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  1. I have run into an ABS Mastersmith who earned his Journeyman's stamp with two Grisslies.  I have a Coot and it does well.  You do have to buy  motor separately and fabricate a mounting board/plate for the two of them.  Use step wheels with them and you can have a simple speed control.



  2. You've been given lot of good information by those above.  I agree with Alan to take your grind all the way to the spine.  As mentioned, make sure your belts are sharp and treat them like they are free.  The edge of that knife looks like you might have been applying too much pressure with a dull belt and burned the steel.  Move your blade across the belt in a steady motion and use no more pressure than it takes to get the belt to cut (not all makes and grits are the same)  If the blade is getting too hot to hold it is getting too hot to grind so keep a container of water to cool the blade in.



  3. I have a butcher knife with a Lignum vitae handle.  It is NEVER tossed into the sink with the rest of the dirty dishes  1) I don't want to soak the handle in water 2) I don't want to find the blade the hard way.  It's also assembled with cutlers rivets and nothing has budged since I made it.



  4. I'm trying to remember who the smith was but it's just been too long.  He found some horn that was clear enough for the pattern of the damascus to show through.




    Now that I've had five hours to mull on it I think that the person who did that was Ed Caffrey.

  5. How did you get the Osage Orange to develop a dark patina this quickly? It took a couple of months for a handle with it to develop that deep russet patina.


    I do have to agree with Joel that the dip in the spine does detract from the knife and I would have put just a tad more belly to the edge to help it rock a little better to chop food.



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