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  1. That's the thing about working with horn.  It will stink up the shop.  I sanded down some horn once and it took three days to get the smell out of the house.  My shop is in the basement, makes a good point for working with horn outside of the house.



  2. I do agree that the ball bearing damascus give an interesting pattern.  I wish that I could pick up the knife so I could get a feel for the handle.  That is an outstanding job on tooling the sheath.



  3. If you are able to do some welding you might try making a guillotine tool.  You can make one out of a piece of ~1/4" steel and angle iron.  You can get a plan for one in [i]Backyard Blacksmith[/i] by Lorili Sims.  If not, there are blacksmithing supply houses that sell them.



  4. Looks like you built a good collection of knives there.  I don't know about the gut hooks but that depends of the wants of the user.  I think that more sheaths should be laced.  Those interested can pick up a booklet on the patterns for <$20.



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