and they've all been seen before. Doug
  4. I like the rough resembling to the kukri. What goes around comes around. Doug
  5. Well, at least there was one good thing about it. You got the grain the way that you want it. Too bad about the blade though. Doug
  6. The birch bark and carved antler handle really make a statement. Great work. Doug
  7. That's a nice little user. The handle looks spot on. Doug
  8. I can't say that it's to my taste but the workmanship looks good. Doug
  9. Oh yah, don't wear good T-shirts or jeans when working with African blackwood or the won't be "good" anymore. They will have a brown stain that won't come out. Doug
  10. I have run into an ABS Mastersmith who earned his Journeyman's stamp with two Grisslies. I have a Coot and it does well. You do have to buy motor separately and fabricate a mounting board/plate for the two of them. Use step wheels with them and you can have a simple speed control. Doug
  11. As Joshua said, it can definitely be used to forge knives as cutler's anvils usually didn't have a horn. However, you don't give us much information such as dimensions and weight. Doug
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