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  1. Doug Lester

    Auto hamon/temper line in HSS?

    I guess that it could be that you only got the edge of the blade hot enough to quench harden which would give you a martensite edge and a pearlite spine' Doug
  2. Doug Lester

    Auto hamon/temper line in HSS?

    I question that you are getting an auto-hamon on high speed steel. The alloying will make it too hardenable. Unless you edge quenched I think that you are seeing something else, though I'm not sure what it is. Doug
  3. Doug Lester

    Handle info section

    If I remember right nitrated cellulose is basically gun cotton that used to be used as a propellant in rifle cartridges. Doug
  4. Doug Lester

    The Nomad

    Very nice job all the way around. You did well, sir. Doug
  5. Doug Lester


    Great video, Jake. Even though I don't read or speak Russian I could follow everything that he was doing. Love the way that he put a curve in the side of the blade to be able to file the fuller. I'd be a little too slow to figure that one out on my own. Doug
  6. Doug Lester

    Things you might not know can kill you

    Thank's, Alan. I never even knew about that. Not that I'm planning to work with any aluminum but it's nice to keep that warning in the back of my mind. Doug
  7. Doug Lester

    Fire gear carry knife

    If you leave the tang the way you have it it may provide a little extra leverage. I'd say it's looking good. Doug
  8. Doug Lester

    Completed Tudor Dagger

    I agree that you knocked it out of the ballpark with that knife. Nice figure in the handle. Doug
  9. Doug Lester

    Respirators - probably a good idea

    Abruptly stopping Prednisone can cause Prenisone withdrawal. You need to wean off it. Doug
  10. Doug Lester

    New Project-Tudor Dagger

    Very nice pattern. Makes me think of a fire above a bed of coals. Be interesting to see when finished. Are you going to do anything special with the handle like flutes or something? Doug
  11. Doug Lester

    Handle info section

    How long it takes for wood to dry depends on things like species (some woods just dry faster than others) and the thickness to which they were cut. The general rule is one year for each inch of thickness plus one year. Also that Minwax product is not even close to stabilizing the wood. Doug
  12. Doug Lester

    First time wrought iron ?s

    No it doesn't need to be annealed. The pattern of the etch will be caused by slag inclusions in the iron. Stock removal requires nothing special but if you want to forge it you will need to take it up to near forge welding temperatures and work it yellow. How much problem you will have with the iron crumbling will depend on the grade of the iron and how thin you will try to take it. There's a learning curve in trying to work with it. Doug
  13. Doug Lester

    d2 304 san mai

    Great looking knife. Job well done, sir. Doug
  14. Doug Lester

    Completed Horsehead Bowie

    And you were worrying about what to do with that horse head casting. Great job. Doug
  15. Doug Lester

    Bowie with W2 and Ironwood

    Great job on that knife. Love the handle. Doug