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  1. Try USA Knife Maker. It has the Atlas knifemakers anvil in stock for $330 (don't confuse it with the Atlas knife makers anvil with a hot cutting tool which is out of stock). It doesn't have a horn but it does have a hardy hole which will allow you to use a bick tool (another name for a horn) plus other hardy tools. It will end up costing you less than that do it yourself ASO and be a much better anvil to boot. Doug
  2. It would be hard to tell without a picture to see what we are dealing with here. Trapped flux could be a possibly. I doubt that they could be caused by air. Doug
  3. Pretty much nothing to add that already hasn't been said. Quick question, what is the handle material? Doug
  4. Absolutely top notch. I really like the design of the handle. Doug
  5. I would go for a better, or real, anvil. Take a look at the Atlas knifemaker anvil. I think that it\s as about as good as you can get for the price. Doug
  6. It's coming along. It will be interesting to see it when it's finished. Doug
  7. I'll have to think about it. I hate those bridges over the Ohio between Illinois or Indiana and Kentucky. I could take the ferry at Hole in the Rock. Doug
  8. I agree that is a nice looking knife and the tooling on the sheath is first rate. Doug
  9. I have a kitchen knife that has African blackwood for a handle. I sanded out to a fine grit and buffed it. I use, wash and dry it and I've never had to put anything on it. It depends on the wood. Doug
  10. That's is an interesting looking knife and you're a brave man for forging stainless. I'm going to have to look up that alloy just for the information if nothing else. Doug
  11. 2016 years ago! Youngsters, but that dagger is fantastic. Doug
  12. Congratulations on your knife making. Doug
  13. Yes, there is also AKS but most of their sizes are cut with the stock removal in mind. The 8670 that the list comes in thicknesses close 0.250" and I might give it a try. Doug
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