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  1. Top notch work, Faye. I'm sure you sister loves it. Doug
  2. Great looking! What are the dimensions of the sword? Doug
  3. Good job. I like the slight recurve to the blade. Doug
  4. That's one great looking knife. Handle carving is above first rate. Doug
  5. Don't worry too much about how the knife turned out. If you're not making mistakes you're not trying hard enough. You have been given good advice, now go make another blade. Doug
  6. I never heard of them before. Your two look great, especially to first (or bottom) one. Thanks for putting up pictures of your work. BTW, how are the two pieces joined at the dovetail, just friction? Doug
  7. Great looking job. Well done. Doug
  8. Sounds a little backwards but the way I learned to spot decalescence is to heat the steel to yellow (I've never seen cherry red in my forge under any ambient light situation) and check for the recalesence. The shadow passing over the steel looks the same but it's as the returns to a dark red. They're both caused by the steel giving up energy to change phases. Doug
  9. For all the Orthodox Christians and many Amish communities, Merry Christmas Doug
  10. Both of those are very nice looking blades, Faye. How does the one that you are keeping for yourself cut the veggies? Doug
  11. Nice to see you posting again. That's a fantastic knife. Simple clean lines with a great looking handle. Doug
  12. That looks like you have the process down.. Well done. Doug
  13. That's really nice work on the knife and the tooling on the sheath looks really clean. I didn't hear about you loosing your shop. I know what you mean about the labor putting your shop back together. I need to put mine back together after having most of my tools stolen. Doug
  14. That's outstanding looking work. Waiting to see it finished. Doug
  15. Is that bone on the handle? Either way, job well done on both the sheath and the knife. Doug
  16. Nothing to bad to say about either one of those knives and I do especially like the dark handle. Both of those should do a fine job of chopping the veggies. Doug
  17. I'd say it belongs here because of the blade. Even if it doesn't, I appreciate you posting it. That's a great gun stock war club. Doug
  18. Love the concept. Can't wait until it's finished. Doug
  19. Try checking on sites that sell wood to wood turners, especially if you have the capability of re-sawing it. A 4"x4"x12" spindle blank will give you at least 2 handle blocks and two scales. Sometimes you can also find cut offs that are usable for cheap. Doug
  20. Oh well, stepped into again. Doug
  21. What are you planning to burn in it? For charcoal, it's way too shallow. May be too shallow for coal. Not knowing what the fire chamber is made of it may not stand up to coke. Try looking up plans for solid fuel forges. Doug
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