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  1. One thing to look at when buying a pyrometer is to look at the rating of the accompanying thermocouple. A lost of times they are rated at temperatures lower than most forges run at. What you want is a ceramic shielded thermocouple. Doug
  2. It's starting to look nice. I'll be interested in seeing the finished product. Doug
  3. They're all very well made but the feather damascus gets my vote. Doug
  4. Everything just flows together and I love the shape of the blade. Doug
  5. Those are great looking knives. How do they work in the kitchen. By the way, you won't be leaving stock removal behind, you'll just be adding another tool to your tool box with the forging. Doug
  6. Take only what you can get by to take off the surface rust. Going after the dings and divots will take you through the top plate like Geoff and Alan said. Doug
  7. Just use the heck out of it in the kitchen and see what that tells you. Doug
  8. You need to watch for the shadow to pass over the steel (decalesense) to show you that it has gone through a phase change. Becoming non-magnetic is actually just a little lower than that. Doug
  9. Those should go well in his knife block in the kitchen. Good job. Doug
  10. I have a forge that I covered the ceramic matting with Mizzou and it works fine. I just buttered it on. Doug
  11. Once it's gone it's gone and if you ever find a use for that spindle it's too late. Also, if you ever have a problem with that machine the warrantee is void. Doug
  12. I wish my first knife looked that good. Keep at it. Doug
  13. Gary, if anyone can do it you can. Can't wait to see the finished product. Doug
  14. Very good looking knife. The handle is really top notch. Doug
  15. Cut your old jeans into strips of the width and length that you want, saturate them with resin (I'd recommend the West system) and clamp them in a vice to give the thickness of the scale or block that you need. Use aluminum foil or waxed paper to keep the resin from sticking to the jaws of the vice and maybe a good application of oil to the threads to keep the resin from getting in there and sticking. Doug
  16. Steve, that's outstanding work I understand the thong off the bottom of the sheath being an emergency retainer but is that stud meant to go into a frog attached to the belt. Doug
  17. That's great looking work. I don't know why your dog would turn his nose up at it. Doug
  18. Yes, I once saw a video of a man forging nails using his bare hand instead of tongs. That doesn't mean that I'm going to do it or recommend it to others. Doug
  19. Welcome, William. Let us know how to help you. If you want to forge bare foot then that's up to you. You might change your mind if you keep getting your toes burned by the hot stuff the flakes off your work (can't think of the word that I want) but you'll figure it out. Doug
  20. First rate as always. Love the look of the damascus. Doug
  21. Would love to see the flowers but it won't download for me. Doug
  22. NO, I have no intention of buying the second edition. That's almost half of what I will need to buy a new leg vice to replace the one that was stolen from me. Just to make sure, I'm going to give the local pawn shop a check to see if any of my stolen tools have made it there. As far as the book goes it would be nice to buy a copy if it fits into your budget so Dr. Verhoeven can get some money out of his work but $188 is outrageous. I feel sorry for the college kids who will be required to purchase it as a text. Doug
  23. Yes, that book is pricy. I went to Amazon just to check it out and the second edition is $188. My point on the permission that John Verhoeven gave for the online version of the original book may not longer be his to give. He no longer owns the copyright. You all have to do what you think is right; just giving my opinion. Doug
  24. I just failed to edit the above entry so I'll tag on another entry. I just stopped being lazy and dug out my copy of the book from a pile one the floor and took a look inside. The face page, or whatever it's called, states "Copyright 2007 by ASM International, All rights reserved". So unless that work that is posted on the net that Dr. Verhoeven gave permission to use for non-commercial purposes is significantly different from the book, I'd say downloading it is a copyright violation. Doug
  25. How old is that source? My understanding is that the copyright for [i]Metallurgy for the Non-Metallurgist[/i] belongs to ASM International not John Verhoeven. Also I agree that the book is a little pricey but I'd like to see the money go to the publisher and thus to the author. Could be wrong, heck I've been married three times, but just saying. Doug
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