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  1. It's been a while since I used an asperated burner but, no, the flame doesn't look right to me.  Can you open the air intake to give the burner a little more air.  An asperated set  up like that get most of us to move on to a blown burner.  Much easier to manage.



  2. Also heat cycle your blades to decrease the size of the grains.  The smaller the grains the less deeply the steel will harden.



  3. When grinding or sanding the previous scratch marks out of the blade, good enough is not good enough.  Keep going until all the marks from the previous grit are gone before going on to the next highest grit.



  4. Even if that anvil is hardened steel, with there being no steel between the legs, most of the mass, and weight, is in the two horns.  It would not be very effective in moving steel.



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