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  1. I've found this discussion very interesting. Getting my forge set back up after being cleared out, probably by the man who did my yard work, I've decided to get a 36" horizontal quench tank from Boss Dog to quench but was confounded as to how I was going to temper the blade. A tall vertical tank that I could heat with a hand held torch might be the was to go. At least I could use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Doug
  2. Not sure what I'm looking at but I like it. Doug
  3. I wouldn't have thought that 0.3% carbon would give the untempered strength that one would want in RR rail. I guess that's another lessen in using mystery metal. Imagine putting all the work it would take to break down the rail only to come away with knife blades that would hardly harden at all. Doug
  4. I've got a counter top roaster that I've thought about using. It would still involve bringing oil up closer to the flash point that I might feel comfortable with though. For now, not having a wifey to argue with, I see no real advantage of it over the oven. Doug
  5. I have to agree with Alan. It looks like the edges and the point is dull. Something like a dagger my former step-son brought back from Europe on a trip he and his mother took together. Doug
  6. Yes, that is indeed interesting. I'm assuming that the spine will be sharp or will it be a false edge? Doug
  7. I agree with the other brother Doug, the taper on the handle is well done. I like the cow bone. Is it stabilized? The wood does look like it's a composite but it's gorgeous. Doug
  8. Looks good. There's a lot of work into that one. What is the grip material? Doug
  9. Very nice work, especially the engraving. Doug
  10. Reminds me of when I was looking for a medical diagnostic code for itch in an old ICD-9 code book and found a listing for "seven year" and under no there was a listing for "room at the end". Someone was clearly having a long day. Doug
  11. I keep having to go back and look at the pictures at the top of the thread. I have to study them a while to turn a 2D picture into a 3D object. It's slowly making more and more sense to me. Doug
  12. As Todd Cutler said on his site, he couldn't sell a sword that was identical to those museum pieces. Too many defects. Modern buyers wouldn't buy them. Doug
  13. Thanks, Guy. That is indeed interesting. Doug
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