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  1. Check the knife laws where you're going to and be sure a dagger is legal to import. Also that ivory spacer might be a problem at customs. You might have to document that it's pre-ban ivory. Other than that the sketch looks nice with the ring/sub-hilt guard. Doug
  2. Go to Todd Cutler's web site. He makes a couple of different styles plus some cooking knives that you could use as examples. Doug
  3. That is a neat looking piece of equipment. One suggestion though. It looks like the edge of the blade hanging over the edge of the knife board might cause a drive to the ER with a rag wrapped around a finger. Doug
  4. Sorry to see you laid up and I hope that get back on your feet soon. The knife looks great, especially the burl handle. Doug
  5. On the two that you found, the flame from the two burners does not form a "sweet" spot. They form a hot spot that can decarburize the steel. The flame needs to swirl around the forge not blow directly down onto the floor. They're also up to the price where you can build your own. Just look for some plans and use your imagination. The one that Alan showed you is probably the best You're going to find on Ebay. Just follow his advice on how to modify the forge. Doug
  6. I would go along with Alan on the heat treating. I wouldn't even try it without a heat treating furnace. Their comment that it should be able to be heat treated in a forge but they haven't tested it yet means that they are guessing and don't really know. My feeling is that this is another alloy designed to pit hardness against toughness where the toughness will probably lose out to a degree. It won't be nearly as tough as some lower alloy steels where the blade may need to be sharpened more often but it will be less likely to break. Just my opinion, for what it's worth. Doug
  7. It looks like you have at least 3 votes for the Moghul style. Doug
  8. This is going to be SO outrageous. Doug
  9. Yep. Basically works on the same principle as a sen except it has a single "tooth" that scrapes the fuller into the blade. Doug
  10. Now I think I see how that handle is going to go together with the tang. I'm anxious to see the handle cast and attached to the sword. Doug
  11. I agree with Josh about leaving the flats with a slightly courser grind to give contrast. Much better look than brut de forge. Doug
  12. I've found this discussion very interesting. Getting my forge set back up after being cleared out, probably by the man who did my yard work, I've decided to get a 36" horizontal quench tank from Boss Dog to quench but was confounded as to how I was going to temper the blade. A tall vertical tank that I could heat with a hand held torch might be the was to go. At least I could use a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Doug
  13. Not sure what I'm looking at but I like it. Doug
  14. I wouldn't have thought that 0.3% carbon would give the untempered strength that one would want in RR rail. I guess that's another lessen in using mystery metal. Imagine putting all the work it would take to break down the rail only to come away with knife blades that would hardly harden at all. Doug
  15. I've got a counter top roaster that I've thought about using. It would still involve bringing oil up closer to the flash point that I might feel comfortable with though. For now, not having a wifey to argue with, I see no real advantage of it over the oven. Doug
  16. I have to agree with Alan. It looks like the edges and the point is dull. Something like a dagger my former step-son brought back from Europe on a trip he and his mother took together. Doug
  17. Yes, that is indeed interesting. I'm assuming that the spine will be sharp or will it be a false edge? Doug
  18. I agree with the other brother Doug, the taper on the handle is well done. I like the cow bone. Is it stabilized? The wood does look like it's a composite but it's gorgeous. Doug
  19. Looks good. There's a lot of work into that one. What is the grip material? Doug
  20. Very nice work, especially the engraving. Doug
  21. Reminds me of when I was looking for a medical diagnostic code for itch in an old ICD-9 code book and found a listing for "seven year" and under no there was a listing for "room at the end". Someone was clearly having a long day. Doug
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