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  1. Thanks for more reasons not to do FaceBook. Douig
  2. I think that the first wave started about 20 years ago and there's always been someone turning them out. There's a lady at Fay's Forge, coincidentally named Fay, who posts on You Tube. I don't think that I've seen her show a knife that she's made that wasn't a seax. She's really good at carving handles too. Doug
  3. Another outstanding blade, great job. Doug
  4. Jake, you did it again. You nocked it out of the park with that one and the sheath is to die for. Doug
  5. This is getting better and better. Doug
  6. Yes, that does look like it will be handy in the kitchen and I love the ironwood handle. Doug
  7. Looks like a very nice job. Good hamon. Doug
  8. You just keep turning them out. I love the raven carving on the antler tine and everything seems to just flow together. Doug
  9. That's a top notch job. Doug
  10. I think that you are starting to see the light. The alloys used and the heat treating equipment need to match each other. It's just like that if you only have a forge to austenize the steel in you need to stick with a simpler alloy, like the 10XX group. Doug
  11. That is top notch. Love the execution of the handle and guard. Doug
  12. That feather pattern knife is truly amazing. Lining up the pattern in the bolster with the pattern on the blade is really a step above. Doug
  13. Ok, Doc, I was going to let it pass but what metal is the tube made from? It doesn't look like the bronze fitting that is inside it but it's definitely not black pipe. Are you certain that the alloy will hold up to normal forging temperatures let alone welding temperatures? It might just be the light on stainless steel but it looks like a cupric alloy. Not trying to insult your intelligence, just trying to keep everyone safe. Doug
  14. Looks good so far. This one I'll be wanting to follow. Doug
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