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  1. Doug Lester

    Starting a New Mosaic

    BUMMER!! Doug
  2. Doug Lester

    New stuff

    How does that top one with the elk slabs feel in the hand? Doug
  3. Doug Lester

    66 pound steel anvil from Ebay

    That Centaur Forge Knifemakers anvil is anything but. It's too small with most of the mass in the horn. They can call it what they want but that's a farriers anvil. You'll work yourself to death trying to move steel with that. Have you looked at what Old World Anvils have to offer? Doug
  4. Doug Lester

    66 pound steel anvil from Ebay

    I think that you chose well to take a pass on that 66 lb anvil. Even if it were cast steel it lacks mass under where you will be working. You would be far better off with a block of steel. As a matter of fact, my principle anvil is an 86 lb block of H13 that I got from a steel supplier in St. Louis that sold cut offs on Ebay. I recall that it cost me $140, shipping included, at the time. Doug
  5. Doug Lester

    HT chamber in gas forge?

    Another thing to keep in mind is that grain size effects hardenability. The smaller the grain the less deeply the steel like 1095 will harden. This is something to keep in mind if you run into a situation where you just can't seem to get that hamon to show up. You might have overheated the steel and grown the grain large enough that the blade will harden all the way through. Doug
  6. Doug Lester

    2018 Bowie

    Very good work but I think that I'd like to see more of a hardened edge on it. Did you do a differential hardening or was that an auto hamom? Doug
  7. Doug Lester

    Migration period sword

    Great job. Nice use of a combination of metallic and organic material in the upper and low guards. Doug
  8. Doug Lester

    First attempt at a mosaic

    That is one crazy wild looking blade! What is the burl that you used for the handle? Doug
  9. Doug Lester

    Wish me luck

    May your surgeon be skillful and your nurses cute. Doug
  10. Doug Lester

    Gas injector for force air burner

    I have a brass nipple threaded into a plug in a T-coupler in the air pipe just below a 90° bend in the assembly. Basically loose that piece of brass pipe inside the plug that you have. Doug
  11. Doug Lester

    Zorro's sword

    Dang, Matthew, that is one outstanding sword! Doug
  12. I know that this is an older thread but Mr. Hrisoulas has relocated to Florida. Doug
  13. Doug Lester

    Completed Canoe Mosaic Fighter

    Outstanding! Doug
  14. Doug Lester

    Harpoon clip fighter

    There's a lot to like about that knife. Well done. Doug
  15. Doug Lester

    still working - pweld dao

    Very nice wow factor to that sword. Very proper cord wrap on it too. Doug