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  1. Doug Lester

    Cutler's anvil

    Wow! It looks like you have at least 6 guillotine tools in that lot plus that set of dies for making a spiral textured handle looks interesting. That's a lot more than a cutlers anvil. Doug
  2. Doug Lester

    Wanting A Dog’s Head Hammer

    When it comes to heat treating the face of a forging hammer you might want to remember that it will be easier to reface the hammer than to reface the anvil. Doug
  3. Doug Lester

    Gesswein Stones?

    I still have some in the basement somewhere. The problem I found with the hard stones is that they are flat and a flat grind is not quite flat so it's difficult to get a nice even finish on the blade. If you did a slight convex grind on the blade the problem would be worse unless you went with one of the softer stones that would conform to the shape of the blade. Then you could be looking at a new stone for the next blade. Like everyone above, I like sandpaper better and you can change the hardness of the backing to conform to the blade cross section. Doug
  4. Doug Lester


    I would shape the end of the scales towards the blade before gluing because it's hard to do without risking making contact with the finished blade. I then glue one scale to the tang, let the epoxy dry then drill the scale through the holes that are already in the tang. I then line up the second scale and glue it on then drill through from the other side. After that I apply the pins and finish shaping the scales. I recommend hand tools such as a cabinet makers rasp and files over power tools. Power tools can mess up the scales real fast if you're not careful. Doug
  5. Doug Lester

    New to Knife Making

    You could also look at the Coote grinder. It's a bit more expensive than the Grizzly but it's also a little more flexible. Doug
  6. Doug Lester

    Question about welding a anvil back together

    A 65 lb anvil with a hardy hole and no bick! That's really well thought out. It should be first rate for someone who has not interest in decorative iron or farrier work. Doug
  7. Doug Lester

    Roðinn Hrafn - the Red Raven

    A superb job on the blade. I take it that's it a stick tang framed by the Holly wood. I'm a little afraid to ask about the ashes. Doug
  8. Doug Lester

    One last new one

    Yes, a very nice job on that dagger indeed. Doug
  9. Doug Lester

    C1910 American Bowie by LF&C stag horn.

    The only thing is I think he's said in his videos that she's relieved him of a couple of his swords she's taken a fancy to. Doug
  10. Doug Lester

    Saw blade kitchen knives?

    I would go with the 1075 over the W2 because of it's carbon content won't have you worrying about putting too much into solution and causing a bunch of retained austenite. Doug
  11. Doug Lester

    Low flying planes

    So much for stretching out on the beach for a little nap. Hope you two have fun. Doug
  12. Doug Lester

    EDITa micarta wip and questions

    So is a new floor if you get a spill or the thing blows up on you if you don't make your own strong enough. With the investment that you'll have to make it might cost you as much or more to build your own as to buy one. Doug
  13. Doug Lester

    D2 inside stainless san mai kitchen knife

    Gorgeous is an understatement. Doug
  14. Doug Lester

    EDITa micarta wip and questions

    I learned a healthy respect for joiners when Dad took the ends of three fingers off with one and he had be a carpenter for ages. Most makers may use darker woods but lighter ones work too. Walnut, which is a dark wood works and is easy to come by. Osage Orange starts out yellow then oxidizes to a russet brown. African Blackwood is nice but it's getting a little pricey due to restricted harvesting. Desert Ironwood is on the pricey side too but beautiful. Holley is a light wood that can be used as an ivory substitute. Check on Ebay and at wood turning supply houses to see what they have that you can re-cut into scales. Doug
  15. Doug Lester


    Very nice. The extended clips look good. I hope that the father and son don't end up fighting over the one they want to carry. Doug