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  1. We Have LANDED

    I don't know, with the racket that peacocks can make he might want to eliminate them too. Doug
  2. Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    I might have been confusing it with the smallsword. Of course both sidesword and smallsword are probably more modern terms for the two weapons. Doug
  3. Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    Florian, from my reading I thought that sideswords were primarily thrusting weapons. The blade that you made seems a little broad for that. Would you consider the weapon that you made to be more of a cut and thrust sword? By the way, outstanding work. It will me nice to see the final assembly. Doug
  4. Blackwood San-Mai Hunter

    That knife looks like it has a great balance and grip. Great job. I like African Blackwood too but the dust from sanding it can sure stain your clothes. Doug
  5. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Outstanding work, Wes. The knive and the sheath are both great. Doug
  6. forging bevels/ricasso issue

    Looking at the first picture; see where the notch is that you have the arrows pointing that resulted from forging in the profile for the tang. Heat just that section of the blade and catch that notch on the edge of the anvil with the tang pointing down and hammer on the tip of the blade to upset the steel at that point then draw it down flat to form the ricasso. Then go ahead and forge in the bevels and the point remembering to keep the section that you want to make ricasso off the face of the anvil as you forge in your bevels Option #2, which I favor, is to go ahead and upset the steel to form a square heel where you have the roach belly on the first picture and forge you outline and bevels and keep the heel square with just a slight radius where it joins the tang. I'd notch the tang slightly at that union to receive a single guard and epoxy/soldier/pin guard on. There are things that you will need to learn in forging knives and one of them is to eliminate the roach bellies, that is unless you really want to make a roach belly knife. As Alan said, you have to learn how to move the steel where you want it. Doug
  7. 2018 Project WIP

    Yes, they are starting to look interesting. I'll be looking forward to the finished products. Doug
  8. Viking-style bearded axe

    Well done. Would that be a felling ax or a hewing ax? Doug
  9. Some concept drawings

    It's all going to depend on your skills as a wood carver. I'd practice on some scrap wood first. Doug
  10. Osage Orange

    I went through the Woodcraft site looking for the rasp that I use and couldn't find it. Maybe they've stopped carrying it. I'd give the one that Geoff a try to see how it worked maybe it works better than the one's that I've gotten from the tool-in-a-box stores. Doug
  11. Osage Orange

    Actually the rasp that I got came from Woodcraft and it's a pretty small rasp. It just has very aggressive teeth. But see what the one that you have will do for you before you go out and get anything else. A large bastard file will work wonders too. Doug
  12. Osage Orange

    I use a Japanese cabinet makers rasp which is more aggressive than anything you'll find at the tool-in-a-box stores and it shaped the Osage Orange handle very well. One thing people are put off by he wood is that freshly cut or sanded it looks kind of bright yellow. With age it will develop a Russet brown patina. Doug
  13. New Year's Trio

    Look nice. Doug
  14. check this out.

    Ya, I think that I remember that idiot doing that. There used to be a mad too who did an act at car races where he blew up a box he was in with dynomite. He was often knocked uncontious by the concussion. He kept doing it until he screwed up the calculations and was killed. Personally I gravitate to those things that you can do wrong more than once. Doug
  15. Bladesmith Trade Knife

    Outstanding! Doug