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  1. When you said Bronze Age zip lock bag I wondered how you came up with that. I never would have imagined something like that. Looks cool. Doug
  2. Love the bird's eye pattern on the handle of the second one. Doug
  3. I didn't imagine using leather straps when you said leather wrapped. Looks good. Doug
  4. Can a bick tool be used as a mandrel? Doug
  5. I agreed with Alan. You are spot on with that sword. Doug
  6. A great batch of spear points. I just can't get my head around forming the socket. Doug
  7. Now that's a knife! Great job. Doug
  8. A little off topic, but I just saw where FIF is getting it's own channel on cable. Doug
  9. The more that I look at your knife's handle the more I'm glad that I'm not working with it. As Geoff said, that design will put some blisters on your hand. The guard and pommel also have points that serve no purpose and could make the knife irritating to use. I would also recommend that you round the point of the blade. If you want it to be primarily a chopper you could have a more obtuse point but if you want the point to penetrate it's going to need to be more acute. You asked for my opinion but what you have sketched out on paper strikes me as a zombie killer rather than a functional knife. Doug
  10. I can't imagine the pain. God bless and comfort him. Doug
  11. Sorry about you're loss. It's something that we are never ready for. The tanto looks great. I don't recall you producing one before. You definantly have the form down. Doug
  12. That is outstanding! Doug
  13. Nice work. Is the guard and pommel heat blued? Doug
  14. Very nice. I\d look up the maker of the handle and the scabbard and thank him profusely. Doug
  15. Nice work. Almost too good looking to take out camping. Doug
  16. A lot of fine skill shown there. Great job. Doug
  17. Nice looking knife. Some of the knife laws out there are a little weird. Doug
  18. Sand it fine and give it a coat of wax. The wood is so dense and oily that it won't absorb any oil finish and you can't stabilize it either. Doug
  19. Looks good. I really like where you followed the contours of the antler in the butt cap. Doug
  20. That handle almost looks like darkened bone. Great job. Doug
  21. You could have something there. That guard could be upside down on the anvil which would make the longer of the two guards a a knuckle guard. Doug
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