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  1. Ban all walking canes! They're just bludgeons in disguise. Doug
  2. Now that one would make a cigar Indian turn and stare!! Doug
  3. Is that an applied patina on that blade? If not I'd say that you overheated the steel while heat treating. I see nothing wrong with the overall shape of the blade except that I would take the grind up to the spine. That would make it a better slicer. After all, you're not going to be chopping with what most would consider and EDC knife. Shortening the blade to just under 3" would be workable. Also consult South Carolina laws on knife carry to see what, if any, restrictions as to knife length. The slab scales on the knife are also workable but you might want to consider a palm swell in the scales. That might help it set in the hand better. Just some ideas. Doug
  4. I like the handle on it a lot. Definitely a step above wood and the pattern from the refined bloomery steel is kind of neat too. By the way, have you gotten the smell out of your work shop yet. I ground some antler once and it took 3 -4 days to get the odor out of the house. Doug
  5. That's a good looking knife and sheath. I hope all goes well with your father tomorrow. Doug
  6. Steve, that is a very nice friction knife and I especially like the hammering and patina on the copper. What did you do? Hammer the copper apply liver of sulfur then sand it off the high points to show the contrast. I was also given the idea that the authorities in the UK were cracking down on pocket knives. Is it the fact that it's a friction folder that makes it legal? Not trying to get political, just trying to understand the situation. Doug
  7. Well deserved. Congratulations. Doug
  8. Kind of looks like a bearded ax head to me to. Keep up the good work. Doug
  9. There shouldn't be too much difference between the 1095 and the high carbon pallet banding so I'm not surprised that you didn't get much contrast in the mix. I'm also curious about the tang on that one. Doug
  10. I've got one of those too. Doug
  11. You might want to cut your own bolster blanks the next time even it you have to invest in a jewelers saw to cut curving lines. Looking at the size of the holes in the bolsters makes me wonder if they were designed for a folding knifes pivot pin. I would have rather cut my own blank and drill two smaller holes to keep everything lined up. I would have also placed the pin holes for the scales closer to the middle of the from both ends. And speaking of scales, you do realize that Osage Orange is not going to stay that brownish yellow. It will oxidize to a deep russet brown, especially the North American species. All in all though, I'd say that your father will be proud to carry that knife. Doug
  12. Actually, I like both of them. Following the arc of the spine of the blade through the top of the handle is very attractive. You also did some very good file work on the spine of the tang. Try using it for a bunch of different things and that design might grow on you. I agree with Mr. Brewer that the one with African Blackwood really stands out. I have to say I'm a little curious about how you formed the handle. It looks like it just about have to be a stick tang going through the brass bolster and into the handle. How did you attach it? Doug
  13. When do you find time to sleep? Again, fantastic work. Doug
  14. You've been busy. Nice work all the way around. Doug
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