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  1. A second on recommending a respirator while working with bone. Another note, grinding bone absolutely reeks and the order will hang around for a few days. Doug
  2. Probably not vegetable tanned and the oil or chrome used to tank the leather will attack the blade. Or it might not even be leather and you could use it to line wood sheaths or scabbards. Doug
  3. I take it you're doing stock removal. A quarter of an inch at the spine is a little thick for a knife. I would start out with 3/8" and I would also try to carry that primary bevel closer to the spine. I think that you will find that a saber grind like you have is not the best for a knife. Other than that the outline is good and the handle looks great. Doug
  4. My thought is that both look really well done. The double row of stitching stands out nicely on the sheath. Doug
  5. Plenty of mass and the sounds not loud. One of the old bladesmiths in a book he wrote said that he once had an headstone for an anvil. He bought it dirt cheap from a headstone service that had a ruined head stone on hand. As I recall it was a bit over 100 lbs. Doug
  6. On that bowie I would take the point of the clip a little higher. You're getting there. Doug
  7. Now that really makes me feel depressed. No way I'll ever be able to do anything that fantastic. Doug
  8. No easy way around it. Your buddy was had on that trade. Doug
  9. I would like to tell you to go to a knife show and see what you like and don't like in others' work but I doubt that we will be seeing any knife shows in the next year or so. Next best thing is to look at others' work on this and other boards and ask yourself the same thing. Then ask yourself how you can do that. Another thing that you can do is pick a knife and use the heck out of it. Find out what it does well and what is sucks at. Will it cut, will it chop, will it hold an edge when you cut and chop. You will probably find that those blocky handles will cause sore spots on your hand
  10. Ya did good on that one. Doug
  11. That's a cute little EDC. I'd just round those edges and call it good. Just my opinion. Doug
  12. I remember reading somewhere that butane burns cooler than propane. Doug
  13. The problem with those small propane tanks is that they run empty fast. I've never tried it but I understand that there is an attachment that will allow you to refill them from a 20 lb tank. A better solution that I have heard of is a hose that will allow you to attach the hand burner to a 20 lb tank. However, I've never seen one advertised. I've just seen them mentioned on one of the knifemaking boards. Maybe someone will chime in if they have ever encountered either one of them, or better yet, used one of them. Doug
  14. Outstanding! What is the handle wood? Doug
  15. I would make me wonder how spear heads like that were used. They really do look like a sword on the end of a pole and it makes me wonder if they were used like one. Doug
  16. I kind of agree with Garry on the guards but if that's the way the customer wants them then that's the way the customer wants them. Great work on the knives. I love the handles. Doug
  17. That reminds me of a story a fellow corpsman told me about a day of fishing he had. He was having a pretty good day catching bass when suddenly the fish stopped hitting on his lure so he decided to pack it in. He pulled up his stringer and found that he had the nicest stringer of fish heads he ever saw. He never sensed that he had an alligator having lunch at his expense. Doug
  18. Interesting. Thanks for the post. Doug
  19. Outstanding, as usual. Doug
  20. Thanks for the step by step and the historical references. Both the knife and the sheath look great. Doug
  21. Thanks for the info, Jake. I couldn't watch the whole thing but that video on how those axes were used was instructive. Doug
  22. Is that a chisel grind on that ax? If it is it would point to it being a hewing ax. That one would square large longs into beams. Doug
  23. I don't know how many patients started out on their accident report with something like "I only had one cut to make" or they'd have to have gone down into the basement to get the step ladder to change one light bulb so t hey used a chair. Doug
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